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What Happened to Jackie on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

It’s been a while since Jackie Marone was on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL so if you need a refresher on the British beauty, we’ve got your back! The character first appeared back in April 2003, and was played by actress Lesley-Anne Down until her exit in February 2012.

Jackie Payne arrived in Los Angeles shortly after her son, Nick Payne, did and she immediately set her sights on wooing Eric Forrester. But when she encountered her ex-lover, Massimo Marone, things rekindled, and when their plane crashed she confessed that Nick was really his son. Jackie and Massimo were married and she continued to support her son’s efforts to steal Brooke away from Ridge. When she learned that there was a problem with the DNA test that named Nick the father of Brooke’s baby, Jackie secretly ran another test and kept secret the fact that Ridge was the real babydaddy. When the truth came out, as it always does, Nick was furious with his mother’s meddling, and it nearly ruined her marriage to Massimo. What really hurt her marriage, though, was Jackie’s affair with Deacon Sharpe, who she had enlisted in her paternity test scheme.

B&B Massimo Jackie Nick
It took a while, but Jackie finally introduced her son to his real father.Aaron Montgomery/JPI

Learning of the affair caused Massimo to suffer a stroke and when he recovered, he took his revenge by driving Deacon back into the bottle and divorcing Jackie. He did give her a hefty settlement, including Jackie M Designs, but later had her arrested on false charges of money laundering and tax fraud. After Nick got him to drop the charges, Jackie got involved with Eric again, but he left her to remarry Stephanie as the dying wish of his daughter, Felicia. He planned to go back to Jackie after Felicia passed, but she pulled through and things got awkward. Stephanie and Jackie clashed constantly, with one of their arguments landing Jackie in the hospital after she fell over a balcony! However, later, it was revealed that Jackie had lied about not only that accident but her secret past as a prostitute. Nick disowned his mother and it was a while before he could accept her back in his life. Stephanie exposed Jackie’s past during a big fashion show but it backfired and Jackie ended up getting sympathy instead.

Things eventually changed, and Stephanie and Jackie became not only friends, but business partners at Jackie M. Although that didn’t keep Jackie from being one of the suspects when Stephanie was shot (it was Storm). After some drama with Forrester and Jackie M involving stolen designs and corporate espionage, Jackie hired Owen Knight to help run her company and soon began dating the hunky exec, much to Nick’s disapproval. She also used him in some delightfully scandalous photo shots for her fashion line. Nick insisted he was just after her money, and after Jackie fired Owen at her son’s urging, the guy popped the question. But after the couple tied the knot, Jackie was horrified to see Owen on television declaring it was all a joke! This turned out to be Owen’s twin brother, Casper, so Jackie forgave her husband but Owen struggled to forgive his wife after learning she’d sought comfort in Whip’s arms!

B&B Owen Jackie
Jackie loved the way Owen… filed.Aaron Montgomery/

But ultimately, it was Owen who cheated on Jackie by sleeping with Bridget Forrester and having a son, Logan. In the end, Jackie accepted Owen’s love for Bridget and their son and pushed them together by asking for a divorce. Jackie then tried to rekindle things with Eric while using Pam’s attraction to Nick to help steal designs from Forrester. This put Jackie M back in business until the theft was exposed and Jackie humiliated. On the plus side, Bridget let Owen go back to Jackie and they were happily reunited. Although in an unusual turn of events, Jackie moved to New York with Owen and Logan, but also with Bridget! While Bridget has since returned to Los Angeles for visits, Owen and Jackie are said to be living happily ever after.

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