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Ryan on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need to Know

Ryan McNeil was on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS for a decade but that was almost two decades ago, so it’s understandable if fans might need a little refresher on his dramatic life in Genoa City. The character first appeared on Y&R in June 1991 and was played by actor Scott Reeves right up until Ryan’s tragic exit in December 2001.

Ryan McNeil arrived in Genoa City a young man and began working in the mailroom at Newman Enterprises, eager to rise through the ranks. There, he met the teenaged Victoria Newman and she was immediately smitten, though Victor Newman didn’t approve of his daughter dating an older man. Although the couple fell in love, Victoria was a virgin and was reluctant to consummate the relationship, sending Ryan into the arms of Nina Webster. When Victoria caved to the pressure and slept with Ryan it resulted in an HIV and pregnancy scare, further putting her off sex. Eventually, Ryan and Victoria eloped, but she divorced him when he continued to sleep with Nina. When Nina got pregnant, Ryan married her out of obligation, but after she miscarried, he realized he was in love and stayed with her.

Y&R Nina Ryan
Nina could give Ryan what Victoria wouldn’t.CBS

Nina’s affair with Cole Howard sent Ryan into the arms of college student Tricia Dennison. When she learned he was married, she began scheming to steal Ryan away from Nina. Driven to extremes, Nina threatened to kill herself, and Ryan struggled to get the gun away from her so he was charged with shooting her. When Nina recovered, she explained what had really happened and Ryan was exonerated. The couple divorced and Ryan was free to pursue and eventually marry Tricia as he continued to work his way up to the top at Newman.

Tricia grew jealous of the attention that Ryan continued to show Nina’s son, Phillip, so she stopped taking her birth control so she could give Ryan his own child. Unfortunately, while Ryan was excited to learn she was pregnant, Tricia lost the baby. After an obsessed Tricia ran down her sister’s boyfriend, Ryan helped talk her into committing herself at Fairhaven. She appeared to make a speedy recovery and once free, tried to get Ryan to take her back, but he turned her down.

Y&R Ryan Tricia
Ryan’s wedding led directly to his funeral.Aaron Montgomery/JPI

Ryan got back together with Victoria and they planned their wedding even as Tricia continued to spiral. She bought an identical dress and locked Victoria in a closet so she could be the one to walk down the aisle with Ryan. When she lifted her veil, Ryan and everyone else in the church was shocked to see Tricia, who pulled out a gun. Victor bargained with Tricia to let the guests leave the church, but when Victoria joined them, Tricia aimed to kill! Ryan leaped in between the women, taking the bullets meant for Victoria. Although he held on for a little while, Ryan eventually died in Victoria’s arms and later appeared to her in a dream where they finally exchanged their wedding vows.

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