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What Happened to Bridget on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL


Bridget Forrester hasn’t been on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL regularly for years so it’s understandable if newer viewers aren’t aware of this character’s long history on the soap. She’s also had a few different faces over the years. After a series of child actresses, Agnes Bruckner took over from 1997 to 2000 playing Bridget as a rebellious teen. Jennifer Finnigan stepped into the role in 2000 and remained until 2004 when she was replaced by Emily Harrison, who only aired for a few months. Ashley Jones assumed the role in 2004, remained until 2012, and has continued to make sporadic appearances on B&B ever since. In November 2023, it was reported that Jones would be reprising her role again for an emotional storyline.

Born in 1992 to Brooke Forrester, Bridget’s paternity was initially in question as her mother had slept with both Eric Forrester and Ridge Forrester. Sheila Carter tampered with the paternity test to name Ridge the babydaddy, and Brooke named the baby girl Bridget, combining their names. However, it was later revealed that Eric was her biological father. As a teenager, Bridget was rebellious and ran away from home. She also got into a relationship with the older C.J. Garrison and was heartbroken when he left her for Becky Moore. She also schemed with Kimberly Fairchild to break up Rick Forrester and Amber Moore‘s marriage, but eventually faded into the background.

B&B Brooke Bridget
“If you don’t mind sloppy seconds, Bridget, I don’t mind sharing.”Aaron Montgomery/JPI

When Bridget returned to Los Angeles she was a little older but not much wiser, falling for and marrying Deacon Sharpe. When Bridget helped deliver Brooke’s daughter, Hope Logan, she was shocked to learn that Deacon was her father. Bridget got back together with C.J., but was also attracted to her medical school mentor Dr. Mark MacClaine, who turned out to be C.J.’s brother! She eventually ended both relationships and later got involved with Oscar Marone. They left town engaged but she came back single.

Bridget then fell for Nick Marone, who had previously dated Brooke, and they got engaged but their multiple attempts to tie the knot kept getting interrupted. Feeling it was a sign, Bridget left Nick, who resumed his relationship with Brooke. But when Bridget learned she was pregnant, Nick returned and they were finally married. Sadly, their daughter was stillborn, and their marriage collapsed. She found comfort with Dante Damiano, but that relationship ended when it was revealed that Felicia Forrester was still alive. Bridget found herself pregnant again but tragically miscarried.

After Nick divorced Taylor Hayes, Bridget tried getting back together with him but her plan to have her aunt, Katie Logan, convince Nick they were a perfect match backfired when Nick and Katie fell for each other! When Katie was dying from heart disease, she and Nick made love and although Bridget married Nick, she dumped him when she learned Katie was pregnant with his child. After Katie lost the baby, Nick got back together with Bridget and they were remarried. 

B&B Bridget Logan Owen
Bridget finally had her baby but a happy marriage continued to elude her.sean smith/

The couple tried to have a baby using Aggie Jones as a surrogate, but she miscarried after a fall. Heartbroken, Bridget slept with Owen Knight and got pregnant herself. Nick left her when he learned of the affair, and Bridget gave birth to her son, Logan, in 2010. She and Owen tried to make a relationship work for their son’s sake but it didn’t happen. Owen reunited with Jackie Marone, and Bridget moved to New York with Logan.

Since then, Bridget has returned home for big events such as a family dinner in 2013, Rick and Maya’s wedding in 2015, Hope’s wedding in 2018, and later that year for Christmas. In March 2020, Bridget showed up to attend Brooke and Ridge’s reunion party that quickly went south when everyone found out Brooke had kissed Bill! And in February 2021, she swung by for a quick visit right at the same time Hope needed some support from her family after learning her husband had fathered another woman’s baby!

In April 2022, Bridget was back in town just as Steffy Forrester was rushed to the hospital after being shot. When Steffy pulled through but was suffering from amnesia and believed to still be married to Liam, Bridget — as her neurologist — warned the family to let her regain her memory on her own and not to push her until she was physically ready to accept the truth about what had happened. Then in June, she and Quinn Fuller were shocked to catch Eric in bed with Donna! Bridget felt terrible, but Eric took the opportunity to officially end his marriage to Quinn so she could be with Carter.

Stay tuned to see how Bridget’s story continues!

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