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What Happened to Charlie on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

Charlie isn’t on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL that often, so some fans might need a bit of a refresher on the character’s history. And that’s exactly where we come in! The role has been played since October 2013 by actor Dick Christie, who viewers may recall from the ‘80s sitcom SMALL WONDER.

Charlie Webber is a security guard who was hired by Wyatt Fuller to protect the Blue Hope Diamond, which was on display at a Forrester Creations boutique on Rodeo Drive. While on the job, Charlie began flirting with Pam Douglas, who found him charming. Although everyone worried Charlie was too distracted to do a good job, Wyatt defended the guy and then tried to fake a robbery to help boost publicity. Unfortunately, real robbers showed up for the diamond, but Charlie and Wyatt were able to foil their plan.

Pam invited Charlie to Thanksgiving at the Forresters and he helped her out in the kitchen. Liam Spencer was suspicious about what really went down at the robbery and when Charlie checked the security tapes, he realized what Wyatt had done. To protect her son, Quinn Fuller warned Charlie that if the truth got out, he could lose his job… and Pam. He kept quiet for a while, but eventually came clean to Pam and they took the proof to Liam so he could expose Wyatt’s schemes.

Charlie and Pam enjoyed a medieval outing with Aly Forrester and Oliver Jones, and sadly attended Aly’s funeral together. Charlie always tries to do the right thing, such as when he found out Quinn had followed Liam and Ivy Forrester to Paris to interfere with his plans to marry Hope Logan. When he got proof that Quinn had delayed Liam by pushing Ivy into the Seine, he and Pam shared it with Liam and Ivy.

B&B Charlie Pam
Charlie and Pam are always getting involved in the action!XJJohnson/

Working security at Forrester Creations keeps Charlie pretty busy as he finds himself mixed up in the various dramas going on around the offices. Like when Liam went missing and Charlie discovered that Quinn had driven off with the guy! When Eric Forrester married Quinn, Charlie was one of the guests who chose not to attend the ceremony. And when Sheila Forrester returned to town intent on stealing Eric away from Quinn, Charlie found himself being blackmailed into helping the villainess after accidentally spilling information to her. 

Eventually, Charlie proposed to Pam by putting a ring in an unbaked batch of lemon bars, but after she argued with Quinn about holding the wedding in the Forrester mansion, he agreed to put things on hold. More recently, Charlie was suspicious when Thomas Forrester took home a Forrester mannequin that looked just like Hope and wondered why Liam was so nervous when he pretended to arrest him as a joke. (Liam believed he’d killed Vinny, so he was naturally a little jumpy at the time!)

Charlie even helps the family outside of the office, like when he assisted Steffy Forrester in obtaining security camera footage from Brooke’s home so she could find out who the blonde was kissing on New Year’s Eve!

Charlie continues to pop up from time to time to get mixed up in the action going on at Forrester, so stay tuned to B&B to see what happens next!

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