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Thorne on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Everything You Need To Know


Thorne Forrester has had quite a few faces over the years on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, so it’s understandable if his history gets a little muddled for some fans. Also, newer viewers might not even be aware that this guy once had lots of juicy front-burner storylines! When B&B first premiered in 1987, Thorne was played by Clayton Norcross, and after he left in 1989, Jeff Trachta took over the role. However, many fans of the show best remember Thorne as played by Winsor Harmon, who took over the character in 1996 and played him until 2016. But late in 2017, the soap announced they would be recasting the role and in November of 2017, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Ingo Rademacher made his debut. Unfortunately, after just over a year in the Forrester’s shoes, the Aussie announced his exit. And when the character appeared in a special episode celebrating B&B’s 35th anniversary in March 2022, Thorne was again played by Harmon. Then, in November 2023, it was reported that the actor would once again be reprising his role for an upcoming storyline.

As the younger son of Eric Forrester and Stephanie Forrester, Thorne always lived in the shadow of his older brother, Ridge Forrester. He had a crush on Caroline, and when she dumped Ridge for cheating on her before their wedding, Thorne swooped in to romance the beauty and marry her himself! After Ridge slipped into a drunk Caroline’s bed thinking it would be funny, she made love to him thinking he was her husband! When Thorne, recovering from surgery, found out about it, he got drunk and the combination of alcohol and painkillers led him to grab his mother’s gun and shoot Ridge in the head! To protect her son, Stephanie took the blame, claiming she thought Ridge was an intruder.

Thorne’s family struggled to keep him from regaining his memories of that horrible night, and after going to therapy, he was finally strong enough to give Caroline the divorce she wanted. When he also learned the truth about what had happened between her and Ridge, he cut them both out of his life. Later, he found himself drawn to Donna Logan. But he soon fell in love with Macy Alexander, which caused problems as she was Sally’s daughter, and the Spectras were Forrester’s fashion rivals.

The Bold and The Beautiful Macy Thorne
Many fans considered Macy to be Thorne’s one, true love.Aaron Montgomery/

Macy and Thorne were married, but the strain of their competing families proved too much for them and they separated. When Macy wanted to reconcile, Thorne was dating Karen Spencer, who only finally gave in when she realized that he would never love her as much as he loved Macy. But when Macy refused to fire Anthony Armando from Spectra, they split up again and Thorne flew to Paris with Brooke.

Thorne returned to LA for Taylor Hayes’ funeral and briefly dated Forrester model Ivana Vanderveld. When Thorne and Macy began singing together and he stayed by her side as she recovered from throat surgery, a jealous Ivana began sending threatening letters. Thorne was arrested at his and Macy’s wedding after his letter opener was used to murder Ivana, but it was later revealed he’d been framed by Anthony, who wanted Macy for himself.

Later, Thorne fell in love with Taylor and even convinced her to claim that he was the father of her baby, but she ultimately wanted to tell Ridge the truth. Thorne worked with Brooke Logan to prevent it, but ultimately Thomas’ paternity came out and Taylor and Ridge were reunited, leaving Thorne out in the cold. After he quit Forrester because of Stephanie’s preferential treatment of Ridge, he saved Spectra Fashions from bankruptcy. But when Macy was reluctant to reconcile, Thorne then found himself having an affair with Brooke!

The Bold and The Beautiful Brooke Thorne
Thorne was always fighting to be second best in Brooke’s heart.Jesse Grant/

Stephanie was so enraged to learn of the affair that she threatened to kill Brooke, so Thorne struggled to keep it a secret, even pretending to reunite with Macy. But when he saw Brooke kissing Ridge again, he followed Macy to the airport and made their reunion real by marrying her in Amsterdam. However, when Macy was killed in a car accident, Sally exposed Thorne and Brooke’s relationship at the funeral, causing Stephanie to have another stroke. Forced to choose between Brooke and his family, Thorne opted for the blonde!

After being pursued by Macy’s half-sister, Kimberly Fairchild, Thorne married Brooke, but soon came to realize she would always love Ridge. While in Italy for a fashion show, he was stunned to discover that Macy was alive! However, despite their reunion, a drunken Thorne had also slept with Darla Einstein, and she was carrying his child! Tragically, just after Macy made peace with the situation, she was killed by a falling chandelier at the club where she was singing!

Darla gave birth to Thorne’s daughter, who they named Aly Forrester, but after another battle between the brothers for control of Forrester, Eric again chose Ridge. So Sally made Thorne acting president of Spectra. As he built up Spectra, Thorne earned his father’s respect. But tragically, Darla was killed when she was hit by a car. As Taylor helped Aly deal with the loss of her mother, she grew close to Thorne again, but when he proposed, she confessed that she had been the driver who’d hit Darla!

The Bold and The Beautiful Thorne Sally Darla
Thorne was heartbroken to lose Darla.Aaron Montgomery/

Despondent, Thorne reconnected with Donna, but Katie Logan put the kibosh on that relationship by revealing that Donna was only using Thorne to get back at Stephanie. Donna then rubbed salt in the wound by moving on with Eric! Feeling Forrester was overrun with Logans, Thorne and Felicia resigned from the company.

When Liam was searching for his birth father, Thorne was one of the suspects, but he lost out to Bill Spencer. Thorne made another play for Forrester when he romanced Taylor and hoped to use her children’s majority shares in the company to take over, but she backed out. In 2014, it was revealed that Thorne was heading up Forrester International, although he did return for brief visits here and there such as for Aly’s funeral, and then to join the rest of the Forresters in an attempt to stop Eric and Quinn from getting married.

The Bold and The Beautiful Thorne Katie
Thorne couldn’t resist Katie’s charms.Howard Wise/

When Thorne came home for the holidays in 2017, his rivalry with Ridge was still going strong as he attempted to make his mark at Forrester. He began dating Katie, and their relationship progressed very quickly, with the couple tying the knot in order to secure custody of Katie’s son, Will. Bill put up a fight but refused to play dirty. Unfortunately, Ridge didn’t feel the same and bribed the judge, who awarded custody of Will to Katie. Thorne sided with Ridge against Bill and the three men got into a fistfight that ended with Ridge pushing Bill off a balcony, nearly killing him!

Unfortunately, seeing how Bill was changing to please Katie and spend more time with Will, Thorne blindsided his wife with annulment papers, feeling their marriage was a mistake. Katie was stunned, but Thorne couldn’t be persuaded otherwise, and he left town to return to Europe to get his head together.

In March 2023, Thorne made a special appearance as Brooke reminisced about her past loves.

Stay tuned to find out what happens when Thorne comes home!

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