What Happened to Hilary on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


Hilary Curtis went from schemer to one-half of one of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ most popular supercouples, but all of that came to a tragic end. The fan-favorite character was introduced in June of 2013 when Mishael Morgan joined Y&R as a young woman with a mysterious agenda. But the actress announced her departure from the soap in June of 2018, and Hilary’s story ended in tears. Let’s go back and see how it all began…

Introduced as Cane’s new assistant at Chancellor, Hilary was later revealed to the working with Mason Wilder to ruin the Winters family because she blamed Neil Winters for her mother’s death. After Neil apologized for his part in Rose’s passing and forgave Hilary for her schemes, he even helped get her a job as Jack Abbott’s assistant at Jabot. Kyle Abbott accused Hilary of falling for Jack, and while she denied it, she did kiss Jack at a Valentine’s Day gala!

The Young and The Restless Jack Hilary

”Power is quite an aphrodisiac, don’t you think, Jack?” (Photo Credit: sean smith/

Hilary started an affair with Neil, and despite no one approving of their relationship, they eventually got married. However, Devon Hamilton later professed his love and Hilary finally broke down and admitted she felt the same. But as the pair were about to tell Neil, he was blinded in a freak accident and they decided to break his heart after he recovered. Unfortunately, Neil regained his sight in time to see Hilary and Devon together and he confronted them about their affair while on a plane just before it crashed!

Having survived the crash, Hilary tried to solve her problem by telling Neil and Devon that she never really loved either of them. But after a drunk Neil caused a car accident that caused Christine to miscarry, Hilary proved she still cared by seducing the DA and blackmailing him into lessening Neil’s sentence. Neil divorced Hilary, freeing her to marry Devon.

The Young and The Restless Devon Neil Hilary

Devon and Neil were forced to join forces to save Hilary’s life! (Photo Credit: sean smith/

But shortly after the wedding, Hilary fell over a cliff and instead of taking her to a hospital, Neil hid her away and hired Dr. Simon Neville to bring her out of her comatose state. When she awoke, she briefly believed she was still married to Neil, but he eventually confessed to being behind her disappearance and Hilary convinced Devon not to turn him into the cops. Though Devon did have to call in another doctor to save her life when they learned Hilary was dying from the drugs Dr. Neville had given her.

Devon bought G.C. Buzz and hired Hilary to be the host of the show, but her tendency to report salacious gossip that ruined lives left a bad taste in his mouth. He eventually fired Hilary and had Mariah Copeland step in to replace her. When Devon nearly died after a terrible car accident on New Year’s Eve, a remorseful Hilary promised not to contest the divorce and vowed to be a better woman, one Devon deserved.

The Young and The Restless Hilary Devon

”This place really needs a woman’s touch, Devon.” (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

As time went on, Devon was impressed at how much Hilary had changed for the better, so much so that he actually agreed to be the sperm donor when she decided she wanted to have a baby! After Lily interfered with their appointment for artificial insemination, Devon and Hilary tried it the old-fashioned way! That didn’t work, but a subsequent doctor’s appointment left Hilary pregnant and Devon even invited her to move in with him.

Of course, just as things were looking up, that’s exactly when things go wrong! After being involved in a terrible car accident, Hilary lost the baby and was left clinging to life. Nate warned Devon that she didn’t have much time left, so Devon decided to make her as happy as he could while praying for a miracle. He made Hilary’s final moments on earth special as they held an intimate wedding ceremony in her hospital room and she later died in his arms, bringing the “Hevon” love story to a heartbreaking end.

Hilary has made some ghostly appearances from beyond the grave urging her husband to find a way to move on with his life, but unfortunately, this really is the end for the character, as the soap has confirmed these would be only brief appearances, not a return to the show. For more Y&R news, keep reading the CBS edition of Soaps In Depth magazine.

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