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What Happened to Oliver on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

Oliver hasn’t been on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL for years but he got up to plenty of drama while he was on the soap so we’ll fill you in on his history! The character was played by actor Zack Conroy from his first appearance on B&B in January 2010 until his exit in July 2015. Here’s what you need to know about the guy:

Oliver Jones surprised his sister, Agnes, with a visit and revealed he was relocating to Los Angeles. He quickly got a job as a DJ at Insomnia Café and became smitten with Hope Logan. However, Steffy Forrester decided she wanted him as well and schemed to steal him away from her rival. But Oliver remained loyal to Hope as their feelings for each other deepened. 

B&B Oliver Hope Steffy
Oliver didn’t realize that Hope and Steffy were always fighting over men.sean smith/

He gave Hope part of a two-part Chinese necklace to wear to her graduation party, but she accidentally left it at the office. When Oliver arrived at the party, Hope’s mother, Brooke Logan, was wearing the same outfit and mask, waiting for Ridge, who was dressed like Oliver. So the pair had sex with each other not realizing who they were! When they both discovered the awful truth, Oliver and Brooke tried to keep it a secret. But Steffy figured it out and used the liaison to blackmail Oliver into leaving Hope. He urged Hope to go away to college, but she was suspicious and stuck around so she was there when Steffy publicly exposed Oliver and Brooke’s indiscretion.

Hope was absolutely crushed and continued to rebuff Oliver’s attempts to win her back. He eventually wore her down, but by that time, he had new competition in Liam Spencer. Oliver tried dating Amber Moore to make Hope jealous, but it didn’t work. Though it did make him a potential babydaddy when Amber wound up pregnant! Oliver went to work at Forrester Creations as a photographer where he kissed Maya Avant and struck up a relationship with Aly Forrester.

B&B Aly Oliver
Oliver went to extremes to prove his feelings for Aly.sean smith/

When Oliver’s job was in jeopardy, he began dating Aly in earnest but confided to Maya that he was only doing it to solidify his position at the company. Maya played the recording of that conversation for Rick and Caroline, who tried to see Oliver’s side and believed he had genuine feelings for Aly. After being confronted by them, Oliver came clean to Aly, who was hurt. He tried to make it up to her by dressing as a knight to woo her at a medieval-themed restaurant and they stayed together. But after her tragic death, Oliver quit his job at Forrester and moved to Europe.

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