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What Happened to Ana on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


Ana Hamilton has come and gone from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS over the years so it’s understandable if viewers aren’t completely familiar with her history in Genoa City. Originally introduced in 2008, Ana was played by Jamia Simone Nash on a recurring basis until 2012. Broadway vet and AMERICAN IDOL contestant Loren Lott took over the role in November of 2014, but in July of 2019 the actress announced that she had wrapped up her run.

Ana first arrived in Genoa City on the arm of her mother, Tyra Hamilton, who wanted to get to know Devon Hamilton, the son she had given up as a baby. Ana displayed musical talent, and Katherine Chancellor had her enrolled in a music school in New Hampshire to develop her singing. 

The Young and The Restless Devon Ana

“You should come back once I’m a record producer.” (Photo Credit: sean smith/

Unfortunately, it turned out that Ana wasn’t really Tyra’s daughter, and she was taken into foster care. Neil Winters and Karen Taylor got married so they could foster Ana with the hopes of ultimately adopting her. Tyra tried to run away with the girl, but Neil stopped them. During the custody hearing, Neil turned on Karen and told the judge Tyra had been a good mother to Ana and should retain custody. Tyra learned she was adopted and not really a Hamilton, and after a brief affair with Devon, left town with Ana.

Ana returned to Genoa City at the urging of Neil and Nate Hastings to help support Devon, who was going through a particularly rough time grieving the death of his wife, Hilary Curtis. Grateful to have Ana back in his life, Devon offered her a position at Hamilton-Winters and showed her the ropes of music producing. After she helped Fenmore Baldwin produce a song that really wowed Devon, Ana tried to keep her name out of it, but her brother soon learned that she was the songwriter behind the hit.

The Young and The Restless Anna Devon

Anna was afraid to share her talent with her brother. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Devon soon became suspicious of Ana’s behavior and suspected she needed money because she was in debt, but found no evidence to support that theory. When he followed Ana to a motel, he found out she had been using the money to pay for medical treatments for former R&B star Jett Slade, who was also her father! Ana continued to work with her brother but clashed with Mariah when she tried to steer Tessa’s musical career in another direction. But when Ana got news that her father’s condition had taken a turn for the worse, she once again left Genoa City to care for him.

Might Ana return one day? Stay tuned to find out, and for more Y&R news, keep reading the CBS edition of Soaps In Depth magazine!

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