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What You Missed On Yesterday’s Y&R!

Due to issues between CBS and Time Warner, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL are not currently being aired in several markets. To help those impacted, we’ll be offering daily recaps.

Tuesday, August 20

Avery shocked Nick by suggesting that they marry immediately. Although he wondered why she’d changed her mind, he enthusiastically agreed! At Sharon’s house, Noah questioned Sharon about getting a traffic citation, noting that she could’ve caused an accident that night! Sharon apologized for driving recklessly, but insisted that she was fine. Noah reminded her how quickly things could change — and used Phyllis’ accident as an example of that! Later, Nick called Noah to ask him to be his best man. After getting off the phone, Noah shared the wedding news with Sharon, leaving her stunned! Across town, a tearful Jill told Jack that Katherine had died after going on a “bucket list” vacation. At Crimson Lights, Kyle told Summer that he’d move out of the Abbott mansion so that she could move in and get to know Jack better. Alas, that made Summer feel more pressure, and she warned him not to force her to choose between her two dads! Avery arrived later and asked Summer to be her maid of honor. Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack told Kyle that Katherine had died, and confessed how much he missed her. At the police station, Michael and Lauren showed Paul the latest “gift” — dead flowers — that Carmine had sent them. Paul warned Michael to let the police handle finding the stalker! Yet when Alex revealed that they had a location for Carmine, Michael insisted on accompanying the cop to check it out. When Paul tried to stop him, Michael punched him! Paul then handcuffed Michael to a chair, and ordered him to cool off. Lauren got a call from Jack telling her that Jill needed her since Katherine had died! In hiding, Carmine remembered his love affair with Lauren by watching the sex tape again! Later, Lauren went to comfort a sobbing Jill, who was still angry that Katherine hadn’t told her that she was dying. Meanwhile, Alex went to the motel Carmine had been holed up in. Not surprisingly, Carmine was gone, but he’d left behind a message on the wall — “You can’t erase me!” Michael interpreted the message to mean that Carmine was warning them that he’d never be out of Lauren’s life! Furious, Michael wished he’d killed Carmine when he had the chance! Carmine later called Lauren, wondering if she liked his gift. At the Newman ranch, Noah confided to Nick that he thought Sharon might have begun thinking that she and Nick had more of a relationship than they really had. Meanwhile, Sharon vowed to Cassie that she’d do what she could to stop Nick and Avery’s wedding!

Do you think Jill has a right to be angry that Katherine didn’t tell her that she was dying? And just how low do you think Michael will go when it comes to Carmine? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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