What Happened to Carter on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL


Lately, Carter Walton presides over lots of weddings on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL but the handsome attorney doesn’t seem to ever be the groom! The character first appeared on the soap back in 2013, and Lawrence Saint-Victor has been playing him both on contract and now on a recurring basis since then. But he used to get some more action back in the day!

Carter came to Los Angeles to visit his adopted brother, Marcus Walton, who introduced him to his wife, Dayzee Leigh. When Carter discovered some papers, Dayzee admitted she’d helped Maya Avant give up her baby for adoption years ago and now she wanted the child back. Carter helped Marcus and Dayzee locate the baby’s adoptive family only to find they’d all died in a car crash. Carter then found a job working at Forrester Creations working as a patent attorney.

Carter began dating Maya, not realizing that she had previously gone out with Rick Forrester until she found out he’d been lying to cover up his true identity. But the feelings were still there, and Caroline Spencer urged Carter to pursue Maya to keep her away from Rick. He also presided over his first wedding, one of Liam and Steffy’s numerous trips down the aisle. Caroline schemed to bring Carter and Maya together as the stars of a web series called ROOM 8, and scenes of them making out on camera successfully made Rick jealous.

B&B Maya and Carter
Carter hoped their fictional romance would translate into real-life.Howard Wise/

When Rick was a no-show at the ROOM 8 premiere, Carter slept on Maya’s couch, but Rick got the wrong idea and slept with Caroline. After Maya officially dumped Rick, Carter presented her with a new script that was his cute way of proposing. However, while they got engaged, Maya was in no hurry to walk down the aisle. However, Rick and Caroline did tie the knot, and Carter officiated at the ceremony!

After learning Maya had seduced Rick in the steam room, Carter broke off the engagement but later offered Maya advice as she struggled to repair things with Rick and learned that she was a transgender woman. He also supported Maya when her story went public, and urged her to reconcile with Rick. In addition to presiding over various weddings, Carter also did legal work for the Forresters, defended Sally Spectra when she was arrested for grand larceny and industrial espionage, arranged for Steffy to adopt a baby that turned out to be Liam and Hopes, and more.

Carter let Maya know that he still had feelings for her and would be there for her if things didn’t work out with Rick. More recently, he has grown close to Zoe Buckingham and while he didn’t approve of her rushed relationship with Thomas Forrester, agreed to preside over their wedding as well. And when that ceremony exploded as Thomas’ true intentions (using Zoe to make Hope jealous) were revealed, Carter offered Zoe his support as she got back on her feet. Naturally, sparks began to fly between the pair as conversations turned flirty!

Stay tuned to B&B to see how Carter’s story continues!

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