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What Happened to Justin on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

Justin Barber on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL first appeared back in September 2009, but it’s been a while since he’s had a front-burner storyline on the soap so it’s understandable if viewers aren’t completely familiar with the character’s history. But that’s where we come in! Justin has been played by actor Aaron D. Spears for his entire run on B&B, where he has alternated between contract and recurring status at various times over the years.

Justin was brought to Los Angeles by Bill Spencer, who was trying to steal Forrester Creations. And while drinking with Bill and Katie Logan, they were joined by Donna Logan, who turned out to be Justin’s high school sweetheart! He had been a talented basketball player in school but a knee injury crushed his sports dreams, so he turned to business, eventually becoming Bill’s right-hand man. Donna decided to keep quiet about her son, Marcus, but once Justin learned of the young man, he realized he was his child!

Stunned, Justin confronted Donna, who admitted the truth and reluctantly allowed him to get to know Marcus. Justin launched a fashion talk show called THE CATWALK and offered Donna the hosting job alongside Pam Douglas. Noticing sparks between Bill and Steffy Forrester, Justin warned his friend that she was just trying to steal back her family’s company. He also tried to woo Donna after her marriage to Eric Forrester fell apart, but she wasn’t ready for that. Eventually, the pair grew closer and she explained why she’d given Marcus up for adoption. In 2011, Justin and Donna were married, but by the end of the year had split up, realizing that they were better as friends.

B&B Donna Justin wedding
Sadly, Donna and Justin’s marriage barely made it past the honeymoon.sean smith/

Justin continued helping Bill whenever he had a new scheme to take control of Forrester, helping dig up dirt on Rick Forrester’s new girlfriend, Maya Avant, and compromising photos of Ridge Forrester. He was also flying the helicopter that dumped Ridge out into the Persian Gulf after he interrupted Bill and Brooke’s wedding in Abu Dhabi! Justin also followed Bill’s orders to hire someone to set Spectra on fire, but was unable to stop his boss from later blowing up the building while his son, Liam Spencer, was still inside!

When Bill was shot, Justin was one of the suspects, since he was next in line to run Spencer. After Bill recovered, Justin helped him ruin Liam and Steffy’s marriage and later represented him as he fought Katie for custody of their son, Will. Justin’s niece, Emma Barber, came to stay and got a job at Forrester, so he had to insist that she wasn’t working as a spy for him! 

B&B Justin BIll
Justin got tired of always doing as he was told!Howard Wise/

When Bill and Liam were arrested for their roles in the death of Vinny Walker, Justin naturally worked as their attorney. But when Thomas Forrester found evidence that Vinny had deliberately thrown himself in front of Liam’s car, Justin imprisoned him and deleted the files! Furious at always being Bill’s lackey and never getting any respect over the years, Justin was determined to make his boss pay dearly!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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