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What Happened to Chloe on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


Over the years, Chloe on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has had quite a ride! The character originally known as Katherine Tina Valentine first appeared back in July 1990 when she was born and child actress Danielle Ryah played her as a little girl in 1994. But when Chloe Mitchell arrived in Genoa City in February 2008 as an adult, the role was recast with Elizabeth Hendrickson. The actress left Y&R in May 2014, but returned briefly in October of that year. After another short stint in October 2015, Hendrickson reprised the role again in July 2016 but exited in July 2017. However, after returning once more in June 2019, she has continued to play Chloe to this day.

Chloe Mitchell came to Genoa City in 2008 working as a fashion consultant hired by Cane Ashby to help handle his girlfriend, Lily Winters, who was a model. When Chloe discovered she was pregnant, she set up a drunk Cane to believe that he was the baby’s father. After Lily dumped her beau, Cane agreed to marry Chloe for the sake of their child. During a party thrown for the newlyweds, Jill Abbott revealed the truth that Chloe was in fact Kate Valentine, the baby that Esther Valentine had with Tiny and sent off to boarding school! Although initially resentful towards her mother, Chloe and Esther soon became close.

Once Chloe gave birth to her daughter, Delia, the truth was revealed that she’d had an affair with Billy Abbott and he was the girl’s real father. A furious Cane still wanted to fight for custody of the child, but soon dropped the suit. Chloe then married Billy for Delia’s sake, but they quickly divorced and she began seeing Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV. They split up after he cheated on her with Heather Stevens. Chloe began falling for her best friend, Kevin Fisher, but his unstable ex-wife, Jana Hawkes, went to extremes to try and keep them apart. After Jana’s death, Kevin and Chloe were together for a bit before he broke up with her and she briefly sought comfort with Chance’s brother, Ronan Malloy

Y&R Chloe Delia Kevin Billy
Chloe was grateful to Billy for saving Delia.Howard Wise/

When Delia was diagnosed with leukemia, Billy’s bone marrow donation saved his daughter’s life. During this time, Chloe reconnected with Kevin and they were about to be married when Kevin was blackmailed into leaving her at the altar to marry mob princess Angelina Venziano. After that was finally dealt with, Chloe and Kevin finally tied the knot and began their life together. They started a fashion website called TagNGrab that failed and left them so desperate for money that they turned to a life of crime! Chloe then started a fashion line for Jabot with her BFF, Chelsea Lawson, and got her life back together.

Tragically, Delia was killed when she was struck by a hit-and-run driver. A devastated Chloe agreed to donate her daughter’s corneas to help save the eyesight of Chelsea and Adam Newman’s son, Connor. Chloe then developed an unhealthy attachment to the little boy and was horrified to learn that Adam had been driving the car that hit Delia. She abducted Connor and tried to take him to Europe, but was arrested and sentenced to psychiatric counseling and ordered into a conservatorship. So that Kevin would be in charge of her conservatorship, Chloe agreed to remarry him, but it was not a happy relationship. When she decided she wanted to have another baby and Billy refused to help, she tried to steal his sperm from the hospital. When her loved ones held an intervention, Chloe agreed to seek psychiatric help in California… but when she left, she secretly had a stash of Billy’s sperm!

When Chloe showed up in Genoa City on the first anniversary of Delia’s death, she informed Kevin she was only visiting and was starting fresh elsewhere. But what she didn’t tell him was that she was pregnant! A year later, she secretly returned again with her daughter, Bella, to help Victor Newman plot revenge against Adam. Chloe shot Adam and left him to die in an explosion, covering up her involvement in the crime with Victor’s help. Once she publicly returned to Genoa City, Chloe reconnected with Chelsea and rekindled things with Kevin. Unfortunately at their wedding, the truth about what Chloe did to Adam was revealed and Chelsea was furious!

Y&R Chloe and Adam - CBS/Getty
Chloe failed to kill Adam in the explosion, so she kept trying!Getty

With Victor’s help, Chloe once again disappeared. But from afar, she asked Billy and Kevin to take DNA tests to determine Bella’s real father. After Kevin was found to be the girl’s daddy, Bella came to live with him. Victor paid a psychiatrist to keep Chloe drugged and under wraps, but when Chelsea found her, the shrink helped Chloe fake her death. Kevin was crushed, but then thrilled to discover Chloe was really alive and they moved to Oregon with Bella to start a new life.

In 2019, Adam had Chloe kidnapped after she shot him and they finally agreed to stop trying to kill each other. Adam forced Kevin into doing some illegal work for him, threatening to expose that Chloe was still alive. But when his older brother, Michael Baldwin, found out, he stepped in and as DA, helped get Chloe cleared of the charges hanging over her head. She finally was able to return to Genoa City publicly, and while Chelsea was initially upset with her friend for faking her death, they quickly made up.

Chloe helped intervene when Billy tried to kill Adam and got Billy to realize that he needed therapy. Kevin and Chloe were thrilled to learn that they were expecting another child, this time a boy. They experienced a scare when it appeared Chloe might give birth while they were trapped at home during a big storm, but thankfully it was just a false alarm. When Chloe eventually delivered her baby boy, Kevin chose the name Miles. Although wary of Chelsea’s renewed relationship with Adam, Chloe agreed to support her friend. And when Chelsea was paralyzed after suffering a stroke, Chloe continued helping her, but discovered that she had inadvertently helped Chelsea frame Adam for trying to kill Rey!

Y&R Chelsea Chloe
Chloe came to regret helping her pal!Howard Wise/

When Chelsea returned from a stay in a mental institution, she and Chloe reunited to work on a fashion line for Newman Media. Chloe invited Sally Spectra to work with them as a designer, but again felt she had to warn her about getting romantically involved with Adam. When Victoria Newman took over, she dumped the fashion division so Chloe and Chelsea convinced Lauren Fenmore to sell their new line at Fenmore’s. But Chloe and Chelsea clashed over their work and eventually agreed to part ways professionally to save their friendship. 

Chloe then accepted Sally’s offer of working as her COO at Newman Media, where she’d recently been hired as CEO. But that didn’t last as Victoria took over and the women found themselves fired so Nate Hastings could take Sally’s position at the company. But Chloe was on board with Sally’s new plan to change course and pursue another line of work.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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