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What Happened to C.J. on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

It’s been a while since C.J. was on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL so if you need some blanks filled in, we’ve got your back! The character was played by a series of babies and child actors until Mick Cain took over in December of 1997. He remained with the soap until January 2001, then returned for another stint from July 2002 to August 2003. C.J. has also made some brief appearances on B&B in subsequent years, the most recent being in 2017.

C.J. is the nickname of Clarke Garrison, Jr., the child born to Sally Spectra and Clarke Garrison. His father left town shortly after his birth, so when he returned years later, C.J. — who had grown into a disobedient young man — was resentful of him… until Clarke rescued him from kidnappers, that is! In 1997, a teenage C.J. vied with Rick Forrester for the affections of Amber Moore. In the end, C.J. ended up being friend-zoned and became Amber’s confidant as she got pregnant and eventually married Rick, even though the baby might not be his. 

B&B Amber Becky CJ
C.J. and Becky’s wedding day was filled with tears.John Paschal/JPI

Unfortunately, though C.J. became smitten with Kimberly Fairchild, she was also more interested in Rick. Amber’s baby was stillborn and she adopted her cousin’s to pass off as Rick’s, so when Becky Moore arrived in town, she tried to keep her busy by setting her up with C.J. Eventually, Becky got her baby back and fell in love with C.J., but tragically, she was dying of pancreatic cancer. Amber was the only one who knew and tried to keep it a secret, but eventually told C.J. who quickly proposed to Becky wanting to make her last days as happy as possible. Becky learned of her cancer shortly before the ceremony, then married C.J. and died at peace surrounded by her friends.

Becky had wanted C.J. to raise her son, Eric Jr., with Amber, so they moved in together. When C.J.’s sister, Macy Forrester, died, she left him her coffee house, Insomnia. He and Amber ended up in a custody battle with Rick and the Forresters over Eric Jr., and when C.J. won temporary custody, he made plans to marry Amber, having fallen in love with her. But the Forresters were desperate to stop the wedding so Eric Jr. could be raised under their roof and brought the boy’s father, Deacon Sharpe, to town. Ultimately, Amber chose to move back in with Rick, who argued he could give Eric Jr. the best life.

B&B Amber baby Rick CJ
In the end, C.J. couldn’t compete with the wealthy Forresters.Jesse Grant/JPI

C.J. faded away but returned in 2002 with a big chip on his shoulder, especially where the Forresters were concerned. Although initially belligerent towards Bridget Forrester, he soon softened and they began dating. He got jealous of her med school mentor, Mark MacClaine, and that worsened when he learned that the doc was actually his long-lost half brother!

C.J. resurfaced in 2004 for his good friend Darla Einstein‘s wedding to Thorne Forrester, and then again in 2007 to visit his ailing mother and help Sally sell Spectra Fashions. In 2010, C.J. made another visit to L.A. and shut down Insomnia since he was now living in San Francisco. In 2017, C.J. revealed he’d bought Spectra back and now wanted to sell it to Bill Spencer. But Sally Spectra urged him to give her a chance to bring the label back to life first. Unfortunately, during the Spencer/Spectra rivalry, the company went up in flames and the building was destroyed, leaving C.J. with nothing to rebuild. But stay tuned to see if he makes another trip back!

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