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Reese Marshall on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need To Know

The mention of Reese Marshall on GENERAL HOSPITAL had some newer fans wondering who that character was and even longtime fans trying to remember. The role was played by Kari Wuhrer from February 2005 until November 2005, and by Meghan Lynch in some flashbacks. And here’s what you need to know about the original Carly Roberts!

FBI agent Reese Marshall specialized in finding missing children and came to Port Charles to help Sonny Corinthos locate his daughter, Kristina Davis, who had been abducted. Federal prosecutor John Durant hoped to use Reese to gather information on Sonny that he could use to bring him down. But Reese’s main priority was locating Kristina and eventually she discovered Faith Roscoe was behind the kidnapping. But during the ransom exchange, Faith’s men abducted Sonny’s sons, Michael and Morgan! A search eventually led Reese, Sonny, and Jason Morgan to Kristina and Morgan, but while Faith was arrested, Michael was nowhere to be found and was presumed dead.

Ordered by her superiors to dig up dirt on Sonny, Reese began falling for the mobster. But realizing he would always choose violence over the law, she began building a case against him. However, when Reese learned that Durant was planting evidence and forcing false testimony in his case, she helped set up a sting operation to expose him as corrupt. They then found Michael alive and living with his father, A.J. Quartermaine, at the Quartermaine mansion. When A.J. was found murdered, Carly Corinthos was the prime suspect but when it appeared Michael was guilty, Sonny stepped in to take the blame for his son.

GH Sonny Reese
Like many women, Reese couldn’t resist Sonny’s charms.ABC/Lisa Rose

Realizing that Sonny and Carly’s bond was unbreakable, Reese found herself drowning her sorrows with Ric Lansing and the pair wound up in bed together. But Sonny tracked her down at the Metro Court and asked her not to leave town because he wanted to pursue a relationship with her. However, as they continued seeing each other, Reese began to feel like a mistress and not a girlfriend. After being in a car accident, it was revealed that Reese had undergone extensive reconstructive surgery, but she was cagy about why.

The arrival of her ex-husband, Evan Tucker, revealed that he had been involved with the people who had kidnapped their son and refused to cooperate even when they threatened to kill the boy. After Jamie’s death, a heartbroken Reese made sure her husband went to jail. Now free, Evan demanded money in exchange for keeping her past a secret. After Ric killed Evan in self-defense, he told Reese that her ex had told him she was really Charlotte Roberts, Carly’s best friend from high school who everyone believed was dead, and whose name Carly had stolen. She explained that after a car crash, she’d undergone extensive surgery and therapy but her mother had told everyone she’d been killed. Ric agreed to keep her secret.

Carly grew paranoid and began to suspect Reese was trying to take her life away from her. She broke into her apartment and knocked her out, stealing a lockbox she hoped contained her secrets. Reese demanded it back, claiming it contained memories of her son, though it actually contained photos of Carly and Reese as high school friends. Eventually, Reese came clean with Sonny that she was actually Charlotte Roberts just as Carly figured it out herself. Carly confronted her former friend and was stunned when Sonny took Reese’s side. Reese accused Carly of destroying her family because she found her in bed with her father! She felt Carly slept with her dad because she’d always been jealous of everything Reese had.

GH Reese Carly Fight
Carly (then Jennifer Bransford) didn’t appreciate Reese trying to steal her life!ABC/Adam Larkey

Carly argued that she was just a teenager and Dan Roberts had seduced her, but Reese revealed that after their car accident, her mother had told everyone she’d died and her father had begun drinking heavily, ultimately taking his own life. After the whole truth was finally exposed, Sonny felt betrayed and dumped Reese. When Carly and Reese got into a fight at Kelly’s, Sonny interrupted and once again took Reese’s side. Carly got worse, destroying Reese’s penthouse and stealing her gun to threaten Sonny. Eventually, Reese realized she was blaming Carly for something her father did and got her relationship with Sonny back on track… well, until he found out she’d slept with Ric all those months ago!

Reese was caught in the big train crash with many other Port Charles residents, and not realizing that a broken rib had punctured her lung, continued helping the other victims. Tragically, shortly before help arrived, Reese succumbed to her injuries and died.

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