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What Happened to Devon on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS 


Devon Hamilton on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has survived a lot in his life, including living in the foster care system, losing his hearing, plane crashes, car accidents, and more. The character was introduced back in June of 2004 when actor Bryton James joined the cast of Y&R and he’s been playing the role ever since!

Introduced as a delinquent living in group homes, Devon was taken in and fostered by Drucilla and Neil Winters. In 2006, Devon contracted meningitis and completely lost his hearing, so he underwent a cochlear implant to restore it. Neil and Dru finally adopted the teen in December of 2006, but the following spring, Devon was devastated when Dru was presumed dead. Devon began dating Roxanne, a friend of his sister, Lily Winters, and met his aunt Tyra Hamilton and her adopted daughter, Ana Hamilton, who is really Devon’s half-sister, both abandoned by their mother, Yolanda. Neil was by then married to Karen Taylor, but Devon caught his father having an affair with Tyra. And after it was revealed that Tyra was also adopted into the family, Devon ended up having an affair with her, too! Roxanne dumped him and Tyra left town with Anna.

The Young and The Restless Neil Devon Dru Lily
The Winters family was all smiles at Christmas, 2004.Aaron Montgomery/

After graduating college, Devon got a job at Tucker McCall’s record label producing with Noah Newman, but after he was fired, Katherine Chancellor hired him to run her new label. Next, Devon learned that Tucker was his biological father, and was reunited with his mother, who was now calling herself Harmony. After failing to sign Angelina Veneziano to a contract, Devon closed down his record label and got a job working in marketing at Jabot Cosmetics. When Katherine passed away, Devon was stunned to learn he’d inherited the bulk of her estate. He struggled to come to terms with his new wealth and became paranoid. 

Devon bought the Genoa City Athletic Club and hired Lily and Cane Ashby to run it. He had fallen for Hilary Curtis, and was upset when she married Neil. After the wedding, Devon drowned his sorrows and confessed his love, and she ultimately returned his feelings. But they couldn’t tell Neil the truth because he’d been electrocuted and lost his sight. The pair began having an affair behind his back, but Neil regained his vision and saw them together. After he confronted them on a trip to Chicago, their plane went down and they all nearly died. Devon was devastated when Hilary claimed she’d faked her love to avenge her mother’s death, but she later admitted she was just pushing him away so he could salvage his relationship with his father.

The Young and The Restless Neil Devon Hilary
“I saw her first!”Howard Wise/

After divorcing Neil, Hilary married Devon but went missing while on their honeymoon. Devon was the prime suspect, but it turned out Neil had rescued her after her accident and kept her hidden as a doctor tried to bring her out of her coma. Unfortunately, Hilary had amnesia and thought she was married to Neil, and even after regaining her memories, didn’t remember her love for Devon. After Neil rejected her, Hilary tried to go back to Devon but he wasn’t sure he could trust her feelings.

Devon tried to bribe GC Buzz into killing a story about Jack Abbott and when it backfired, ended up buying the production company to shut it down entirely. Hilary convinced him to keep the show on the air but change how they reported things. Devon agreed and hired Hilary to be the lead anchor, but they clashed when her desire for ratings didn’t mesh with his intention to report without destroying lives. He hired Mariah Copeland to keep Hilary on the right path, and the two women immediately clashed. 

Following a big fight, Devon stormed out on Hilary and got into a car accident that nearly killed him. Though she was by his side as he recovered, they ultimately split and she got ownership of GC Buzz in the divorce. Devon created the Hamilton-Winters Group with Neil and they acquired Mergeron Enterprises. Devon signed Tessa Porter to his new record label and tried to date Mariah, but it didn’t work out because she had fallen for Tessa.

The Young and The Restless Devon and Hilary dying
Devon tragically lost his wife and the baby they were expecting.Howard Wise/

Hilary was determined to have a baby, and Devon eventually agreed to be her sperm donor. He insisted they were not getting back together, but having a baby ultimately did lead to another reunion. They moved in together and invited Shauna, the teen Hilary had been mentoring, to live with them. However, Lily didn’t approve of their reunion and continued to spar with Hilary. As they were fighting in the car, a truck hit them and Hilary was gravely injured. Devon arranged for them to be remarried in her hospital bed shortly before she passed away. Overwhelmed with grief, Devon blamed Lily for the accident and she decided to confess and go to prison for her part in Hilary’s death.

Devon had just pulled himself out of the hole created by his wife’s death when Neil passed away unexpectedly. Thankfully, he had Elena Dawson to help heal his broken heart as he and the nurse began a relationship. After some initial discomfort on her part dating someone as wealthy as Devon, they became a couple. Although he did run into some financial trouble when a version of Katherine’s will surfaced that actually left her fortune to Cane. Thankfully, that turned out to be a scam of Colin Atkinson‘s.

The Young and The Restless Devon Amanda
Devon thought he was seeing a ghost!CBS

More complicated was that the lawyer who showed up in Genoa City to deal with the will, Amanda Sinclair, was a dead ringer for Hilary! Devon was shaken by her appearance but soon came to terms with it as Amanda chose to stay in town. Eventually, the will was settled and Devon retained his fortune. Unfortunately, it was later confirmed that Amanda’s resemblance to Hilary was because the two were long-lost twins!

Despite Elena’s concern over their growing closeness, Devon continued to meet with Amanda and tell her all about her late sister. And this growing bond caused Elena to go behind Devon’s back and sleep with Nate Hastings! Learning of the one-night stand, Devon slugged Nate and kicked Elena out. He then turned his attention to Amanda, and the pair grew closer as he helped her connect with her birth family.

Devon became ordained as a minister in order to officiate Abby Newman and Chance Chancellor‘s wedding, and later agreed to be the sperm donor so that Mariah could act as their surrogate so the couple could have a child. While discussing their relationship, Devon and Elena found themselves giving in to their feelings and sleeping together! After it happened a second time, Amanda found out and while Elena wanted to be with Devon, he let her down and admitted he wanted to be with Amanda, who eventually forgave him for his indiscretion. Devon also helped his young brother, Moses Winters, explore his interest in the music business as a potential career.

Y&R Devon Amanda Abby Chance
Abby was furious that Devon wanted to share custody of Dominic.Howard Wise/

When Mariah was kidnapped, Devon helped with the investigation. and she was thankfully found just in time to give birth. Helping deliver Dominic, Devon formed an instant bond with the infant and offered Abby support while Chase was off on an important mission. When Chase was presumed dead, Devon stepped up more and Abby left Dominic with him while she went to search for her husband. When she returned with Chase, very much alive, Devon had grown attached to the baby and hated having to give him back. Especially since Chase was struggling with being a father. Amanda, who had moved in with Devon, supported Devon as he decided to file for shared custody of Dominic. Ultimately, Devon, Abby, and Chance signed papers agreeing to joint custody of the boy. When Dominic needed a bone marrow aspiration, Devon learned he was a perfect match for the baby and happily donated to save his son’s life. 

When Lily suggested merging Chancellor with Hamilton-Winters, Devon initially balked at the idea, but eventually came around to creating a family company with everyone involved. He offered Nate the COO position, but the two men found it difficult to work together. After Nate broke ranks at the launch party and revealed specific details to the press instead of being vague as planned, Devon confronted him. Devon also disagreed with Jill’s decision to take the company public and when Nate confessed he’d been working with Audra Charles to help Newman snatch up Chancellor Winters, Devon fired him. With Tucker unexpectedly back in Genoa City, Devon also suspected his father of being involved in the scheme.

Devon comforted Abby, whose marriage to Chance was becoming increasingly strained. But as the two grew closer and leaned on each other, they wound up having sex and being caught by Amanda and Chance! Naturally, Amanda dumped him and left town. With Abby now divorced from Chance, Devon spent more time with her, which created an awkward parenting situation with Dominic. 

Y&R Chance Amanda Devon Abby
Everyone was surprised when Devon and Abby hooked up!Howard Wise/

When Jill went forward with her plan to take Chancellor-Winters public, Devon was so opposed to it that he took them to court! And things got extra awkward when Lily hired Amanda to represent her side! Ultimately, Jill changed her mind about taking the company public, and Abby persuaded Devon not to destroy his relationship with his sister over business, so the siblings made amends.

Devon invited Abby to move in with him and he also grew closer to Tucker as his father tried to prove that he was a changed man. At a party commemorating Neil’s passing, Devon was touched when Tucker invited Harmony to come for a visit. He also decided to change his last name to Winters. Chance offered to move out of the Chancellor mansion so Devon and Abby could move in there with Dominic and give the boy one single home. He and Abby then offered up the home for Ashley and Tucker’s wedding and he agreed to be his father’s best man. 

Stay tuned to see how Devon’s story continues!

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