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Who Is Chelsea Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES?

It’s been a while since Chelsea Brady has been on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, so it’s understandable if some viewers might need a refresher on the character’s history in Salem. Well, that’s where we come in! Chelsea first appeared in November 2004 and was played by Mandy Musgrave until May 2005 when Rachel Melvin took over. She remained with the soap until June 2009. In August 2023, it was announced that Melvin would be reprising the role as Chelsea returned to DAYS for Victor’s funeral. Here are some highlights from Chelsea’s life in Salem:

Chelsea Benson was introduced as Abigail Deveraux’s best friend, though she was a bad influence, encouraging her to smoke, drink, and lie to her family. Although dating Max Brady, when Chelsea clapped eyes on older guy Patrick Lockhart, she immediately wanted him but had to try and keep Jennifer Deveraux and Billie Reed away from him. She even tried drugging Patrick into sleeping with her but that backfired when he bedded Billie instead.

After Chelsea’s parents were killed in a car accident, Billie stepped up and took the teen into her care and they moved in with Patrick. But Chelsea was then shocked to discover the parents she was mourning weren’t her real parents. She was actually the daughter of Billie and Bo Brady, stolen by the DiMeras! Although she didn’t like Billie, she softened towards her mother after she took the blame for the hit-and-run that killed little Zack Brady, even though it was Chelsea behind the wheel.

DAYS Billie Chelsea
Billie and Chelsea didn’t always get along!Paul Skipper/

Chelsea began chatting online with someone who she later learned was Nick Fallon. She did not return his feelings and didn’t even want to be friends, so Nick slept with Billie! Over time, Chelsea softened and began dating Nick, and they were even able to get through her learning he’d bedded her mom. While pledging a sorority with Stephanie Johnson, Chelsea learned that Ford Decker had raped one of the girls. Chelsea used herself as bait to trap and incriminate Ford which led to him falling to his death. The girls tried to hide the body, but when the truth came out, Victor Kiriakis persuaded Ford’s father to let it go.

When Bo fell ill, Chelsea donated part of her pancreas to save his life and in the process, fell for her doctor, Daniel Jonas. But this would prove a short-lived romance because she dumped him when she found out he’d slept with her grandmother, Kate Roberts. Eventually, she forgave Kate and helped her during her battle with lung cancer. When Chelsea turned to Max for support, things got romantic and they rekindled their relationship.

Chelsea went to England to be with her mother after Billie was in a car accident, and then Max joined her overseas. She remains in touch with her family, and in 2022 it was reported that Chelsea was expecting a baby.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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