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The Young & The Restless

What Happened to Isabella on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


For a couple of years, Isabella stirred up trouble on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, but it’s been a while, so you might need a refresher. While the character might not be familiar to some viewers, the actress should be, because, during her 2001-03 run, she was played by Eva Longoria. Although the character made a very brief appearance on Y&R in 2012, she was only shown from behind and the actress was unidentified. 

Isabella Braña came to Genoa City as a favor for Michael Baldwin, who wanted to use her to distract Paul Williams away from his wife, Christine Blair. Isabella went to the investigator as a damsel in distress afraid of her ex-husband. Paul offered her shelter in his apartment, and they grew closer. But in digging up dirt on James, Paul discovered Isabella had worked for him as a prostitute. She confessed everything and Paul forgave her, the two growing even closer.

Y&R Isabella Michael
Isabella had more in common with fellow schemer Michael!Aaron Montgomery/JPI

After the case was closed, Isabella wanted to leave town, but learned she was pregnant. Christine returned to town to find Paul kissing the other woman, but Isabella actually wanted Michael, and told him he was her child’s father. The attorney reluctantly went along with her demands, but Paul later found out he was the real babydaddy and insisted on stepping up and doing the right thing by marrying her.

After giving birth to Ricky Williams, Isabella thought things would improve, but Paul remained obsessed with Christine and even forced himself on her, sexually. Learning of his cheating, Isabella dumped him and soon found herself being investigated by a mysterious woman named Kelly Simmons. This was Christine in disguise, and she informed Paul of Isabella and Michael’s original scheme. 

The Young and The Restless Paul Isabella
Paul couldn’t believe how far Isabella would go to get what she wanted!Jesse Grant/JPI

With Paul and Christine back together, Isabella made everyone believe Christine had murdered her while she secretly plotted her next move. The psycho confronted the blonde in the bathtub intending to kill her when Paul arrived just in time to rescue the woman he loves. Later, Isabella made another attempt on Paul and Christine and it was Michael who stepped in to save the day.

Isabella was committed to a psychiatric institution and was only seen once more when Paul visited her after he’d been forced to shoot their equally-psychotic son, Ricky, to stop him from killing someone.

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