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What Happened to Thomas on The Bold & The Beautiful


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Thomas Forrester on The Bold & The Beautiful has had different faces over the years but one dramatic history. After a series of child actors, Drew Tyler Bell was the first adult actor to play Thomas, debuting in 2004. In 2010, he was replaced with Adam Gregory, and in 2015, Pierson Fodé stepped into the role for a few years. He last appeared in the spring of 2018, and B&B once again recast, with Matthew Atkinson stepping into the role in March of 2019.

Thomas was born in 1998 to Taylor Hayes, and though she initially claimed Thorne Forrester was the babydaddy, she eventually confessed to Ridge Forrester that he was the boy’s father. His childhood wasn’t exactly easy, with his baby sister, Steffy Forrester, kidnapped and presumed dead, and then his mother dying after being shot by Sheila Carter. Little Thomas also wasn’t thrilled when Brooke stepped in as a mother figure.

Once an adult, things got even more complicated. Thomas got involved with Forrester intern Caitlin Ramirez, but broke it off when he discovered she was also seeing Rick. He found comfort with Amber Moore, who his family did not approve of. Amber’s scheming put an end to that relationship and Thomas briefly got back together with Caitlin before romancing Gabriela Moreno.

The Bold and The Beautiful Thomas Taylor
Thomas couldn’t believe it when his mother returned from the dead! Aaron Montgomery/

Thomas was thrilled to learn that his mother, Taylor, was really alive. He also attempted to become a designer at Forrester, but when Eric turned him down, Thomas took Sally Spectra’s job offer. Thomas married Gaby in Las Vegas to keep her from being deported, which upset his parents. Ultimately, even though Taylor had helped Gaby to become a U.S. citizen, the young marrieds came to the understanding that their marriage was a mistake and had it annulled. Thomas left town to attend college and later work for Forrester International.

Returning for his sister, Phoebe’s, funeral, Thomas blamed Rick for her death and torched his house and blew up his car! After Ridge and Brooke reunited, Thomas left again for Paris. He came home again in 2010 to find Steffy in charge of Forrester. He developed his own fashion line, “Taboo,” working with Brooke Logan and stirring up publicity by kissing her on stage at a fashion show! However, he soon began to develop actual feelings for Brooke which made things awkward for everyone involved. 

When Brooke and Thomas were flying to Sydney, their plane went down and they were stranded on a deserted island. They ate some berries which were not poisonous, but which did cause them to have hallucinations. After they were rescued, Thomas lied that they had sex in exchange for Taylor’s controlling interest in Forrester, but he eventually confessed the truth. His new girlfriend, Dayzee Leigh, was disgusted with her beau and dumped him. 

Thomas had a romance with Hope Logan and even proposed, but she turned him down because she still had feelings for Liam. And when he later admitted to scheming with Steffy to keep her and Liam apart, Hope kicked him to the curb. He then romanced Caroline Spencer, which made Rick jealous. After Thomas was named interim CEO of Forrester, a frustrated Rick picked a fight and in the heat of the moment, Thomas pushed him out a window! Horrified, Caroline broke up with Thomas, but it wasn’t quite over between them.

The Bold and The Beautiful Rick Thomas
”Hey Rick, help me open this window?”Howard Wise/

Following Stephanie’s death, Eric arranged a fashion showdown to determine the president of Forrester, and Thomas was furious when he lost to Rick. When the company started going downhill, Thomas offered some idea to steer it back on track, but Eric turned them down. He and Caroline tried to sabotage Rick, but the Hope For the Future line turned out to be a massive success. Frustrated, Thomas moved to Paris in 2013.

Thomas returned to Los Angeles for another funeral, this time his cousin, Aly Forrester‘s. He got a job on the design team at Forrester and found himself drawn to Caroline, who was currently in a relationship with his father. When Ridge didn’t want children, a devastated Caroline found comfort with Thomas. He slept with her, not realizing that she was drunk and high from anti-anxiety pills. Caroline reconciled with Ridge and they married, but after she discovered she was pregnant, he revealed he’d had a vasectomy, making Thomas the babydaddy. Ridge was furious but claimed paternity for himself to cut out his son.

Thomas had a brief flirtation with Ivy, but after Douglas‘ birth, Ridge finally told Thomas the truth that he was the boy’s father. Thomas assured Caroline he would keep the secret if he could still be a part of his child’s life, but eventually, the truth came out and Ridge and Caroline split. Thomas and Caroline moved to New York with their son, but after they broke up, he returned to L.A.

The Bold and The Beautiful Sally Thomas
”Wanna measure my inseam next?”Howard Wise/

Frustrated with his status at Forrester, Thomas was more than happy to work with the young Sally Spectra on her attempt to revive Spectra Fashions. Business soon became pleasure and they started a real romance, but then Caroline returned to town with Douglas. Thomas resisted her attempts to reunite until he learned from Bill that she was dying (a lie he’d cooked up to get Thomas to stop funding Sally’s business). He agreed to leave town to spend Caroline’s last days with her and their son. 

Thomas returned to Los Angeles having learned the truth that Caroline wasn’t really dying, and rekindled things with Sally. He also briefly found himself a suspect in Bill’s shooting, but persuaded Sally to come back to New York with him. Unfortunately, she returned a bit later to reveal they’d split up when Thomas went back to Caroline and their son.

Unfortunately, the next time Thomas came home it was to reveal that Caroline had unexpectedly died! He and son Douglas found comfort grieving with their family, and especially with Hope, who has bonded with the little boy. Using this to his advantage, Thomas manipulated the also-grieving Hope into ending her marriage to Liam so that he could move in on her himself. Learning that her daughter was still alive and being raised by Steffy, Thomas was tempted to tell the truth, but realized it would only bring Liam and Hope back together. So he tried to keep the secret under wraps, no matter what it took — even running Emma Barber off the road to her death! 

The Bold and The Beautiful Hope Thomas Douglas
Thomas wanted to be one happy family, but Hope just wanted the kid.Howard Wise/

Thomas drugged Liam so he would sleep with Steffy and then manipulated Douglas into proposing to Hope for him and basically forced her down the aisle. Unfortunately, Douglas overheard his daddy talking about the truth and revealed to Hope and Liam that Baby Beth was still alive! With his plans crumbling around him, Thomas refused to let Hope go, and when Brooke got between them, she accidentally shoved him off a cliff! He miraculously survived his injuries but didn’t turn over a new leaf, plotting to destroy Brooke. And when Hope wanted to take custody of Douglas, he insisted that she sleep with him as part of the deal!

Hope managed to get Thomas to sign papers giving her joint custody, but a chase through the backstage area at Forrester Creations led to a struggle where Thomas tumbled over a railing and into a vat of acid! When Hope found no trace of him, she feared she’d murdered him, but after confessing to Brooke and Ridge, Hope was relieved when she came face-to-face with Thomas once again! But he was still obsessed with her and used her guilt to manipulate her, also sparking a relationship with Zoe to make her jealous.

Thomas surprised his family by proposing to Zoe Buckingham, and insisted he was moving on from Hope. But he continued to use Douglas to manipulate the blonde, as the boy didn’t want anyone but Hope to be his mommy. He rushed Zoe down the altar convinced Douglas would pressure Hope into stopping the ceremony, but when it happened, Hope actually exposed all of Thomas’ lies! Everyone turned on him, including his own son, and Thomas ran away in shame.

B&B Thomas Hope doll
Thomas’ obsession with Hope took a very twisted turn!CBS

When Thomas resurfaced, there was talk about him getting therapy from Taylor and he did seem to have changed for the better. He and Hope had come to an arrangement so he could spend time with Douglas, and he also got back to work at Forrester. However, things took an odd turn when Thomas took home a mannequin that resembles Hope and it began speaking to him in her voice!

As bad as it seemed when Thomas had meals and chats with the Hope mannequin, things got worse when she urged him to get Hope away from Liam and take her for his own! Then, as Hope realized how far gone Thomas was and offered help, he suddenly collapsed! Rushing him to the hospital, it was revealed that Thomas had suffered head trauma from an earlier fall and there was bleeding in his brain. Thankfully, doctors were able to help him and Thomas made a full recovery.

In fact, Thomas seemed to have improved even in his behavior towards others. Although Brooke remained skeptical of his true intentions towards Hope, when Thomas suspected his pal, Vinny Walker, of tampering with Steffy’s paternity test, he quickly confronted the drug dealer-turned-lab tech. Vinny insisted he’d made Liam the babydaddy to split up him and Hope, giving Thomas a chance, but Thomas wanted nothing to do with that, immediately telling Hope the shocking truth.

When Vinny was found dead on the side of the road, Thomas was determined to bring his killer to justice, but after Liam was jailed for the crime (and Bill for helping him cover it up), he learned that Thomas had taken his own life. To prevent Thomas from setting Liam and Bill free, Justin Barber kidnapped him! With Hope’s help, Thomas soon escaped, and the truth was revealed.

B&B Douglas Thomas
Thomas wanted to spend more time with his son.Howard Wise/

Drawn to Paris Buckingham, Thomas sublet his apartment to her and when his real estate deal fell through, they ended up living together as roommates. He eventually confessed his feelings, but she reminded him she had a boyfriend, and he backed off. Thanks to Douglas, Thomas discovered that Brooke had kissed Deacon on New Year’s Eve and later realized that Sheila was responsible for pushing her off the wagon that night. Since Thomas was trying to reunite his parents, Sheila urged him to keep quiet so Ridge and Brooke wouldn’t get back together. But Steffy overheard one of their conversations, and when she was shot and Finn was killed, Thomas felt guilty. (Thankfully, Finn survived!)

Thomas wanted Douglas to live with him at the Forrester mansion, but while Hope was reluctant to adjust the custody agreement, Brooke was adamant that Douglas stay with Liam and Hope. Meanwhile, Thomas joined forces with Steffy to try and bring Ridge and Taylor back together. And they eventually succeeded once Ridge was led to believe that Brooke had called Child Protective Services on Thomas (even though it was Thomas himself who used a voice-changing app to frame her!). Thomas also began to wear down Hope as they worked together on her new line for Hope for the Future, and when Liam angrily stormed out of the fashion show because she wouldn’t listen to his warnings about Thomas, she grew even closer to him, though she quickly put the brakes on when he attempted to kiss her!

Unfortunately, at Ridge and Taylor’s wedding, Douglas revealed the truth about the CPS call, and while Taylor was torn, Steffy spoke up and stopped the ceremony. Everyone was furious at Thomas for manipulating the situation and Ridge chose not to go through with the wedding. And although Thomas made an attempt at an apology, no one was really buying it and he found himself fired from the family business!

B&B Hope Thomas Rome
Hope took matters — and Thomas — into her own hands in Italy!Mauro Sostini/CBS

In February 2023, Thomas and Hope found themselves in court to decide Douglas’ living arrangements and the kid stunned everyone by declaring he wanted to live with Aunt Steffy! Thomas assumed his sister would let him have free access to his son, but Steffy declared she had to protect the boy, even from his own father. With Hope for the Future sales in decline, Hope made the difficult decision to rehire Thomas as designer, believing he’d changed.

Thomas and Hope were working well together, a little too well, if you asked her husband, Liam, who grew jealous of their growing closeness. But it turned out that this time around, it was Hope who found herself drawn to Thomas and began having fantasies about him. And while in Rome on business, Hope celebrated her successful show by kissing Thomas! Upon their return, Thomas felt bad that Liam had witnessed the kiss, but Hope insisted her marriage was over and she wanted a man who would love only her, and that was Thomas! 

As Hope and Thomas hit the sheets, they were the only ones who were happy about their new relationship. When Hope later called off their affair, Thomas was happy to let her try and repair things with Liam. But when that didn’t work out, he welcomed her back with open arms. However, while Thomas was in love with Hope, she impressed upon him that he needed to understand she didn’t feel the same. But he was happy to have Hope in whatever way he could, and over time, Hope’s feelings deepened.

B&B Thomas Hope proposal
Thomas wanted to put a ring on it, but Hope wasn’t so sure…Howard Wise/

However, when Thomas proposed, Hope admitted she wasn’t ready to make that kind of commitment to anyone right now and agreed to wear the ring on a chain around her neck for the time being. At the same time, Thomas learned that Xander was back in town and telling Thomas about what happened to Emma. After overhearing Finn warn Hope to stay away from him, Thomas warned Finn to back off. He did eventually confess to Hope that he was there when Emma crashed her car, but didn’t cause it. She told him she needed some time to process this and when he later proposed again, she turned him down.

Thomas continued wooing Hope, and while she admitted she loved him, she still wasn’t ready to get married again. Steffy continued trying to split them up, and at her urging, Thomas quit Hope for the Future and took Douglas to Paris. 

Stay tuned to find out how Thomas’ storyline continues!

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