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Baby Dominic on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need to Know

Baby Dominic on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has had quite a life and it has only just begun! The little boy has had quite a complicated start already, and some fans have been left with plenty of questions. Questions like, who are Dominic’s real parents? Who plays Baby Dominic? Why is he sometimes called Bowie? Well, don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know! First off, twins River and Rainn Ware are the little cuties playing Dominic on Y&R. As for the little boy’s history? That’s a bit more complicated…

Abby Newman and her new husband, Chance Chancellor, were ready to start a family but were disappointed when they had trouble conceiving. Abby was heartbroken when the doctor told her she would be unable to carry a baby. But they then considered the idea of surrogacy and asked Mariah Copeland to carry their child for them. After discussing it with her girlfriend, Tessa Porter, and getting her approval, Mariah agreed.

Unfortunately, Chance then discovered that he had a low sperm count and they had to reconsider the entire idea. Then things got even more complicated when Chance left Genoa City on a top-secret mission, leaving Abby to deal with things on her own. She eventually decided to forge on by herself and arranged for Devon Hamilton to be the sperm donor.

Y&R Mariah Devon Abby
It wasn’t in the hospital, but Abby was there for Dominic’s birth!Howard Wise/

Mariah and Tessa moved into the Chancellor estate and learned that the baby she was carrying was a boy. Abby was overjoyed and continued to send updates on their progress to Chance, who was still undercover overseas. Then Mariah went missing and sent texts to everyone saying she was overwhelmed and needed time to herself. But it was soon revealed that she had been abducted by Abby’s ex, Ben “Stitch” Rayburn! Bonding with the unborn baby in captivity, Mariah nicknamed him Bowie, and eventually gave birth in that room, though she thankfully had Abby and Devon’s help as they’d located her just in time.

Mariah and the baby were taken to the hospital where Abby named her son Dominic and asked Mariah and Devon to be his godparents. However, Mariah soon had to move out of the house because she was struggling to let go of Dominic. Devon also found himself forging a strong bond with the baby boy, and took over Dominic’s care when Abby went into an emotional spiral after learning Chase was presumed dead on his mission.

Y&R Chance Abby Dominic
Abby hoped they could be one big happy family, but it may not be that easy…Howard Wise/

After leaving Dominic with Devon, Abby went to Spain to search for Chance, who she insisted was still alive, despite all the reports. She was proven right, and convinced her husband to give up his mission to return home and be with her and their son. Devon was heartbroken to have to let Dominic go, and Chance struggled to bond with his son as he was clearly still suffering from PTSD. Then, things got even more complicated when Devon approached Dominic’s parents about sharing custody!

Abby was initially upset and felt like he was betraying their friendship but Chance confessed to her that he was really struggling and convinced her that granting Devon shared custody would be a good thing for their son. They also agreed when Devon wanted to add Winters to the boy’s already pretty epic name so he would officially be known as Dominic Phillip Abbott Newman Winters Chancellor!

Once that was all settled, Abby then worried that something was wrong with Dominic’s health and she and Chase learned that the child’s red blood cell count was low and he needed a bone marrow aspiration. Everyone was relieved when Devon turned out to be a perfect match to donate bone marrow, and Dominic’s health improved. The entire family was then later able to celebrate Dominic’s first birthday with a party in the park.

Stay tuned to Y&R to see what happens next!

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