Rey on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need to Know


Rey Rosales on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS made quite a splash when he first appeared in Genoa City and has continued to bring the drama ever since. Jordi Vilasuso debuted in August of 2018, and he’s a familiar face to some CBS Daytime fans as he played Tony Santos on GUIDING LIGHT from 2000-03, earning a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor for his work on the soap. And he’s proved just as talented on Y&R!

Rey first appeared in Genoa City to investigate J.T. Hellstrom‘s disappearance, and quickly began rubbing people the wrong way. He reconnected with his younger brother, Arturo Rosales, and baby sister, Lola Rosales, but the brothers had some animosity between them because Arturo had slept with Rey’s wife! Rey grew close to Sharon Newman, helping her out with some repairs at Crimson Lights and moving into the upstairs apartment. The detective also persuaded Sharon to take a job working as a victim liaison at the GCPD.

His budding relationship with Sharon hit the skids when Rey’s wife, Mia Rosales, arrived in town hoping to reconcile with her husband. Rey agreed to distance himself from Sharon in order to work on his marriage. Mia even convinced Rey to agree to a special ceremony to renew their vows. However, he remained concerned about her lingering feelings for Arturo.

The Young and The Restless Mia Arturo Rey
“But why can’t I have you both?”Howard Wise/

While investigating J.T.’s disappearance, Rey first arrested Nick, who had been using the guy’s credit card, but it was a dead end. He then turned his attention to Victor Newman, and Sharon shared a recording of a conversation between Victor and Nikki that implicated The Mustache in J.T.’s death. Nikki confessed to killing J.T. to protect Victoria, but in the end, it was revealed that J.T. was actually still alive.

When Lola was attacked and almost died, Rey was shocked to investigate and discover that Mia had been the one to push her into the pool, believing her to be Abby. Realizing that his wife was still obsessed with Arturo, Rey was about to turn her in when she stopped him by lying that she was pregnant. Not wanting to see his child born in jail, Rey agreed to keep quiet. Then, much to Mia’s surprise, she learned she actually was pregnant! Unfortunately, she had also slept with Arturo, and it was eventually revealed that he was the babydaddy. So that was the end of the marriage and Rey dumped Mia to finally go be with Sharon. (Dumped by Abby for the same reason, Arturo left town with Mia to start a life together.)

The Young and The Restless Sharon Rey
“Okay, let’s go over the house rules.”Howard Wise/

Rey cemented his relationship with Sharon by moving into her home with her, but things got a little tense when Adam Newman resurfaced and he split up with her after feeling like second best. He also managed to beg Paul to give him back his job at the GCPD. The arrival of his mother, Celeste Rosales, caused a stir as they don’t always get along, but that paled in comparison to his relationship with his father, Adrian Rosales, who crashed Lola and Kyle’s wedding!

After reconciling with Sharon, Rey was a solid support system for her as she was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatment. This also bonded Rey and Nick as the two men in Sharon’s life formed a united front to keep her spirits up. Stay tuned to see how his life continues!

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