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What Happened to Caroline on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL


It’s been a while since Linsey Godfrey played Caroline Spencer on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, so it’s understandable if you need a refresher on her history. And we’re happy to help! Caroline first appeared on B&B in March 2012 and was portrayed by Godfrey until March 2018. The character was named after her late aunt, Caroline Spencer Forrester (played by Joanna Johnson), and is the daughter of Karen and Danielle Spencer.

The Bold and The Beautiful Caroline Karen
Karen named Caroline after her late sister.Sean Smith/

Brooke Logan hired Caroline to be Rick Forrester’s design partner at Forrester Creations, hoping that she would become more than that and get Amber out of her son’s life. Caroline briefly dated Thomas Forrester, but they split up and she began seeing Rick. But when Rick became smitten with Maya Avant, a jealous Caroline plotted to split them up, even enlisting her Uncle Bill Spencer’s help!

Caroline concocted an elaborate scheme to cast Maya and Carter in an internet web series and force them into steamy love scenes, but naturally, it backfired and left Rick disgusted with her. Caroline tried to redeem herself by making Hope for the Future a success and ensuring Rick stayed on as president of Forrester, but in the end, it was exposing Carter spending the night at Maya’s that ultimately brought Rick back into her arms!

The Bold and The Beautiful Caroline Rick wedding
Caroline finally got Rick to put a ring on it!sean smith/

Rick proposed and he and Caroline were married in an impromptu ceremony before family and friends at the Forrester mansion in 2013. But their marriage was soon strained by her acting as Ridge Forrester’s muse at Forrester Creations, creating a rift between the two brothers. 

Things grew complicated when Caroline and Ridge’s business relationship turned personal and they both confessed the growing feelings they had for each other. After Rick learned that they’d kissed, he ran to Maya for comfort, but continued to pretend to stay with Caroline in order to maintain control of the family business.

Once Rick was in charge of Forrester, he went public with Maya and divorced Caroline, who found herself drawn back to Ridge and they finally consummated their relationship. Brooke wanted Ridge back, but he insisted he was in love with Caroline. While visiting her mothers in New York, Caroline was hit by a car and returned to Los Angeles in a wheelchair (Godfrey was struck by a car in real-life so her injury was written into the soap). 

The Bold and The Beautiful Ridge Caroline
Ridge gave Caroline a shoulder to cry on… and a lap to sit in!sean smith/

When Thomas returned, he found himself drawn to Caroline, but she rebuffed him because she was with his father. However, she was upset when Ridge admitted he didn’t want to give her a child, and drank away her sorrows. Thomas comforted her, and Caroline was shocked to wake up the next morning to discover they had made love!

Ridge promised Caroline a baby and the couple eloped, but when she learned she was pregnant, she realized the timing meant Thomas was the daddy. (Also the fact that Ridge hadn’t yet reversed the vasectomy he’d had!) Caroline confessed the truth to Ridge, who was devastated but offered to raise the child as his own and keep Thomas in the dark.

Caroline gave birth to her son, Douglas, at the Forrester mansion with Ridge by her side. When Katie Logan learned the truth about the child’s paternity, she urged Ridge and Caroline to come clean with Thomas. When he learned the truth, Thomas took off with his son, but Caroline talked him down and assured him he would be a part of the boy’s life.

The Bold and The Beautiful Thomas Caroline Douglas
Caroline made Thomas promise no more kidnapping.Howard Wise/

The revelation of the truth was the beginning of the end for Caroline and Ridge’s marriage, and she left to visit her parents in New York with Douglas. After a few months, Caroline returned and reconnected with Thomas, who dumped Sasha for her. They all went back to New York together, but Thomas returned to L.A. alone, having split up with Caroline. However, after Thomas started a relationship with Sally Spectra, Caroline showed back up to try and get him back. And foolishly, she took Bill’s advice to pretend that she was dying of an incurable illness so he would dump the redhead and return to New York to live out the rest of her days with her and Douglas.

Unfortunately, the truth came out and Thomas returned enraged at Bill for concocting such a horrible lie and at Caroline for going along with it. Then Caroline showed up herself, shortly after Bill was shot and almost killed, becoming one of the prime suspects in his attempted murder. After she and Thomas were both cleared, they once again were reportedly living together with Douglas in New York as a happy family.

However, in March of 2019, everyone was stunned when Thomas returned with Douglas to announce that Caroline had died of a sudden blood clot. The Forresters and the Spencers gathered together to mourn the loss of the talented, vibrant young woman who would never be forgotten.

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