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What Happened to Steven Webber on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Steven Lars Webber hasn’t been on GENERAL HOSPITAL for years now, so if you don’t remember him — or just need a refresher on his history in Port Charles — we’re here to help! The character was born back in 1977 and after some child actors, Shaun Benson played Steven as an adult from 2004-05. Though most viewers would probably be more familiar with actor Scott Reeves, who played the GH doc from 2009-13.

Born to Jeff Webber and Heather Grant, Steven’s life was dramatic from birth when his mother sold the infant to Peter and Diana Taylor and told the dad the baby died. Heather soon went to work as Steven’s nanny and became obsessed with her son. After Diana learned the truth about her son’s identity, she and Heather fought over Jeff, who eventually renamed Peter Taylor Jr. to Steven Lars Webber and left town to get away from Heather’s scheming.

GH Patrick Steve Robin
“Yeah, should’ve listened to you guys about Lisa. Sorry about that!”sean smith/

Steven returned briefly in 2004 working for attorney John Durant to get to his biological daughter, Carly Corinthos. Heather also returned at this time, but Steven wanted nothing to do with his mother. In 2009, Monica Quartermaine invited him back to Port Charles to become acting chief of staff at the hospital so she could go back to practicing cardiology full-time. Having been running a trauma unit down in Memphis, Steven came back to take the job and struck up a brief relationship with fellow physician Lisa Niles. But upon learning that she’d had a relationship with Patrick Drake, he broke it off.

Steven blamed himself when Lisa eventually went on a rampage at the hospital as he should have fired her back when Patrick and Robin Scorpio Drake had come to him about her constant harassment. After the incident, he found himself growing closer to Olivia Falconeri and after she was nearly killed in a bus crash, their bond solidified even further. But then Maggie Wurth showed up in Port Charles and it was revealed that she was the girl Steven had proposed to during his time in Memphis. She had needed a heart to save a girl she was treating and Steven had killed a prisoner who was his coma patient in order to get the needed organ. After being blackmailed by Johnny Zacchara into selling black market organs, Steven found himself under arrest until Heather killed Maggie and made it look like a suicide because she’d been responsible for the prisoner’s death.

GH Olivia Steve Heather
“Just tell mom you like BLTs, okay?”Paul Skipper/

Heather’s return also caused a lot of trouble for Steven as Olivia was immediately suspicious of her and he continued to defend his mother. But he changed his tune when Heather injected Olivia with LSD and he severed all ties to her. But Heather escaped Ferncliff and tried to involve Steven in a baby switch and attempted to kill Olivia more than once. Eventually, Steven proposed to Olivia and they planned a future together that didn’t end up happening because his past caught up with him. During the wedding ceremony, the Memphis police arrived to arrest Steven. Olivia begged him to still marry her first, but he didn’t think that would be the best start to have, and instead was carted off to prison.

Steven was mentioned in December 2022 when Jeff visited Heather at Spring Ridge and she brought up their son. Might he ever return to Port Charles? You never know!

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