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What Happened to Quinn on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL


Quinn has perpetrated quite a few devious schemes in her time on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, though she always seemed to be trying to turn over a new leaf. But looking back at her history, she’s never able to stay out of trouble for long! The role has been played by Rena Sofer since July 2013, although in August 2022, the actress announced she’d decided to leave B&B.

Actress Rena Sofer made her debut on B&B in July of 2013 when jewelry designer Quinn Fuller first appeared, her son, Wyatt Fuller, started to wonder if Bill Spencer was his real father. Confronted with Bill, Quinn denied knowing him, but later privately confessed to Wyatt that the man was actually his dad. When she’d become pregnant as a teenager, Bill wanted nothing to do with her anymore and gave her money to have an abortion.

The Bold and The Beautiful Quinn Wyatt
Quinn tried and failed to keep Wyatt to herself!Howard Wise/

Quinn blamed Hope Logan for forcing the truth to be exposed and warned her to stay away from Wyatt. She hoped to keep Bill away from Wyatt as well, but the young man wanted the chance to get to know his father. Quinn’s heart was further broken when Wyatt took a job at Spencer Publications and insisted on pursuing a romance with Hope.

But Hope was actually instrumental in helping bring Quinn into the Forrester fold by hiring her to make jewelry. However, when Hope tried to change her mind, Eric Forrester kept Quinn on board, and when an overjoyed Quinn kissed the CEO, Stephanie’s portrait took a tumble off the wall!

B&B Eric Quinn
“Oh Eric, let me show you how grateful I can be!”sean smith/

Quinn then started actively scheming to split up Liam Spencer and Hope so she could be with Wyatt instead. When Bill took the other side, Quinn stabbed him with his own sword pendant that she’d made for him! She also tried to convince Aly Forrester to lure Liam away from Hope, physically threatening her when the young woman tried to back out!

After Brooke Logan dumped Bill, Quinn cheered him up with a night of passionate sex. But when he and Brooke reconciled, she sent a photo of her and Bill in bed to Ridge Forrester, who tried to stop Brooke and Bill’s wedding in Abu Dhabi. But when Bill dumped Ridge out of a helicopter, that left Quinn on the outs at Forrester!

The Bold and The Beautiful Wyatt Quinn Deacon
Wyatt’s face says: “I give this marriage two days.”sean smith/

Quinn then fell in with Deacon Sharpe and even married him briefly. She was excited when Hope became pregnant with Wyatt’s baby, but an argument between the two women ended with Hope taking a fall and Quinn being blamed for her miscarriage. 

Hoping to help Wyatt make some progress with Steffy, Quinn took Liam out of the picture by abducting him and hiding him away in her cabin. It turned out Liam was suffering from amnesia, so she told him that they were in love with each other and also husband and wife! When Deacon threatened to expose the truth, she attempted to kill him to keep him silent!

The Bold and The Beautiful Liam Quinn Wyatt
“Of course you don’t recognize him! He’s not your brother, just a traveling salesman!”Howard Wise/

But Liam soon regained his memories, and Quinn was once again persona non grata with the Forresters and the Spencers! But surprisingly, she and Eric began having a secret affair, and even after the family learned about it, the Forrester patriarch insisted that Quinn remain a part of his life. She was thrilled when Eric proposed, but heartbroken when only Ivy showed up to the wedding.

Eric blasted his family for boycotting their wedding and suffered a brain hemorrhage. But Quinn remained by his side during his recovery, taking his side against the other Forresters who were jockeying for position at the company. But Quinn grew jealous of Katie Logan’s friendship with Eric, even fantasizing about murdering her rival!

Sparks began flying between Ridge and Quinn after he caught her using an outdoor shower. During a work trip to San Francisco, Ridge tried to trap her in a compromising position in order to force her to divorce his father, but their argument ended up with the pair sharing a genuinely passionate kiss! 

The Bold and The Beautiful Quinn Ridge
At least Quinn kept it in the family!ChrisD/

Quinn and Ridge continued to find themselves drawn to each other, which naturally caused some problems when he tried to remarry Brooke, and she found out about them. But all Brooke did in response was marry Bill instead. When Katie learned the truth about Ridge and Quinn’s feelings, she blackmailed them into getting her a job at Forrester and when that didn’t work out, started going mad with jealous rage, threatening Quinn with a gun! When Quinn was shot at, she blamed Katie, but it was actually Sheila Carter who was hoping to bump her off to become Mrs. Eric Forrester again. She survived the psycho’s intrusion into her life, and Eric even forgave her for her indiscretion with Ridge.

Quinn found herself one of the suspects when Bill was shot, and also got into heated arguments with Pam when she wanted to marry Charlie in the Forrester mansion under Stephanie’s portrait. She also clashed with Eric’s ex-wife, Donna Logan, when she seemed to want him back. Quinn and Eric were happy and peaceful for a while until her old friend, Shauna Fulton, showed up in town and Quinn took her side when the truth about Hope’s baby switch was revealed.

B&B Quinn Shauna
“It would make me happy to see you happy… and Brooke miserable.”XJJohnson/

She also supported Shauna’s pursuit of Ridge and schemed against Brooke to make it happen. When spiking the alcoholic’s water didn’t quite work out, Quinn took the video Shauna shot of Brooke kissing Bill and uploaded it to a digital photo frame so everyone at Brooke and Ridge’s reunion party would see it! Quinn reveled in Brooke’s misery and pushed Ridge to go be happy with Shauna, going so far as to help her pal get the guy drunk in Vegas and file his divorce papers from Brooke so they could be married!

Unfortunately, though Quinn tried to convince Shauna to have a proper wedding ceremony Ridge would never forget, her pal’s guilt got the best of her and she confessed everything to Ridge (who already knew because Katie had overheard the truth)! Quinn was furious that Brooke and Ridge reunited, but things got even worse when Eric overheard her talking to Shauna and was appalled that she hadn’t changed and could never forgive her for this!

Eric threw Quinn out of the house, but she was determined to earn his forgiveness and repair their marriage. She managed to get back into the house, but as Eric continued to keep her at arm’s length, refusing to get intimate with her, Quinn feared he would soon be asking for a divorce. She opened up about her marital difficulties with Carter Walton, flirting with him even as she insisted she still loved Eric. But things got even more complicated when Quinn and Carter gave in to passion and slept together… more than once!

B&B Quinn Eric Carter
Quinn and Carter couldn’t resist Eric’s indecent proposal!Howard Wise/

Quinn tried to devote herself to Eric and they even planned a vow renewal ceremony, so naturally, that’s when Brooke exposed her affair with Carter! Eric cut Quinn out of his life, but then later surprised her by tearing up the divorce papers and explaining that the reason he had been so distant from her is that he was experiencing erectile dysfunction and couldn’t make love to her. Quinn understood and promised to love him anyway, but was stunned when Eric suggested that she seek physical pleasure from Carter on the side so she could be happy! She tried to resist but very quickly fell into Carter’s bed again!

Eventually, guilt got the better of her and Quinn called things off with Carter to remain faithful to her husband. She was excited when Eric wanted to go to bed, but again he was unable to perform. But when Quinn found out that Donna was able to arouse Eric, she immediately warned the Logan to stay away from her man! As they tried to repair their marriage, Quinn attempted to keep her distance from Carter… though she was clearly upset at his plans to marry Paris Buckingham.

After gifting Eric with a ring that would let her secretly monitor his heart rate, Quinn worried when it would occasionally spike to dangerous levels. And she was stunned when she went to check on him at the athletic club and discovered that instead of playing pickleball, his workouts were in bed with Donna! Eric apologized and urged Quinn to accept they were over and go to Carter. She raced across town and was just barely in time to stop Carter before he married Paris. And it seemed as though Quinn and Carter were finally going to be able to live happily ever after… at least until a couple of months later when Carter suddenly revealed that Quinn had left him and moved away!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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