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What Happened to Faith on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


Faith Newman on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS is growing up fast, and this kid has been at the center of some major drama even from before she was born! After a pair of twins, Alyvia Alyn Lind took over the role in 2011. McKenna Grace stepped in for one year in 2013 before Lind returned in 2014 to continue playing Faith as the character matured into a teenager. But in March 2021, it was announced that Reylynn Caster was taking over the role beginning on April 12. Faith was written off the canvas in September 2022, but Caster was back on Y&R in May 2023 for more, though it was only a brief run.

When Sharon Newman got pregnant, she lied that the baby was Jack Abbott‘s, but eventually, the truth came out that Nick Newman was the father of her child. Unfortunately, Adam Newman caused Ashley Abbott to miscarry and stole Sharon’s baby when she gave birth and gave it to Ashley. However, Phyllis became suspicious of Adam and discovered the truth about the baby swap. Ashley agreed to a DNA test and sadly gave up the baby when the results proved she belonged to Nick and Sharon.

When Sharon fell in love with Adam, Nick sued for full custody of Faith to keep her away from his evil brother. Although the judge declined his request, Nick later got custody when Sharon was arrested for murder. In 2012, the couple again headed to court to seek joint custody of their daughter, but in 2014, it was revealed that Summer Newman was really Nick’s daughter, and Sharon had tampered with the DNA results years ago. So Nick once again sued for full custody of Faith.

The Young and The Restless Nick Faith Sharon
Faith was passed between her parents so many times it’s a wonder she didn’t get dizzy!sean smith/

An outspoken girl, Faith has always had something to say about the new loves in her parents’ lives. She eventually came to love stepfather Dylan McAvoy and was sad when he left her and Sharon to go into the Witness Protection Program. She also wasn’t thrilled when her father moved them out of the ranch and into Chelsea Lawson‘s penthouse. And when things with Sharon and/or Nick got too dicey, Faith always had a place to stay with grandparents Victor and Nikki.

Faith returned to Genoa City for Christmas, 2019, and shared stories of life in boarding school with her family. She also shared with her sisters a photo of the boy she liked. The teen was crushed to learn that her mother was being treated for breast cancer, though Sharon promised she would fight for her life. Nick asked Rey Rosales to step in and have a talk with Faith about the trouble she was having at school and talking back to the teachers, and while being forced to do dishes at Society, the teen confided to Lola her fear that Sharon would send her back to boarding school again.

Y&R Sharon Faith Mariah
Faith and Mariah were there to offer their mother emotional support as she battled cancer.Howard Wise/

Thankfully, Faith has remained in Genoa City so that she can be there to support her mother as she battles breast cancer. Unfortunately, when a story about Adam’s criminal past was published, Faith’s kidnapping was revealed to the public and led to the teen being cyber-bullied. Although she seemed to have found a friend in Jordan, the older teen turned out to be a bad influence, inspiring her to sneak out to go to parties and get drunk!

When Nick and Sharon learned of their daughter’s drinking they wondered if it went beyond just teenage experimentation and considered getting her a therapist. First, they brought in her grandma, Nikki Newman, to talk to her about the dangers of drinking. Faith pushed back on everyone’s attempts to help, especially when Sharon tried to warn Jordan to stay away from her daughter! Things got worse when Faith was suspended from school and claimed someone planted the bottle of vodka in her locker. She told her parents all about the bullying and insisted that Jordan was the only one who didn’t hate her.

Eventually, Faith came to accept her parents’ help and even agreed to start going to therapy to work through her problems. Also helping improve her outlook were some mysterious texts she’d been receiving from a boy who seemed smitten with her. Although the fact that her secret admirer insisted on remaining a secret should raise some red flags, they didn’t, and Faith was horrified when it turned out to be Jordan pretending to be Tommy Ross to publicly humiliate her! Crushed, Faith grabbed a bottle of tequila and drove off in a truck which she later crashed! Adam found her and brought her to the hospital where she soon recovered from her injuries.

Y&R Moses Faith
Moses and Faith turned out to be a great match!Howard Wise/

Faith still had a lot to work on to get her life back on track, but she accepted her fine, community service, and rehab. She also made a point of cutting Jordan out of her life when her “friend” attempted to apologize. Thankfully, Faith also has Moses Winters in her corner as he helped stop a bully from harassing her at school. Unfortunately, after Faith passed out at Crimson Lights, she was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with Acute Interstitial Nephritis. The infection caused her immune system to attack her kidneys and she was in need of a transplant to avoid dialysis for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, Adam was the only match and Faith was wary of accepting his kidney but eventually, everyone agreed and she received the life-saving surgery. Once she was fully recovered, Faith continued to develop her relationship with Moses, and they shared their first kiss. She was also happy when her brother, Noah Newman, came home, and she tried to support him after his breakup. After considering leaving town to attend business school, Faith then decided to stay in Genoa City to be close to Moses. And when September rolled around, she said goodbye to her family and moved to the campus.

Faith came home in June to stay with her mother and brought along a cat, Borgnine, that she was taking care of. While walking through the park, she accidentally bumped into a man who recognized her. He explained he was an old friend of her parents and introduced himself as C.K., then asked for directions. It wasn’t until later that Faith learned he was the dangerously psychotic Cameron Kirsten! After Borgnine was found dead, Sharon insisted that Faith go somewhere safer for the time being but Cameron kidnapped her to use as bait! Nick and Sharon rescued their daughter with Sharon killing Cameron and Chance Chancellor defusing the bomb the psycho had strapped to Faith. Following this ordeal, the traumatized teen decided to return to school for the summer.

Stay tuned to see if Faith comes home again!

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