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David Kimble on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need to Know

The flashback episodes of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS are reintroducing past characters to new viewers who might want a little bit of history about the people they’re watching. For instance, the dangerous killer David Kimble! Originally introduced in 1986, and was played briefly by Drew Pillsbury before Michael Corbett took over the role and played it until his gruesome 1991 exit from the soap.

David Kimble was introduced as Jill Abbott‘s new assistant in charge of the men’s line at Jabot Cosmetics. He tried romancing Jill to get his hands on the Chancellor fortune, but she fired him. So David turned his attentions to Nina Webster, who had just received a sizable inheritance. Nina’s friends, Christine Blair, Danny Romalotti, and Chase Benson were all suspicious of her new beau. David threatened to cut Christine’s face so she could never model again if she didn’t stop butting in, but when she tried to tell her friend, Nina wouldn’t listen.

Nina and David eloped and she set him up with a company named David A. Kimble Investments, but he never had any clients, just pretended to be working whenever Nina stopped by the office. He soon began having an affair with Diane Westin and schemed to adopt Nina’s son, Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV, which was the only way to get his hands on the family fortune. But Jill and Katherine Chancellor helped Nina resist his pressure. 

Jess Walton Michael Corbett
Jess Walton andMichael Corbett got along much better than Jill and David did!Aaron Montgomery/

Diane was shocked to see a news clipping of heiress Rebecca Harper, who had been murdered by her husband Tom, who looked exactly like David! In the photo, Rebecca was wearing a brooch like the one David had given to Nina. When Rebecca’s friend, Vivian, came to Genoa City looking for the brooch to prove David was the killer, she was soon found murdered. While digging into David’s past, Cricket also learned of the brooch and told Nina, but she had already been alerted by Diane. Nina had also discovered that David was plotting to kill her and her son.

To get Danny off his case, David framed him for cocaine possession and Nina lost it and shot David multiple times! He survived but pretended to be paralyzed and Nina was arrested for attempted murder. But on the stand, she explained her fear that David was trying to kill her and was acquitted. David decided to fake his own death by stealing a body from the morgue to plant in his hospital bed to set on fire. He tried to force a plastic surgeon to make him look like David Hasselhoff, but while David was under, the doctor instead carved “killer” on his forehead!

Furious, David returned to Genoa City as “Jim Adams,” wearing a fake mustache, heavy makeup, gray hair, and sporting a southern accent. He romanced and married Nina’s mother, Flo Webster, and manipulated Nina into changing her will so he and Flo would be named beneficiaries if Nina died. He then attended a masquerade ball dressed as a wolf, the same costume as Danny, intending to kill him, Cricket, and Nina. But Diane discovered his plan and replaced the bullets in his gun. So when David cornered his targets in an outdoor maze, they all pretended to die when shot. As Paul Williams and the police pursued David, he tried to hide in a garbage chute where he was killed by a garbage compactor.

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