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What Happened to Seth on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS?

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The character of Seth on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS may have looked very familiar to many viewers as his portrayer is no stranger to the world of daytime drama! Brian Gaskill — who made his debut as Seth in the Jan. 8, 2024, episode of Y&R — has played Bobby on ALL MY CHILDREN, Rafe on PORT CHARLES, Oscar on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, B.J. on AS THE WORLD TURNS, and Dylan on GUIDING LIGHT. And that’s not even mentioning his work in film and primetime! Unfortunately, Seth met a tragic fate just a couple of months later…

Seth first appeared as Nikki Newman’s sponsor, helping her fight to regain her sobriety after she was shoved violently off the wagon by Jordan Howard. Having seen her at numerous AA meetings, Seth wondered why it had taken her so long to reach out to him but assured her she wasn’t struggling alone and he was with her every step of the way. However, Victor Newman wasn’t sure his wife could really trust her sponsor.

When Nikki drank herself into oblivion days later, Lauren Baldwin got her a suite at the GCAC to sleep it off and called Seth to come talk to her in the morning when she woke up. He praised Lauren for being such a good friend and tried to boost Nikki’s confidence that she could be sober again.

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Seth was a terrible sponsor!Howard Wise/

When Seth ran into Nikki and remarked on how well she was looking, she noted that she hadn’t seen him at the meeting that morning. He claimed to be under the weather and was on his way to a later meeting, but she remained concerned. And when she later caught him rifling through her desk drawers, she realized he wasn’t trying to make sure she wasn’t stashing alcohol, he was looking for it for himself. Accusing Seth of drinking again, Nikki dropped him as her sponsor and refused to have him around her anymore.

Seth was drinking at a dive bar when a woman approached him and introduced herself as Isabel. She claimed to have been great friends with Nikki back in the day and they got sober together, but when she stumbled, Nikki cut her out of her life. She said it was too late for her, but urged Seth to reconnect with Nikki and salvage their friendship. But what Seth didn’t know was that this was Jordan, using him for revenge!

“Isabel” was delighted when Seth called Nikki and she invited him to the ranch to chat. There, he apologized to her and expressed that he wanted to repair their friendship. Nikki urged him to find a real sponsor but agreed to the occasional chat as friends. Seth reported back to “Isabel,” who urged him to continue connecting with Nikki. But a suspicious Nikki had no idea who “Isabel” was and after Seth described her, realized it was likely Jordan in disguise!

Seth confronted Jordan in the dive bar and revealed he knew what her game was. Jordan tried to call his bluff and told him to call Nikki so they could all get together and settle this. But once they stepped outside, Jordan pushed Seth into the path of an oncoming car, killing him!

Poor guy…

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