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What Happened to Lexie on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Lexie Carver hasn’t been on DAYS OF OUR LIVES in years, so it’s understandable if some fans aren’t aware of her history in Salem or just need a refresher! The character first appeared in July 1987 and was played by Cyndi James Gossett. In 1989, Angelique deWindt took over, followed by Shellye Broughton for a couple of episodes in 1993. Then, Renée Jones stepped into Lexie’s shoes and played the role until her exit in June 2012. Unfortunately, when the character returned to DAYS for an episode in October 2021, Jones was unavailable and the role was recast.

Lexie Brooks arrived in Salem in 1987 working as a police officer and was partnered with Abe Carver. After she was kicked off the force for helping her vigilante brother-in-law, Jonah Carver, Lexie changed careers and went to medical school, later becoming a doctor. Her romance with Abe led to their marriage in 1991, but she nearly had an affair with his brother, Jonah. 

Traveling to Aremid with Abe and some other Salem residents, Lexie discovered that she was adopted and began searching for clues to her true identity. She suspected that Celeste Perrault knew something she wasn’t telling her, and it turned out she was really Lexie’s mother. Unfortunately, the evil Stefano DiMera was her father! Hoping to avoid the DiMera curse, Celeste gave up her daughter to her sister and her husband to protect her.

DAYS Lexie Stefano
Lexie always struggled with the DiMera side of her family.Jesse Grant/JPI

Struggling to have a child of their own, Lexie and Abe decided to adopt, but due to Stefano’s interference, their son, Isaac, was really Hope Brady’s! By the time Lexie learned the truth, she couldn’t give up her son and tried to run away with him. Forced to give the baby back to Hope and Bo Brady, Lexie was devastated and believing her marriage to Abe was over, had a one-night stand with Brandon Walker. So when she found out she was finally pregnant, she wasn’t sure who was the babydaddy!

After some paternity test switching, by the time little Theo Carver was born, it was revealed that Abe was his father. Tragically, on the way to the christening, Abe was killed by the Salem Stalker. While grieving her husband, Lexie was drawn to officer Tek Kramer, but it was eventually revealed that all the murder victims were really alive and being held hostage. She was thrilled to have Abe back, but then he began having vision problems which caused tension in their marriage. This pushed her into Tek’s arms and they slept together!

Although overwhelmed with guilt, Lexie attempted to repair her marriage to Abe, but she was forced to fake her own death with Tek. Unfortunately, Andre DiMera stepped in and abducted Lexie, and it wasn’t until months later that she was discovered in the tunnels below Salem! Reunited with Abe, Lexie was promoted to chief of staff at the hospital but her work began to interfere with her marriage. Eventually, she and Abe found that it wasn’t her career that was the problem, it was Theo, who was soon diagnosed with autism.

DAYS Abe Lexie Theo
Abe and Lexie came together for their son.Paul Skipper/

Lexie supported Abe’s run for mayor of Salem and when he was elected, became his First Lady. She tried to be close with her DiMera side, despite their criminal activities, but was furious when EJ DiMera decided to run against Abe in the next election and won. Lexie was surprised to learn that she had a long-lost brother, Cameron Davis, but she did not have much time to get to know him as she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

Learning that the tumor could have been caused by fumes in the tunnels where Andre held her, Stefano felt responsible for what happened to Lexie and they were able to finally make peace. Choosing not to have any treatment, Lexie simply wanted to spend her last days doing things she enjoyed with the people she loved. Ultimately, Lexie passed away peacefully in Abe’s arms and Salem came together to mourn their loss.

DAYS Abe Lexie dying
Abe was there for Lexie to the end.Paul Skipper/

In 2021, Abe was shot and when he flatlined in surgery, crossed over to the other side where he was reunited with Lexie. After reliving their love story, Lexie told Abe it wasn’t his time yet, and sent him back to be with his family.

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