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What Happened to Jill on The Young & The Restless


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Jill Abbott doesn’t appear as often on The Young & The Restless as she once did, so some newer viewers might not be aware of her epic history in Genoa City. And even some longtime fans might enjoy a quick refresher! The character was originally played by Brenda Dickson when the soap premiered in 1973. After she left in 1980, it was played by Deborah Adair for three years until Dickson returned in 1983. In 1987, the role was recast with Jess Walton, who has portrayed Jill ever since. (Well, aside from a brief absence where Judith Chapman took over for her in 1994 before later joining Y&R as Gloria Bardwell!) And while Walton may only make the occasional appearance these days, she deserves the rest after all she’s been through!

Working as a manicurist to support her family, Jill took a job as Katherine Chancellor’s personal assistant and ended up having an affair with Kay’s husband, Phillip Chancellor II! Jill wound up pregnant, and after Phillip divorced Kay, he died after his ex-wife drove their car off a cliff. Jill turned down Katherine’s offer of $1 million for her child, and gave birth to Phillip Chancellor III. She later romanced David Mallory, Derek Thurston, and Stuart Brooks. Jill managed to get Stuart to marry her, but he dumped her after she faked a pregnancy and miscarriage.

The Young and The Restless John Jill
Jill and John were in and out of each others’ lives for years.Jesse Grant/JPI

Jill eventually found herself working for Jabot, and began dating the cosmetics company’s owner, John Abbott. After she cheated on him with his son, Jack Abbott, John dumped her and she sued Jack for sexual harassment. Jill finally reunited with John and they married, but she was still fooling around with Jack, and when Katherine showed John evidence of the affair, he had a stroke. Jill divorced John and got 20% of Jabot in the settlement. When Jill was shot, the main suspects were John, Jack, and Katherine, but it turned out to be Sven, a masseur who Jill had rejected.

Jill and Katherine tried to get Phillip to give up drinking, but he was later killed while driving under the influence. Jill hired con man Rex Sterling to seduce Kay, but then decided she wanted the guy for herself. She had an affair with Victor Newman, but realizing he was never going to marry her, returned to John and they tied the knot again. When he felt he was too old to have another child, Jill quickly got pregnant before he had his vasectomy, eventually giving birth to Billy Abbott. John and Jill divorced after she had an affair with Jed Sanders.

The Young and The Restless Jill Katherine Fight
Jill and Katherine didn’t always get along!Jesse Grant/JPI

After discovering she owned the Chancellor Estate, Jill evicted Katherine, but a legal loophole allowed her to stay. Jill then had affairs with Sean Bridges and Larry Warton. In 2003, Jill was shocked to learn she was adopted, and that she was actually Katherine’s daughter. Then Jill was led to believe that Phillip was not her son, and her actual child was really Cane Ashby. Jill briefly dated William Bardwell, and then Ji Min Kim, whose murder left her devastated.

In 2008, the truth finally came out that Jill is not really Katherine’s daughter, and it was all just a revenge scheme cooked up by Charlotte Ramsey. She also learned that Cane wasn’t really her son, and that Phillip had only faked his death because he was gay. Then in 2010, Jill learned that her real father was Neil Fenmore, making Lauren Fenmore her sister! The two women clashed, but ultimately found common ground. It was a tumultuous time for Jill!

Jill got involved with Colin Atkinson, not knowing at first he was Cane’s real father and the head of a crime syndicate in Australia. Following Katherine’s death, Jill was puzzled by the cryptic messages she left behind. Jill inherited the Chancellor Estate but couldn’t afford the upkeep. She later discovered expensive jewelry hidden in a chandelier left to her by Katherine worth a fortune. However, the music box Kay left her remained a mystery for ages until they found a key in a secret compartment that opened a safety deposit box containing a letter from Katherine and a ring from Phillip.

The Young and The Restless Jill Colin
Jill couldn’t trust Colin as far as she could throw him, but she never wanted him too far away anyway!Howard Wise/

During this time, Jill suffered a heart attack and after reconciling with Colin, they left Genoa City to travel together. However, she has returned on her own on a few occasions to deal with Chancellor business. In 2018, she returned to be briefly wrapped up in the search for Jack Abbott’s biological father, who was at that time suspected to be Phillip Chancellor. Then she returned again to help Billy with his gambling problem.

The next time she came home, Jill revealed that she and Colin were “on a break” and she very quickly began dispensing advice to both Cane and Billy, as well as getting updates on all the Genoa City gossip. And when Katherine’s will was contested by Chance Chancellor, Jill helped track down Colin to find out that he was behind it. And after her husband was finally brought to justice, she filed for divorce. Jill also began spending some more time with Jack, and their friendly banter occasionally turned into flirting, though nothing came of it.

Jill left ChanceComm in the hands of Billy and Lily Winters, but wouldn’t approve funding Billy’s attempt to take over Cyaxares. However, later that year, she had to return to Genoa City to clean up the mess Billy made when scheming against Adam. Jill decided to step down from the business and named Lily CEO of ChanceComm! After being persuaded to sell ChanceComm to Newman-Locke, Jill later suggested merging Chancellor and Hamilton Winters.

Y&R Chancellor-Winters launch party
Jill was determined to keep the “family” in “family business.”Howard Wise/

She returned to Genoa City in June 2022 to attend the Chancellor-Winters launch party, and encountered the recently-back-from-the-dead Diane Jenkins. She congratulated Diane on faking her own death and accused her of wanting Jack back. Continuing to be involved with the business via video conferences, Jill later suggested that they take the company public, and hired Audra Charles to manage the IPO. Despite Devon’s objections, Jill went ahead with the plan. Though when she returned to Genoa City again to handle things in person, Jill was hit with surprises. She didn’t so much mind Esther Valentine being hired as receptionist, but learning that Billy had resigned as COO didn’t sit well with her and she told Lily she could do better than dating her flaky son.

Jill continued to push forward with taking the company public and when Devon objected and wanted to take Hamilton-Winters back, she and Lily proposed buying him out after the IPO so he could start fresh. But Devon wasn’t interested in their deal and threatened to take them to court! After Victor sabotaged Jill’s meeting with Sally Spectra and Chloe Mitchell, Nick persuaded her to give them another chance and Jill was impressed with the designers’ pitch. She also decided to call off the IPO, but that wasn’t enough to fix things between Devon and Lily.

Jill worried about the mystery investor in Chancellor-Winters and was stunned to learn that it was Mamie Johnson. Not buying that it was to bring her family back together, Jill blasted her for going through back channels and wondered why all the secrecy. She warned Devon and Lily not to underestimate Mamie and to keep an eye on her. When they found out that Tucker McCall was behind Mamie’s investment, Jill warned him he’d never get his hands on Chancellor-Winters. (Thankfully, Mamie saw sense and cut ties with the guy.) 

Y&R Jill Mamie
Jill and Mamie may never see eye to eye!Howard Wise/

After Nate Hastings returned to the company, Jill was feeling outnumbered by the Winters clan and asked Billy to come back and be her eyes and ears on the ground. When Chance considered leaving the police force, she urged him to come work for the family business as well. Billy wanted to add Abbott to the Chancellor-Winters company name, and insisted it was Jill’s wishes, but Devon believed it to be a power play. As the tension continued, Jill brought Amanda Sinclair back in to smooth things over.

By the spring of 2024, things at the company were getting worse, and although Jill sided with Billy about not fighting Daniel’s lawsuit after being fired, the board overruled the pair. Then, things got even more tense when Jill decided to hand her power over to Billy so that he would be on equal footing with Lily and Devon and they couldn’t push him out of the company!

Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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