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What Happened to Esther on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


It may have been a while since she’s been involved in a major front-burner storyline, but Esther Valentine on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS remains a beloved character and has been for over three decades. Kate Linder was hired for one episode in April of 1982 that developed into a recurring role until 1985 when she was placed on contract with the soap. These days, Esther still pops up occasionally, so you never know when you might see her again!

Esther was maid and loyal friend to Katherine Chancellor for nearly 20 years, even though she wasn’t always particularly good at her job. She did leave her employ in 1989 to go work for Nina Webster and care for her son, Phillip. Nina even tried to help Esther find love, but all she ended up with was a one-night stand with a guy nicknamed Tiny.

The Young and The Restless Esther Katherine
Esther was a better friend than a maid to Katherine.Aaron Montgomery/

When Esther tried to get her job back with Katherine, she found she’d been replaced by a couple named Robert and Shirley. But it turned out they were in cahoots with Marge, who was a dead ringer for Kay, and were after the Chancellor fortune! Thankfully, Katherine’s son, Brock, returned to town and uncovered the scheme, rescuing the kidnapped Kay and Esther.

Esther discovered she was pregnant and when she gave birth to a baby girl, she named her Kate after her dear friend. Unfortunately, things took a turn when Esther met a con man named Norman Peterson. It started innocently, with her posing as the lady of the house to impress him, and Katherine and hubby Rex acting as servants. But when Rex caught Norman breaking into the safe, he was shot and killed, leaving Kay devastated and Esther wracked with guilt.

The Young and The Restless Chloe Esther
“Hi, mom!”sean smith/

Years later, Esther was stunned to learn that fashionista Chloe Mitchell was actually her daughter, Kate! But the young woman was bitter at having been shipped off to boarding school for her entire life and it took some time before they buried the hatchet. Thankfully they reconciled before the birth of Chloe’s daughter, Delia, so Esther could be the doting grandmother.

Esther was devastated when Katherine passed away, and was also a little upset that instead of inheriting the mansion, she was left a generous salary as long as she continued to care for the estate. Then, her granddaughter, Delia, was tragically killed in a hit-and-run.

Eventually, Esther moved out of the Chancellor estate and took a job working at Crimson Lights. She was also surprised when Chloe returned to Genoa City after giving birth to another daughter, this one named Bella. Eventually, Esther returned to the mansion, working for Jill. She was stunned when Chloe skipped town on her and Kevin’s wedding day after it was revealed she was responsible for Adam’s death. It broke Esther’s heart to let her granddaughter go with Kevin, but it was even worse when she was told that Chloe was dead!

The Young and The Restless Chloe Bella Esther
Esther was crushed when Chloe’s wedding turned into a funeral!Howard Wise/

Esther was absolutely floored to discover that Chloe was really alive and had been living in hiding with Kevin and Bella, but promised to keep her daughter’s secret and even offered to return to Portland with her so she could help her care for Bella. So naturally, Esther was delighted when Chloe came home and was able to get her life in Genoa City back.

When Kevin and Chloe welcomed another child, Esther was thrilled to spoil Miles rotten. Although it still wasn’t quite enough for her and after admitting she missed working at the Chancellor mansion, Nina Webster suggested she could pop back in periodically for the odd shift if it would make her happy!

Esther has been kept very busy with her grandchildren, but she was overjoyed to hear the news that Chance was really alive. Chloe also set her up on a dating app for seniors where she connected with a man named Dwight, bonding over cleaning supplies of all things! Although happy enough to spend time with the family, Esther jumped at the chance when Devon Hamilton offered her a job as the receptionist at Chancellor-Winters.

In August 2023, Esther offered Chloe a shoulder to lean on when she lamented Victor taking away the job he’d promised her and Sally, then supported her when Chelsea offered her a gig at Marchetti. Shortly after that, Esther met with Sharon Newman and happily accepted her offer to be the new manager at Crimson Lights! In October, Lauren invited Esther to accompany her to a Forrester Creations fashion show in Los Angeles. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to buy a Forrester original for herself and also meet the members of the family, but found herself having the most fun meeting security guard Charlie Webber! The pair flirted before, during, and after the fashion show and even shared a kiss!

Stay tuned to Y&R to see how her story continues!

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