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What Happened to Nina on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

Nina hasn’t been on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS for a while but she was part of some major drama in the past! If you’re a newer viewer unfamiliar with the character or a longtime fan who just wants to refresh your memory, we’ve got you covered! Nina first appeared in June 1986 and has always been played by Tricia Cast, who won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in 1992. After her departure in 2001, she returned to Y&R in 2008 for recurring appearances, the last being in 2014. The soap then announced that Cast was coming back again for another stint at the end of November 2020, and she has continued to make the occasional appearance whenever the storyline dictates. And in 2023, news came that the actress would be returning again in time for the soap’s 50th anniversary.

Nina Webster was introduced as a pregnant runaway who befriended Christine Blair and found a home at Rose DeVille’s. Unfortunately, Rose was involved in black-market baby sales and stole Nina’s baby when he was born. Trying to get her life back on track, Nina struggled and got pregnant when she seduced Christine’s boyfriend, Phillip Chancellor III. Katherine and Jill offered to pay Nina to leave town, but she declined and eventually gave birth to Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV. Nina married Phillip but their happiness didn’t last as he died in a car accident.

Later, Nina began dating David Kimble despite the warnings of her friends and they quickly eloped. But it was later revealed that David was a dangerous serial killer and Nina shot him in self-defense. Then, David returned in disguise and romanced Nina’s mother, Florence, while plotting to kill again. Thankfully, Nina, Christine, and Danny Romalotti turned the tables on David and as the police closed in on him, he was killed.

Y&R Nina Ryan
Their marriage of convenience turned real but still didn’t last.CBS

Nina then started an affair with Ryan McNeil, who was married to Victoria Newman. After divorcing Victoria, Ryan ended up having to marry Nina when she got pregnant. But after she miscarried, he realized he actually loved her. Unfortunately, Nina had an affair with another of Victoria’s husbands, Cole Howard. Then, Ryan had an affair of his own, and Nina attempted suicide. Surviving that and growing up, Nina became a writer and had a brief romance with novelist Tomas Del Cerro. When that fell apart, Nina left Genoa City to get away from her past and start over.

In 2008, Nina returned home for some visits where she attended Katherine’s wedding and teamed up with Amber Moore to turn the woman’s life story into a screenplay. Then it was revealed that Phillip hadn’t died in the car crash and was actually now going by the name of Cane Ashby. But the real truth was that Phillip had faked his death because he was gay and hired Cane to take his place. Nina was stunned, but supported Phillip and urged him to share his truth with Jill and Katherine. When Chance returned from a tour in Iraq, Nina wanted the father and son to get along, but it was tough going at first.

Y&R Paul Nina Christine
Nina just couldn’t compete when Christine was around.sean smith/

Nina began dating Paul Williams, but that grew complicated when Christine returned and he was immediately drawn back to her. Things got even worse when Nina learned that Ronan Malloy was the son that had been stolen from her all those years ago just as he shot Chance in a drug bust gone wrong! Nina was horrified by her son’s death but soon learned it had been faked and he was really in Witness Protection.

She returned in 2012 to support Paul when he was arrested for shooting his son dead and considered rekindling things until it became clear he and Christine were still in love. She came home in 2013 for Katherine’s memorial service and was Christine’s maid of honor when she married Paul. Then, in 2014, Nina attended Katherine’s remembrance party. In November 2020, she naturally returned to Genoa City when her son Chance, married Abby.

Sadly, Nina was also prominent when Chance was presumed dead while on a mission overseas. Although Abby insisted he couldn’t really be gone, Nina struggled to grieve her son and move on with her life. Thankfully, reports of her son’s death were greatly exaggerated!

In March 2023, Nina attended the Genoa City Bicentennial Gala where she blasted Abby for cheating on Chance and ruining their marriage. Then, in November, she was there to help Christine deal with the end of her own marriage to Paul. But things took a tragic turn when Nina rushed to the hospital after Chance was shot in the line of duty!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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