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What Happened to Amber on B&B and Y&R


Amber couldn’t be contained to just one soap, appearing on both THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS over the years. This means she’s got quite a dramatic history, so if you’ve forgotten any of it, let us help fill in the blanks! The character first appeared on B&B in 1997 and after exiting in 2005, journeyed over to Y&R in 2006 where she remained until 2010 at which time she returned to B&B until 2012. Amber has always been played by actress Adrienne Frantz, who took home the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2001 for her work on B&B.

Amber Moore was originally hired as a nanny for Mary, the daughter of Shiela Carter, but she began babysitting teens Rick Forrester and Bridget Forrester. Having grown up poor, Amber was eager to become part of a wealthy family like the Forresters and began flirting with Rick. His family accepted her after Amber saved Stephanie Forrester‘s life after she was shot by Sheila. While dating Rick, Amber got pregnant but wasn’t sure if he was the father or if it was the result of a drunken one-night stand with her old friend, Raymond. Amber married Rick and when the baby was stillborn, adopted her cousin Becky’s son and passed Eric Jr. off as Rick’s.

B&B Amber Rick baby Eric
“Come on, he totally has your eyes!”Aaron Montgomery/JPI

The truth about Eric Jr. eventually came out and Becky wanted her son back. But when she later died of cancer, Amber raised the child with C.J. Garrison. They were to be married but Eric Jr.’s real father, Deacon Sharpe, interrupted the ceremony. Realizing Rick was her best chance at keeping custody of the boy, Amber dumped C.J. and returned to the Forresters. She had a brief fling with Deacon, but he tried to take custody of Eric Jr. when she rejected him. Deacon tried to force him to marry him, but she refused to leave Rick.

Amber grew jealous of Erica Lovejoy’s crush on Rick, but things got even worse when Sheila returned and began framing Amber for various crimes and it turned out Erica was really her daughter, Mary! After Sheila’s latest reign of terror was stopped, Amber then found herself the the center of a scandal when an X-rated video of her was released. Luckily, the woman in the video was actually her twin sister, April Knight. Amber and Rick lost custody of Eric Jr. to Deacon and Macy, so she kidnapped the boy. Rick divorced her, so Amber set her sights on Thomas Forrester, which Ridge didn’t approve of. She locked Ridge and Bridget in a mine shaft where she videotaped their kiss to show to Brooke. But the plan backfired when the pair almost died of hypothermia. On the outs with the Forresters, Amber thought rescuing an amnesiac Ridge and bringing him home would help but when it didn’t, she left Los Angeles for Genoa City.

Y&R Amber Cane Katherine
“You’re hot, but you’d be even hotter if you were the heir to a fortune!”Brian Lowe/

Reuniting with Lauren Fenmore, Amber got a job at her boutique and befriended Katherine Chancellor. When Kay began remembering having switched Jill’s baby decades earlier, Amber went on the hunt and discovered Cane Ashby. Since he was due to inherit quite a fortune, Amber tricked her way into marrying him in Vegas but it didn’t last. She also briefly dated Adrian Korbel before moving on to Daniel Romalotti, who had broken up with Lily after she found naked pictures of Amber on his phone. Deacon arrived in town and tried to split up Amber and Daniel, blackmailing her and framing him for art theft. Amber and Daniel were finally married, but when she caught him in bed with Sheila’s daughter, Daisy Carter, she took Little Eric and hit the road.

Amber returned to Los Angeles and began working for Jackie Marone at Jackie M Designs. But that job didn’t last long as her designs had been stolen from Forrester. After a one-night stand with Oliver Jones, Amber found herself pregnant but decided to claim the child was Liam Spencer‘s since his family had money. Bill Spencer disapproved and even let Amber fall off of a cliff in the hopes of getting rid of her. After the baby was born, she was of mixed-race and it was revealed that Rosie was actually the daughter of Marcus Forrester!

B&B Marcus Amber Rosie
Amber had been sleeping with three guys so Rosie’s babydaddy was anyone’s guess!sean smith/

Since Marcus was dating Dayzee, Amber instead decided to woo back Rick, helping him with his designs for Forrester. They grew closer, but Amber was feeding drugs to Hope Logan, who believed they were from her psychiatrist. When Caroline Spencer began working with Rick as well, Amber felt threatened and tried to make her think Rick was a crossdresser. When the battle between Caroline, Amber, and Hope reached its climax, Amber confessed to drugging Hope and that was the end of her relationship with Rick.

The last time Amber was seen was in 2013 when she returned to Genoa City for Katherine’s memorial service. But who knows when or where she might resurface again to stir up trouble!

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