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THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Recaps — The Verdict: Guilty!

A lot can happen in a day in Genoa City, so it’s easy to get lost. If you’ve missed anything that happened over the last week or so on the soap, our THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS recaps can help you get back up to speed in no time!

In court, Michael came up with a Plan B — making blackmailer Tessa look guilty! For Mariah’s sake, though, Sharon had Brittany intervene. Later, Phyllis took the witness stand and tried to paint Nikki, Victoria and Sharon as victims. Countering, Christine painted the trio as ruthless vigilantes! Recognizing how damaging her testimony had been, Phyllis tried to apologize to Nick, but he refused to forgive her. Meanwhile, Michael decided Nikki and Victoria’s best hope was to offer a plea deal. Brittany, however, refused to join him, believing she could use Sharon’s romantic relationship with Rey to get her client off. Of course, Michael’s plea deal became a moot point when Christine refused to consider it. Thwarted, Michael returned to Plan B by exposing Tessa as a blackmailer, and making a case that she’d killed J.T.! Despite Victoria’s testimony about how J.T. had abused and terrorized her, the jury came back with a guilty verdict! Shocked, Nick and Billy convinced Rey to work with them to prove that the ladies couldn’t be guilty because J.T. was actually alive!

The Young and The Restless Kyle Summer Wedding

Kyle’s face pretty much says it all… (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Summer Got Her Man!

Summer was stunned when she got news from Nate that she was a match to be Lola’s liver donor! Summer used the news to blackmail Kyle into marriage. To ensure the hunk went through with it, Summer insisted that they tie the knot before she had the surgery. A guilt-ridden Kyle went to see Lola one last time and was stunned when she woke up from her coma! Later, Kyle told Arturo and Rey about his decision to marry Summer. Furious, Arturo blasted him for his betrayal, but Rey speculated that Summer might be blackmailing him into marriage! While Kyle kept mum about his reasons to Lola’s brothers, he confided in Mariah, who urged him to find another way to save Lola. Yet realizing that time was running out, Kyle married Summer, who immediately — and not entirely unsuccessfully — went about seducing her new hubby!

In Other News…

Having blown up her personal life by testifying against her former co-conspirators, Phyllis attempted to shore up her position as Jabot CEO by offering Kerry a partnership. Kerry agreed, but then inked a deal with Jack, who wanted her insider information to oust Phyllis. Yet unbeknownst to Jack, Kerry began reporting what both Phyllis and Jack were doing to a mystery person! Across town, Mia was furious when Rey admitted during court testimony that he’d declared his love for Sharon shortly before she confessed. When confronted by his wife, Rey admitted that he was in love with Sharon and officially ended their marriage! On the plus side, he promised to keep her out of jail for their baby’s sake. Meanwhile, Devon quizzed Ana about her constant need for money, prompting her to admit that she had outstanding bills. Still suspicious, Devon ran a credit check and was shocked to discover his sister had no debt! Tessa was arrested for confessing to blackmail during the trial. Mariah tried to enlist Nick’s help to free her girlfriend, but he refused, believing Tessa was getting what she deserved!

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