What Happened to Jeff Webber on GENERAL HOSPITAL

A mention of Jeff Webber on GENERAL HOSPITAL has even longtime fans wondering whatever happened to the guy. The character was first introduced in 1976 and was played by actor Richard Dean Anderson until his exit in 1981. And some viewers still wish the guy would come back to Port Charles one day!

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Dr. Jeff Webber arrived in Port Charles in the spring of 1976 with his wife, Dr. Monica Webber, planning to join the staff at General Hospital following the death of his older brother, Rick Webber. Jeff and Monica’s young marriage was already in trouble as he felt everyone at the hospital was comparing him to his brother, including Monica, who had previously been engaged to Rick! Things got worse when Rick turned up alive after all and he and Monica struck up an affair. For revenge, Jeff began sleeping with Heather Grant, who became pregnant but didn’t tell anyone.

Jeff disappeared for a while and showed up at a local bar drunk and high. He stole a gun and was later discovered with a bullet in his head! Jeff slowly recovered from his brain injury and a guilty Monica patched things up with him. When Heather told Jeff she was pregnant, Jeff ordered her to abort the baby so it wouldn’t ruin things with Monica. Naturally, Heather responded by faking a suicide attempt and later telling Jeff their baby had died when she’d actually sold it to Paul and Diana Taylor!

GH Rick Heather
Jeff should have watched his own back, not Heather’s!ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Monica grew jealous when Rick proposed to Lesley Faulkner, and asked Jeff for a divorce. On the rebound, Jeff proposed to Heather, but their marriage wasn’t exactly happy, especially after she miscarried their second child. When a deadly outbreak of Lassa Fever struck Port Charles, Steve was struck ill, and Audrey confessed to Jeff that Steve was his real father.

After Heather imbibed drugs meant for Diana, she went insane and Jeff was forced to commit her. When Peter died, Diana wanted to marry Jeff so she could retain custody of his son. He’d fallen in love with Audrey’s niece, Annie Logan, but after they broke up, he had an affair with Diana. When she finally revealed that P.J. was really his son, Steven Lars, he was furious. When Diana was found dead, Heather framed Annie for the crime, so Jeff decided to take Steven and leave Port Charles.

In 1997, Jeff and his new wife, Carolyn, sent their daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth Webber, to live with their grandmother, Audrey. And in 2016, it was revealed that Jeff had an affair with Naomi Dreyfus which resulted in the birth of a daughter, Hayden Barnes. Liz had stated that Jeff wasn’t the best dad (shipping the kids off to live with grandma was probably a good indication he wasn’t Father of the Year!), but the guy is still mentioned on occasion.

Stay tuned to GH to see if Jeff ever comes back to Port Charles again!

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