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What Happened to Macy on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

Macy hasn’t been on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL in a couple of decades, so it’s understandable if fans might need a refresher on the character. And that’s just where we come in! Macy first appeared back in April 1989 and was played by Bobbie Eakes until the character’s death in July 2000. She returned to B&B in December 2002 but passed away again in October 2003 and this one seems to be permanent. But in soaps, you never know!

Macy Alexander was the daughter of Sally Spectra, who had hoped to set her up with Ridge Forrester, but she was immediately smitten with Thorne Forrester from the first moment she laid eyes on him. While nursing a broken heart after photographer Mick Savage walked out on her, Macy found comfort with an equally heartbroken Thorne, and their relationship took off as they bonded over their shared love of singing. When he proposed, Macy accepted, but when the Forresters learned that she was Sally’s daughter, Thorne broke off the engagement.

B&B Thorne Macy wedding
No matter what Thorne looked like, Macy was happy to marry him over and over and over!CBS via Getty Images

But before too long, Thorne came back to Macy and they reconciled, though the only Forrester who was willing to be a part of their wedding was Felicia. When they actually held the ceremony, the couple were thrilled that Thorne’s family actually showed, but they still couldn’t accept Macy as a Forrester and the constant tension caused them to separate. While waiting for Thorne to come back to her, Macy struck up a relationship with Jake Maclaine and when Thorne finally showed up, she chose to stay with Jake. However, she soon changed her mind and got back together with Thorne.

Their relationship was tested by Thorne’s feelings for Karen Spencer and Macy’s alcoholism and bout with throat cancer. But their latest marriage collapsed when he had an affair with Claudia Cortéz and she soon found herself falling in love with Grant Chambers. With no Forrester drama, Macy was blissfully happy with Grant and they were planning on starting a family together. But when she had trouble getting pregnant, they went to the doctor where tests revealed that Grant was dying of cancer! Macy stayed with him until he passed, and turned to the bottle again. Thorne rescued her and they soon reunited, even surviving Brooke Logan‘s attempts to steal Thorne for herself.

B&B Brooke Macy car
Macy’s rivalry with Brooke ended in tragedy.Tammie Arroyo/JPI

Macy’s family expanded when her father, Adam Alexander, and younger sister, Kimberly, arrived in town. She was happy to have them around, especially when she realized Thorne had married her on the rebound and was still in love with Brooke. As the blonde flaunted her affair with Thorne, Macy began drinking heavily again and when Brooke pushed her to sign divorce papers, their argument ended in a terrible car accident that left Macy presumed dead.

But in 2002, Macy turned out to be alive and well, rescued by her father, who had taken her to Italy with him. Going by the name of Lena, she married Lorenzo Barelli, but when she came back to Los Angeles after her mother had a heart attack, Thorne informed her they were still married as she never signed the divorce papers. Also, Macy was still desperately in love with Thorne, so Lorenzo left to let them be together. Unfortunately, as Macy had to have an emergency hysterectomy, her best friend, Darla Einstein, discovered she was pregnant with Thorne’s baby from a one-night stand. Although Macy and Thorne originally planned to adopt the child, once she learned the truth about Darla’s babydaddy, Macy broke up with him.

B&B Macy singing
Oscar’s opening night became Macy’s final performance.Jesse Grant/JPI

She found comfort with Deacon Sharpe, a fellow recovering alcoholic, and their romance deepened as she helped him pursue custody of his son, Little Eric, and daughter, Hope Logan. As a bonus, this also helped upset Brooke, which thrilled Macy as she’d never forgiven her for stealing Thorne. When Oscar Marone opened a new nightclub, Macy agreed to perform on opening night, but enemies from his past sabotaged the place and she was seriously injured by a falling chandelier. After Macy lingered in a coma for a few days, Sally had to make the heartbreaking decision to take her off life support. Darla and Thorne named their daughter Alexandria “Aly” Forrester in memory of her.

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