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Paris on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Everything You Need to Know

Paris on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL is a relative newcomer to the canvas but she’s already made a place for herself at Forrester! Actress Diamond White made her debut in the role on Nov. 2, 2020, and some viewers might recognize her from playing Lala on EMPIRE or her other primetime roles.

Paris Buckingham’s father, Reese Buckingham, is currently languishing in prison for stealing Hope’s baby and selling her to Steffy. But she traveled to Los Angeles to surprise her older sister, Zoe Buckingham at Forrester Creations. Paris was impressed to see how well Zoe was doing professionally and also personally, admiring her handsome and wealthy new beau, Carter Walton.

Then Paris met Zende Forrester and told him about how she’d gone to college for social work and wanted to help people. The following day, the pair continued to flirt, and sparks began to fly! When Carter proposed to Zoe, Paris could see how upset Zende was about the development, though he turned around and ramped up his flirting with her instead.

B&B Zende Paris
Cute, rich, successful… what’s not to like?CBS

Zoe began to resent Paris hanging around Forrester and sticking her nose in her business. So when Ridge Forrester offered Paris a job with the company, Zoe forbade her sister from accepting! Unwilling to give up her dream job (and her dream guy), Paris accepted the gig and Zoe got even more upset when her sister accused her of marrying Carter while actually wanting Zende. But after Zende turned Zoe down, he tried to prove his feelings for Paris by romancing her. A jealous Zoe tried to sabotage one of their romantic dates, but failed to ruin their good time together.

Paris tried to stop her sister from relying on Quinn Forrester to help her get Carter back and was later proven right when she overheard that Quinn and Carter were sleeping together! Although they begged Paris to keep quiet, Brooke still figured it out and while she exposed the affair to the Forresters, Paris informed Zoe about Carter cheating on her. When Zoe left town, Paris was left without a place to stay, so Steffy Forrester and John “Finn” Finnegan invited her to stay with them as she was great with the kids. Unfortunately, after having a few too many racy fantasies about the hunky Finn, Paris thought it would be best to move out!

B&B Finn Steffy Paris
Maybe if Finn had worn a shirt, Paris wouldn’t have been so tempted!Howard Wise/

Even as Paris continued her relationship with Zende and the pair made love, she found herself the object of Thomas Forrester’s attention as well. He sublet his apartment to her but when his real estate deal fell through, she invited him to share the place until he found someplace of his own. But when Thomas tried to spring a romantic dinner on her, Paris quickly put him in the Friend Zone. While offering Zende advice, Carter discovered he was planning on proposing, so he quickly texted Paris to give her a heads-up. So she was able to cut her beau off at the pass by declaring how much she was enjoying the single life and being unattached. However, things got complicated when she later thanked Carter for the warning and they ended up sharing a kiss!

Paris then got a nice distraction from all the drama when Zende surprised her by bringing her mother, Dr. Grace Buckingham, to Los Angeles. She was even happier to learn that her mom was taking a job in town and sticking around. However, Grace wasted no time interfering in her daughter’s love life, upset that she had slowed things down with Zende and even allowed him to date other women. But Paris didn’t mind because she had fallen head over heels with Carter. When he suddenly tried to back off, Paris threw herself at him and declared her love but they were then interrupted by Grace, who dragged her daughter away and scolded her for throwing away a perfect man like Zende. She warned Paris that if Zende were to propose to her again, she should accept!

Stay tuned to B&B to see what happens next!

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