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If you think Jordan on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS looks familiar, you probably recognize her portrayer, Colleen Zenk, from her 32-year run as Barbara on AS THE WORLD TURNS! The veteran actress made her surprise return to soaps when she appeared in the cliffhanger of the Nov. 17 episode of Y&R. But who is this woman and what is she after? Here’s everything you need to know!

Claire Grace got herself a job working as Nikki Newman’s assistant at Newman Media and made herself as indispensable as possible to ingratiate herself with the entire family. Eventually, Claire told her boss that her Great Aunt Jordan had fallen at her lake house and broken her arm and she needed to go take care of her. Claire claimed that Jordan was a big fan of Nikki’s, and accepted when Nikki offered to fly her to her aunt on the Newman jet since she was heading that way to surprise her sister.

However, when the pair arrived at Jordan’s lake house, Claire drugged Nikki and locked her in an upstairs bedroom, hooking her up to an IV to get alcohol in her system and knock her off the wagon. Jordan then arrived to assure Claire that everything was going according to plan and not to get soft on her now. Claire returned to Genoa City to tell Victoria Newman that Nikki had been rushed to the hospital after having a seizure. Victoria rushed to tell her father, Victor Newman, and they brought Nick Newman into the loop as the family prepared to rush to her side.

Y&R Jordan Claire
Jordan and Claire were working together against the Newmans.Sonja Flemming/CBS

Claire called Jordan, who spoke with Victor and pretended they had a bad connection as she told him Nikki was in the hospital and assured him the doctors knew about her MS and were tending to her. As the Newman family all rushed to the airport, Cole Howard entered Jordan’s house looking for Nikki after having received a message from her! Jordan hit him over the head and knocked him out before her guests arrived.

After taunting Nikki, Jordan welcomed the Newmans but quickly dropped the pleasantries and revealed that she was Eve Howard‘s sister and wanted to take revenge for the way Victor treated her sibling. Jordan then revealed that she had poisoned the water bottles they’d just drank from and would enjoy watching them suffer and die! Claire then brought a stunned Cole in to join the “party” and revealed she was the child they’d abandoned decades ago!

Unfortunately, when Jordan explained how she’d stolen Baby Eve from the hospital back then, Claire realized she’d been manipulated and lied to and changed sides. After slashing Nick with a knife, Jordan raced upstairs where Victor had found Nikki. They locked her in the bedroom, but when the police arrived, there was no trace of her!

Y&R Jordan
Jordan won’t stop until she’s avenged her sister!CBS

The Newmans returned to Genoa City not realizing that Jordan had also made her way there, determined to take her revenge one way or another! After calling the cops on herself, she arranged for them to discover planted evidence in a motel room as she slipped off to stalk Nikki!

Jordan slipped into the hospital where Claire had been admitted and stole her away. She then called Nikki and ordered her to come to a secluded cabin to exchange herself for her granddaughter. Once there, Jordan held Nikki at gunpoint and revealed a drugged Claire. When Jordan gave her a bottle of liquor, Nikki smashed it over her head, and Claire told them to stop fighting as she held the gun on them. Jordan insisted they were family, but in the end, Claire sided with Nikki, who pushed Jordan down, knocking her out. The police arrived and placed Jordan under arrest, taking her away.

Jordan was visited by Claire, who wanted to get closure in order to facilitate her recovery. Jordan continued trying to twist Claire, but she wasn’t having any of it anymore and shut her down. Furious, Jordan got her hands on a cell phone and tried calling Claire at the hospital, pretending to be Victoria so she could get through. But again, Claire told Jordan she was dead to her. But Jordan still wasn’t through! A fire broke out at the prison and in the melee, some of the inmates died or escaped, but no one was quite sure what happened to Jordan. However, when Nikki began getting phone calls and heard stripper music again, she was convinced Jordan was on the loose and still after her!

Stay tuned to see what this psycho does next!

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