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What Happened to Grace on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


Grace hasn’t been on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS in quite a while, but she had quite the dramatic life in Genoa City, so let us run down some of the highlights! The character first appeared back in June 1996 and was originally played by Josie Davis until February 1997 when the role was recast with Jennifer Gareis. Her first stint lasted until November 1999, though she has made additional appearances on Y&R over the years, the most recent in 2014.

Grace Turner was introduced as Sharon Newman‘s best friend, who moved to Genoa City with boyfriend Tony Viscardi. When they learned that Sharon and Nick Newman‘s baby was likely to die, Grace and Tony tracked down Cassie, the daughter who Sharon had given up at birth years ago. Cassie had been left by her adoptive mother in the care of her grandmother, Millie, who eventually agreed to let Grace and Tony take the girl back to Genoa City. But when Sharon and Nick’s son, Noah, survived, Grace decided to keep Cassie’s identity a secret, and Tony reluctantly agreed to go along with it.

Y&R Grace Nick Sharon
Maybe if Grace turned around she could get her hands on Nick!Charles Bush

Grace told everyone Cassie was her niece for about a year, after which she finally told Sharon the truth. Although Sharon was furious at Grace for lying to her, she was thrilled to be reunited with her daughter. Unfortunately, Cassie didn’t feel the same and resented her mother for abandoning her at birth. Over time, though, Cassie began to think of Sharon and Nick as her parents. Grace began plotting to steal Nick away from Sharon, and when he arrived home drunk while Grace was babysitting the kids, he slept with her thinking she was his wife. Waking up with Grace, he was furious and swore her to secrecy. Grace used this leverage to force Nick to give her a job at Newman Enterprises and continued trying to seduce him. Not only didn’t it work, but it made Tony dump her. Eventually, Grace got Nick into bed once more, and when Sharon heard them talking about it afterward, she ran out into the road distraught and was hit by a car. After she recovered, Sharon and Nick were reunited and Grace had a brief affair with Michael Baldwin before leaving town.

Years later, Sharon ran into Grace, who told her she had been dating Cameron Kirsten. Sharon was horrified because Cameron had raped her once, and when he tried again, she knocked him out and feared she’d killed him! Although Sharon had disposed of the body, she remained haunted by Cameron until it was revealed that he and Grace had been working together to drive her insane. Nick and Sharon got Grace to agree to testify against Cameron and he was sent to jail. Grace left to work at a Newman business in New York City.

Y&R Nick Grace
Grace was disappointed Nick just wanted to talk to her.Howard Wise/

In 2014, Nick asked Grace to come back to Genoa City, and while she hoped he was looking to hook up, he revealed the existence of Mariah Copeland, Cassie’s look-alike, and asked what she knew. Grace admitted she wasn’t there for the actual birth, but pointed him towards a nurse who could confirm whether or not Sharon had given birth to twins. Months later, Grace made another visit to see Mariah for herself. Hearing that Grace had hoped to seduce Nick again, Sharon threw her out!

Stay tuned to see if Grace makes any more visits in the future!

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