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What Happened to Christine on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


Christine “Cricket” Blair Williams on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has been around for decades, so she’s had quite the dramatic history in Genoa City that newer viewers may not be aware of. The character was introduced back in 1983, and has always been played by Lauralee Bell, even crossing over to sister soap THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL for a short-term stint in 2007!

Originally called Cricket, the teen was introduced as a model for Jabot Cosmetics and befriended a young Nina Webster. She was engaged to Phillip Chancellor III until she found him in bed with Nina. Next, Cricket was raped by Derek Stuart and found the strength to press charges against him. This also inspired her to leave modeling to pursue a career in the law as well as dropping her nickname.

Once working as a lawyer, Christine was sexually harassed by fellow attorney Michael Baldwin, and after she got him fired, he stalked and kidnapped her! She found love again with Scott Grainger, but they called off their engagement after learning they were related. In 1990, she married Danny Romalotti, but they split when he cheated on her with Phyllis Summers. Christine continued defending many Genoa City residents in court and joined Paul Williams on adventures, including traveling to Vietnam to locate Jack Abbott’s long-lost son, Keemo. She and Paul fell in love and planned to get married, but they were run down by a car (driven by Phyllis, though they didn’t know at the time), postponing the ceremony. Christine was drawn back to Danny, but ultimately chose Paul, and the two were finally wed.

The Young and The Restless Christine Paul
“Christine, are those letters more interesting than me?”Mike Guastella/JPI

Unfortunately, Paul and Christine’s careers took over and began to put a strain on their marriage. After Michael was released from prison and claimed to be a changed man, she testified on his behalf in court and the two started a successful legal practice together. Christine invited Paul to join her on a business trip to Hong Kong, but he declined. And after months there, she was offered another case in Australia but turned it down to return to Genoa City to work on her marriage. Unfortunately, when she got home, she found Paul in bed with his client, Isabella Braña, so she took the Australian job anyway.

Isabella got pregnant, and Paul wanted to do right for their son, so he stayed with her, leaving Christine to start a romance with Michael. Paul was so angry to learn that Michael and Christine were engaged, he punched Michael and forced himself on Christine. Paul ended his marriage to Isabella, and Christine dumped Michael when she found out he and Isabella had been scheming together to keep her and Paul apart. Christine and Paul reunited, and a vengeful Isabella made it appear Christine had killed her, then tried to kill Christine herself! After being rescued, Christine turned down Paul’s proposal and they split up so she could focus on her career. She briefly dated Danny again, but mostly focused on work, even traveling to Los Angeles to defend Ridge Forrester.

The Young and The Restless Nina Christine
Nina and Christine’s friendship turned as frosty as those mugs for a time!Paul Skipper/

When Christine finally returned to Genoa City in 2010, she reconnected with Paul, but he was seeing Nina at the time so it was super awkward. Also straining Chris and Nina’s friendship was the fact that she knew that Ronan Malloy was Nina’s long-lost son. But she made things right when she helped arrange for Nina’s other son, Chance, to come out of Witness Protection to donate his liver to save Ronan’s life. Christine continued to pop in and out of Genoa City over the next few years, to take on various cases, including defending Paul who had killed his son, Ricky, after he went psycho. It was during this time that Christine learned Phyllis was the one who had run down her and Paul all those years ago and tried to prosecute her for it. Unfortunately, the judge called off the trial.

Eventually, Christine found herself rekindling things with Paul and decided to stay in Genoa City to become the new district attorney following Michael’s resignation. Katherine Chancellor had written a letter to Paul before her death urging him to propose so he and Christine were remarried following Katherine’s memorial service in 2013. She wanted to give him a child, but before she got pregnant, Paul learned he had an adult son with Nikki, Dylan MacAvoy, that he’d never known about. When Christine finally did become pregnant, she sadly lost the baby when a drunk Nikki accidentally hit her with her car. Although it was difficult, when Nikki got out of rehab, Christine accepted her apology and wanted to move on with her life.

The Young and The Restless Paul Christine
Paul will always be by Christine’s side no matter what.sean smith/

Christine continued to work as the D.A. in Genoa City, even prosecuting Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria for the supposed murder of J.T. Hellstrom. They were convicted but after J.T. turned up alive, Victor filed a wrongful prosecution suit against her and the city. Christine stepped down as D.A. and considered moving away with Paul but they decided to stay.

When Chance went on a secret mission, Christine was the only one who could update Nina and Abby on his progress and had to sadly tell them that there had been an explosion in his hideout and he was believed dead. When Abby refused to believe it and went in search of her husband, Christine tried to stop her but it turned out she was right, and Chance had survived!

Christine also used her legal expertise to help Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter look into adopting a baby after the couple was married.

Keep watching Y&R to find out how Christine’s story continues!

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