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What Happened to Kevin on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


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Kevin Fisher has had quite the history on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS so it’s understandable if some viewers aren’t up on some of the details of his past. The character made his debut in July of 2003, and although originally meant to be a short-term villain, blossomed into a contract role for actor Greg Rikaart, who remained with the soap until 2017. Thankfully for his fans, he returned to Y&R in April 2019, though in recent years, his alter ego isn’t seen on screen as much. (Though Rikaart keeps plenty busy with his other role of Leo Stark on DAYS OF OUR LIVES!)

Kevin was introduced as an internet predator who met Lily Winters in a chat room. He seduced the younger teen into a relationship and gave her an STD. Lily’s friend, Colleen Carlton, didn’t approve of the relationship, so Kevin tried to kill her by locking her in a refrigerator at Gina’s restaurant and setting the place on fire. But in 2004, he was wrongly accused of electrocuting Brittany Hodges, and his brother, Michael Baldwin, and mother, Gloria Fisher, rallied to defend him. Kevin spent some time in prison where he was beaten by the other inmates. Hoping to redeem himself, he plotted with a boy named Alex, who drugged and tried to rape Lily so that Kevin would rescue her. This worked a treat until Alex tried to blackmail Kevin with the truth. Luckily, Gloria was more than happy to help her son get rid of the troublemaker.

Y&R Lily and Kevin - JPI
“Who says I’m a bad influence? Wanna beer?”Aaron Montgomery/

Mackenzie Browning befriended Kevin and urged him to seek counseling. When Michael won some money, he helped Kevin buy Crimson Lights to run the coffee shop with Mac. Kevin’s life took a dark turn when his abusive father, Tom, showed up in Genoa City and he relived the physical and emotional abuse he suffered as a child. So he wasn’t particularly upset when Tom was shot and killed by John Abbott. After Mac left town, Kevin hired Jana Hawkes to help him at Crimson and the two began dating, eventually tying the knot. Jana had killed Carmen Mesta and later set up Kevin for kidnapping and attempted murder, but her deranged behavior had been caused by a brain tumor. Kevin’s own life went a little crazy when he was held hostage and tortured by criminals, forced to commit robberies while wearing a chipmunk mask! (But the less said about that, the better…)

After Kevin was rescued and got his life back together, he was crushed to learn Jana had been having an affair, but found comfort with Chloe Mitchell. Jealous, Jana took Kevin hostage and later died when Chloe rescued him, but from natural causes, not the struggle. Unfortunately, as Chloe and Kevin were planning to tie the knot, Angelina Veneziano butted in, pretending to be in danger from the mob so Kevin would fall in love with her while protecting her on the run. It didn’t work, but Angelina’s mobster father forced Kevin to marry his daughter anyway. Back in Genoa City, Kevin explained to Chloe and professed his love, and Angelina agreed to annul the marriage.

The Young and The Restless Chloe Kevin
“I can’t stay mad at this face.”sean smith/

Kevin and Chloe were finally married, but after the failure of their online business venture, TagNGrab, the couple fell on hard times financially and turned to stealing. Chloe soon came to her senses and didn’t want Kevin near her or her daughter, Delia, so the couple split. Kevin got a job at the Genoa City PD to prove he was a good person but just as they were growing closer, Delia was tragically killed in a hit-and-run. After Chloe left town, Kevin grew close to Mariah Copeland, and their friendship soon turned into a tentative romance. However, while the pair survived a murder mystery, a disastrous night in bed made them realize they were better off as friends!

Chloe returned on the anniversary of Delia’s death. She told Kevin that she wanted to start a new life somewhere else, but eventually returned to Genoa City secretly working for Victor Newman against Adam. Kevin was surprised to learn Chloe had another daughter, Bella, who she claimed was Billy Abbott’s daughter. After Chloe left Adam to die in an explosion, Kevin helped her cover her tracks and get out of town with Victor’s help.

Chloe returned again with Bella and reconnected with Kevin, who also learned that the little girl is actually his child. Unfortunately, at Kevin and Chloe’s wedding, Chelsea learned of her friend’s involvement in Adam’s death, and exposed the truth. Chloe was forced to run away again, and even faked her death. But she revealed herself to Kevin, who agreed to move away with her and start a family with Bella far from Genoa City.

The Young and The Restless Nikki Kevin
“Sorry, Nikki, you’ll have to get your own latte. I don’t run this place anymore.”Howard Wise/

Kevin came back since then to help folks with his computer skills, but without Chloe, who was supposed to be dead. However, in 201, his return to Genoa City returned him to his darker roots, kidnapping Phyllis Summers in the hopes of trading her to Adam for Chloe! Adam reunited Kevin with Chloe, but also kept him under his thumb, blackmailing Kevin into doing his dirty work around Genoa City. Thankfully, Michael was able to take his place and help his brother get free.

Unfortunately, Kevin didn’t stay clean for long, briefly helping Chelsea launder money and getting in way over his head again. But after that drama, Kevin was overjoyed when Chloe informed him that she was pregnant again and they were going to have a baby boy! The couple welcomed their son and named him Miles, and were able to mostly enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Kevin and Chloe found a thumb drive Gloria had hidden with evidence that someone was embezzling from Newman Enterprises and he was relieved that it wasn’t his mother. (She was only planning on blackmailing the guy!) He also helped protect Chloe when she inadvertently helped Chelsea frame Adam for poisoning Rey. Kevin’s skills also came into play when he helped locate a pregnant Mariah after she’d been abducted.

Working for the GCPD, Kevin also assisted Chance in investigating Ashland Locke‘s death, discovering proof that Victor had set it up to look like an accident. Then, in January 2023, he joined the Fisher clan in celebrating Lauren’s lifetime achievement award. In November, he was part of the family’s Thanksgiving celebration that Gloria wanted to throw after Michael sprang her from prison in Singapore. Then, on New Year’s Eve, Kevin joined everyone in coming together for Michael and Lauren’s vow renewal celebration.

Stay tuned to see when Kevin pops up next!

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