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What Happened to Rick Forrester on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL


Where is Rick Forrester on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL? The character is currently off the canvas, but he’s come and gone so many times over the years that it’s entirely possible that he’ll be back again one day. After Rick’s birth in 1990, he was played by a series of child actors (including Jeremy Snider, the real-life son of Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)) until Jacob Young took over the role in 1997. After his departure in 1999, Justin Torkildsen took over until 2006, and in 2007, Kyle Lowder stepped into Rick’s shoes. In 2011, Young returned to B&B to reclaim his role and played it until 2018 when he chose not to renew his contract.

Rick was born to Brooke Logan and Eric Forrester in 1990 and had a troubled childhood. When Brooke got engaged to Grant Chambers, an angry Rick shot him but blocked out the memory. Brooke hired Amber Moore to babysit her kids, but Rick was clearly too old for a sitter because he and Amber had an affair! When Amber got pregnant, she wasn’t sure if Rick or Raymond was the father, and when the baby was stillborn, she tried to pass off her cousin Becky’s child as Rick’s. When the truth came out, Rick was furious and dumped her. Rick later became close to Erica, who was really Sheila Carter’s daughter, and also had a failed relationship with Caitlin Ramirez. In 2006, he left Los Angeles on Forrester business.

The Bold and The Beautiful Rick Amber
Rick couldn’t trust Amber as far as he could throw her!Aaron Montgomery/JPI

When Rick returned in 2007, he began dating Ridge’s daughter, Phoebe Forrester. But when she wouldn’t sleep with him, he cheated on her with Ashley Abbott. Rick then seduced Ridge’s ex-wife, Taylor Hayes. When she chose Ridge, Rick staged a fight with the guy and fell off a building so he could fake paralysis for sympathy. In 2008, Rick and Phoebe were in a car accident where she died. After that, Rick began seeing her sister, Steffy Forrester, but she dumped him when she found out everything he’d been doing was just to get back at Ridge. Rick next tried to lure Jackie Knight away from her husband, Owen, but failed.

After spending quite a lot of time in Paris, Rick returned to Los Angeles in 2011 and found himself the object of Amber’s affections once more. He dated her after she fed him designs he passed off as his own at Forrester Creations, but she got jealous when he was drawn to Caroline Spencer. Amber schemed to keep them apart, but failed. When Ridge named Thomas Forrester interim CEO of Forrester, a jealous Rick claimed Thomas pushed him out a window. Caroline dumped Thomas and began working closely with Rick. But her feelings for Thomas slowly returned, and she was upset at Rick’s constant scheming. After a fashion face-off organized by Eric, he named Rick the new president of Forrester, infuriating Thomas.

The Bold and The Beautiful Rick Maya
Maya always had Rick’s back.sean smith/

Rick was immediately smitten with Maya Avant and didn’t immediately let on that he was a member of the wealthy Forrester family. She was upset when she learned the truth, but he convinced her to give their relationship another try. However, they soon split up and he went back to Caroline. But when Rick found out that Caroline had kissed Ridge, he cut ties with her and returned to Maya, moving her into the Forrester mansion. He also stumbled upon Ridge and Caroline making out while he was holding a gun so he shot at the couple in a rage! 

Maya’s sister, Nicole, arrived in town and it became clear that she was hiding a very big secret about her big sis. Although other people learned the truth, it wasn’t until Rick proposed at the Big Bear cabin that Maya confessed that she was transgender. Rick was stunned, but understanding. However, Maya’s father was not. Rick and Maya were eventually married at the Forrester mansion, and Julius walked out of the ceremony unable to accept her. 

Wanting to have a child, Rick suggested adoption, but Maya asked Nicole to act as their surrogate. Rick finally became a father when Elizabeth was born, though there was some drama when an issue with the adoption papers caused Julius to urge Nicole to keep her baby and not give it to Maya and Rick to raise. Thankfully, everything worked out and Rick and Maya had their family, but then business took Rick out of the country and Maya and Lizzie eventually joined them. But later, Maya returned to Los Angeles and revealed that they had split up.

Stay tuned to see if Rick returns once again!

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