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The Necklace on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

That half-heart necklace on GENERAL HOSPITAL has been a crucial plot point in the “Who Is Nina’s Daughter” mystery, and some fans have gotten a little confused about where it came from and who has it. So we thought we’d break down what has been revealed so far on the soap in the hopes of clearing up some of the mystery.

Nina Reeves has been looking for her long-lost child for a while now, and the half-heart pendant she has was her best lead to finding her offspring. With Jax’s help, she was able to track down the jeweler who made it, as it was a unique piece, but he was unable to tell her who might have the other half. He did tell her that the name on the receipt was Phyllis Caulfield, who was the nurse who had cared for Nina while she was in a coma and gave birth to her baby. Phyllis said she’d given the little girl to a family in North Florida, but no names were given because that was part of the deal. However, Phyllis had purchased the necklace and given half to Nina’s daughter in the hopes that one day she might come looking for her mother.

Back in April 2020, Nina was looking at the half-heart necklace in her office when Willow Tait barged in and saw it. After Nina explained the significance of the jewelry and its link to her long-lost daughter, Willow seemed shaken, but recovered. Later, Nelle Benson reminded Carly that they had met many years ago when she was just a little girl after Frank Benson had adopted her. During the flashback scenes, eagle-eyed viewers could spot a half-heart necklace on the young Nelle, and in the preset day, Nelle opened her memory box to reveal that among her mementos was that very piece of jewelry!

GH Nelle memory box
Nelle has the necklace, but where did she really get it?ABC

After Nelle’s fall over the cliff in August, Avery was walking through the woods and found the necklace on the ground. She kept it for herself, and although Sonny later spotted it, he had no idea the significance of what his daughter had. However, in November, Carly saw Avery wearing the half-heart and knowing about it from Nina, was stunned to put the pieces together and realize Nelle must be Nina’s long-lost daughter!

There are still plenty of fan theories flying around the internet from those who don’t want Nelle to be Nina’s daughter. Some, who wish it could be Willow, suspect that Shiloh had the necklace from Willow’s time in his Dawn of Day cult and Nelle inherited it after she married Shiloh and he was killed. Or perhaps Nelle simply has half of a different half-heart necklace. There could still be some twists and turns yet to come in this storyline (especially since making Nelle Nina’s daughter doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since Nelle isn’t on the show anymore), so stay tuned to GH as the mystery continues to unfold!

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