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Deacon Sharpe hasn’t been on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL for a while so newer fans might not be aware of who the guy is. Played by Sean Kanan, Deacon was a character that stirred up trouble from 2000-05 before taking his show on the road and causing drama on sister soap THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS from 2009-12. But he returned to B&B for another run from 2014-17 and reprised his role again in October 2021 to cause even more drama!

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Deacon was introduced as the biological father of “Little Eric,” a baby being raised by Rick Forrester and Amber Moore. Learning that the child was his — with Amber’s cousin, Becky — Deacon took custody of the kid. He then tried to seduce Amber away from Rick, but he was also in a relationship with Bridget Forrester, so things got messy. Feeling guilty, Deacon tried to forget Amber and married Bridget, but not only was he still obsessed with Amber, he began having an affair with Bridget’s mother, Brooke Logan

The Bold and The Beautiful Deacon Brooke Hope
Even as an infant, Hope seemed to know her dad was no good.Aaron Montgomery/JPI

Brooke gave birth to their daughter, Hope Logan, and pushed Deacon away. He returned to town trying to be a part of his daughter’s life, and Brooke’s new beau, Nick Marone, convinced her to give him a chance. Deacon was so grateful that he signed parental rights to Hope over to Nick when he and Brooke tied the knot. And when Brooke later lost custody of her children due to her inability to care for them, Deacon signed his rights over to Ridge Forrester. Deacon then went on to marry Macy Alexander and have an affair with Jackie Marone. However, after Jackie’s husband, Massimo Marone, laced his drinks with alcohol, Deacon fell off the wagon hard and left town.

Deacon resurfaced in Genoa City in 2009 posing as an art dealer and framing Amber’s boyfriend, Daniel Romalotti. The charmer agreed to help get Daniel out of prison if Amber had sex with him. Deacon was also doing business with Victoria Newman, who had sex with him after discovering her husband kissing his ex. Blackmailed by Phyllis, Deacon kidnapped Amber but it turned out to be a set-up so he’d be arrested. Once he got out of prison, Deacon flirted with Phyllis Summers, who was disgusted by him but eventually slept with the cad.

The Young and The Restless Deacon Nikki
“Have a couple more, dear. I’ll carry you down the aisle if I have to.”sean smith/

Noticing that Nikki Newman was a fellow alcoholic, Deacon schemed with Meggie McClain to get Nikki drunk and away from Victor Newman so Meggie could move in on the tycoon herself. Although the plan ultimately failed, Deacon and Nikki did have a relationship for a while. Even after rehab, Nikki continued drinking and Deacon blackmailed her into marrying him, threatening to reveal the truth about Diane Jenkins’ murder. She stayed married to him long enough to find out who really attacked Diane, and it turned out to be Nikki, then Deacon, and finally Patty Williams who finished her off.

Months later, Bill Spencer tracked down Deacon in prison to help him keep Liam Spencer and Hope apart. In exchange for his freedom, Deacon agreed but was afraid of hurting his daughter, so ultimately disappeared and let the wedding happen.

The Bold and The Beautiful Quinn Deacon
“You tried to kill me, so I wanted to try and kill you. That’s fair, right?”Howard Wise/

In 2014, Deacon met Quinn Fuller and found out that her son, Wyatt, was in love with Hope. He fell for Quinn, and even forgave her when she accidentally caused Hope to lose her baby. A depressed Brooke was drinking heavily and threw herself at Deacon, who remained committed to Quinn, even proposing. But on the day of their wedding, Brooke crashed the ceremony with a video call from Hope who tried to guilt Deacon into not going through with it. But he dismissed them both and they tied the knot. Later, however, Quinn revealed that they’d split up and Deacon had moved to Europe. But Deacon returned to find that Quinn had kidnapped an amnesiac Liam. And when Deacon tried to help Liam, Quinn threw him off a cliff into the ocean! He survived, and in 2017, revealed that he had been the one shooting at Quinn on multiple occasions.

Deacon was shipped off to prison but in 2021 he showed back up on his daughter’s doorstep! What does he want this time around? Stay tuned to find out!

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