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Hope on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Everything You Need To Know


Hope has been through so much on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL that it can be hard to keep up with all the dramatic twists and turns in her life. So let us help untangle it all! When Hope was born in 2002, the role was played by a series of child actresses, most notably Amanda and Rachel Pace. In January 2010, Hope was aged into a young woman played by Kim Matula who remained with the soap until 2014, making brief guest appearances in 2015 and 2016. Then, in January 2018, B&B brought in daytime newcomer Annika Noelle to take over the role and she continues to play Hope to this day.

Despite being the daughter of Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe, Hope was mostly raised by Ridge Forrester, although Nick Marone also acted as another father figure. As a child, Hope nearly drowned in a hot tub when Nick wasn’t watching, and later, she and little brother R.J. were unintentionally left home alone and they set the living room on fire. Also, Hope was the one who revealed to Aly that Taylor had run down Darla!

The Bold and The Beautiful Hope Nick Deacon Brooke
Hope had one mother, but more than a couple of fathers!Brian Lowe/JPI

In 2010, a teenaged Hope became an intern at Forrester Creations and fell in with photographer Graham Darros, who nearly raped her before Nick came to her rescue. She then fell for Oliver Jones, but Steffy Forrester decided she wanted the hunk for herself and schemed to split them up (while sabotaging her Hope for the Future fashion line for good measure!). But it was actually Brooke who ruined her daughter’s relationship by sleeping with Oliver during Hope’s masquerade graduation party thinking he was Ridge! (Oliver thought Brooke was actually Hope finally ready to give up her virginity…) Oops!

Hope then became involved with Liam Spencer, though things got complicated for a bit when Amber Moore claimed she was carrying Liam’s baby (she wasn’t). Unfortunately, Hope’s insistence on remaining a virgin until marriage sent a frustrated Liam into Steffy’s waiting clutches. This led to a series of reversals where Liam went back and forth between the blonde and the brunette. Hope was forced to watch from a gondola as Liam and Steffy tied the knot in Aspen, Bill tried to keep Hope from exchanging vows with Liam in Italy, and Steffy got pregnant with Liam’s baby!

The Bold and The Beautiful Hope Liam Steffy
Hope struggled to keep Liam’s eye from wandering to sexpot Steffy!sean smith/

After Steffy miscarried, she left town so Hope could be with Liam, but the blonde had a sexy encounter with Wyatt Fuller in an outdoor shower that set off a whole new love triangle! Hope found herself torn between Liam and Wyatt, and even dated both brothers to try and decide which one she wanted to be with. She eventually got engaged to Wyatt, but when she found out she’d missed her chance to be with Liam because of Quinn’s interference, she wanted to change her mind again. Unfortunately, she learned she was pregnant with Wyatt’s child and broke it off with Liam to be with her babydaddy. Tragically, Hope lost the baby and decided to escape to Italy.

In 2015, Hope appeared briefly via a video call that Brooke made to try and convince Deacon not to marry Quinn (it didn’t work), and in early 2016, after Liam went missing (he was kidnapped by Quinn), Steffy called Hope to see if she might know where he was. 

The Bold and The Beautiful Hope Liam Steffy
Liam wasn’t sure if Hope was now engaged to marry him… or Steffy!Howard Wise/

Hope returned in January 2018 to surprise her mother and return to Forrester and relaunch the Hope for the Future line. Learning that Liam and Steffy’s marriage was on shaky ground, she offered them both her friendship and support, seeming to have finally risen above the love triangle. But when Liam found out that Steffy had slept with his father and Bill could be the father of her baby, he went running to Hope and she happily took him back. Eventually, Liam returned to Steffy and their daughter, Kelly, but when Bill made it appear that he and Steffy were still carrying on together, Liam suddenly proposed to Hope! On their wedding day, Wyatt revealed that Bill had been lying, and Liam once again went home to Steffy and their child.

However, Liam’s plans hit another snag when Hope revealed that she was now pregnant with his child, and after finding them making out backstage at a fashion show, Steffy dumped Liam and basically gave him to Hope. In August 2018, Hope and Liam wed in front of their friends and family, and prepared to welcome their baby into the world. Although Hope and Steffy battled over their rival fashion lines, they appeared to be willing to let their daughters be siblings… at least until Taylor resurfaced and Hope worried about her daughter being anywhere near Steffy’s unstable mother.

The Bold and The Beautiful Hope Thomas Douglas
Hope wanted Douglas, but Thomas? Not so much!Howard Wise/

Unfortunately, after traveling to Catalina for a “babymoon” with Liam, Hope went into labor early and Dr. Reese Buckingham delivered the baby only to later deliver the heartbreaking news that the newborn had died! Hope struggled to move on with her life after this devastating loss unaware that her baby was really alive and was adopted by Steffy! This caused trouble in her marriage that Thomas Forrester took advantage of by convincing her to leave Liam and marry him! An emotionally distraught Hope wanted to be Douglas’ mother so badly she agreed to marry Thomas, even though everyone told her not to. But shortly after tying the knot in July 2019, the truth about Phoebe came out and Hope was overjoyed to be reunited with the baby she thought she’d lost!

With Thomas not acting like the best father, Hope decided to try and take custody of Douglas away from him, but Thomas wanted her in exchange for his signature on the adoption papers! During an argument, Hope feared she’d killed Thomas by accidentally knocking him into a vat of acid, and she was relieved when he turned up very much alive. Thomas not only used that guilt, he also enlisted Steffy to kiss Liam to drive Hope into his arms! Thomas tried to make Hope jealous by proposing to Zoe and pressured Douglas into begging Hope to marry his daddy instead, but when Steffy finally confessed the truth, Hope confronted Thomas at the wedding and exposed all of his schemes!

Hope then took Douglas and raised him with Liam. After some time had passed, Hope considered asking Thomas to design for Hope for the Future again, not realizing that he had become obsessed with a mannequin that looked just like her! Hope was taken aback to discover it, but argued it would help inspire the artist. Liam, however, insisted it just meant Thomas was obsessed with her. When Hope found Thomas arguing with the mannequin, she talked him down from the manic episode and he collapsed. At the hospital, it was discovered that Thomas had a brain tumor that was causing his erratic behavior.

B&B mannequin Hope Thomas
Thomas’ obsession with Hope took a bizarre turn!Howard Wise/

When Liam admitted he’d slept with Steffy after thinking Thomas had kissed Hope (it was just the mannequin), she was heartbroken to learn Steffy was pregnant. Hope was surprised when Thomas urged her to forgive her husband’s infidelity. But she found that hard when a paternity test indicated Liam was the father of Steffy’s baby. However, Thomas later revealed that the test had been tampered with, and Finn Finnegan was really the dad! Still, Hope decided she and Liam should separate though she soon changed her mind. 

To the dismay of her family, Hope reconnected with Deacon when he was released from prison. She supported him as he tried to start over again, though others remained skeptical. Brooke eventually came around, though when she fell off the wagon on New Year’s Eve, Hope blamed herself. She was later stunned to find out that her mother had kissed Deacon that night! After Finn and Steffy were shot, he died and she barely survived. Hope grew jealous as Liam spent more time with his ex helping her through her grief.

Having gotten his life back together, Thomas wanted to revisit Douglas’ custody arrangement, which worried Hope. Liam warned Thomas to back off, and insisted he hadn’t called CPS on him. Liam grew jealous and kept his distance as Hope worked with Thomas and had a successful fashion show. When the truth came out that Thomas had called CPS on himself, Hope was disgusted and took Douglas back while also refusing to work with him anymore.

B&B Hope Thomas
Hope realized that, as opposed to Liam, Thomas was a one-woman man.Howard Wise/

When HFTF got some bad reviews, Hope reconsidered taking Thomas back as a designer. They also went to court where Douglas asked to live with Steffy. Thankfully, that didn’t last long, and Hope agreed to rehire Thomas, who had been going to therapy and insisted he was better. But as she continued trying to reassure a jealous Liam, Hope found herself having actual feelings for Thomas. During a trip to Rome, Hope and Thomas took in the sights and she surprised him with a kiss! 

Hope wanted to keep it a secret, but Liam had followed her to Italy and seen it with his own eyes, so she had no choice but to confess. When she learned Liam had once again turned to Steffy, she decided she deserved someone who would love only her, and that was Thomas. She signed divorce papers and fell into bed with her new beau. Hope had a moment of regret and asked for another chance, but Liam said he couldn’t deal with Thomas in her life the way she couldn’t deal with Steffy in his. 

Douglas tried to convince Hope and Thomas to be a proper family again, but they just wanted to keep things casual for now. Hope continued to remind Thomas that while he clearly loved her, she did not feel the same for him. Finn advised Hope that she deserved better than Thomas and also urged her to go see her dad. Hope was then stunned to learn that Deacon was engaged to Sheila Carter and refused to let him back into her life until they’d split up.

Hope was stunned when Thomas popped the question and admitted she wasn’t ready to make that kind of commitment… to anyone. Still, she didn’t say no and agreed to wear the engagement ring on a chain around her neck for the time being. She was further shaken when she found out that Thomas was involved in the death of Emma Barber years ago. He finally confessed to her that he’d been present at her car accident, but swore he hadn’t run her off the road.

Stay tuned to see how Hope’s story continues to unfold!

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