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Aubrey Dollar Previews Her New Soap, FILTHY RICH (EXCLUSIVE)

During the last five years, Aubrey Dollar (Marina, GUIDING LIGHT) became both a wife and a mother. However, when son Arlo became a toddler, she was ready to expand her new world and the perfect opportunity arose. She joined the Monreaux family on FOX’s fabulous, New Orleans-based soap, FILTHY RICH, which premieres Monday, Sept. 21. “It’s about a family that runs a Christian TV network,” Dollar previewed to Soaps In Depth. “The father dies in a plane accident, and it turns out that he had three more children… and they’re included in the will! So they come into our lives and really shake things up.”

The actress plays Rose, one of the legitimate children who frequently finds herself caught between others’ expectations and her own desires. “She wants both the approval of her mother,” Dollar offered, “and to be independent and go against everything her family stands for.”

Filthy Rich
“Rose and Eric have grown up being on their mom’s TV show,” Dollar explained. “Margaret is sort of the Oprah or the Martha Stewart of the Christian world, so they’re in the public eye for that too.”Alan Markfield/FOX

It’s a role that the actress, who exited GL in 2004, found familiar. Picture Marina, but 16 years older and more refined! Dollar laughingly suggested that Rose “is still a bit more of a proper Southern Lady than Marina would ever have the patience to be. But a bit of fiery rebellion does exist in both of them.”

Perhaps that’s while she’ll remain open-minded when it comes to her new sibs and might even embrace the chaos that they bring. While Rose appreciates a savvy Ginger’s willingness to acknowledge her own dream to become a fashion designer, what goes down with stoner Jason is another story. “He makes a pass at me in the pilot, so we’ll see where that ends up going,” Dollar previewed. “There’s certainly a lot of romance for Rose this season.”

GL Ben Marina Frank
“I loved it when it was my birthday and Ben and I were staying in the hotel,” Dollar recalled in character as Marina. “And he was running back and forth between hotel rooms… I think he was a secret call boy. That was really fun.”Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ PGP

With filming happening in The Big Easy, a Los Angeles-based Dollar had to pack her bags. “We were there from August through January, so I rented a little house in the Garden District,” she confided. “My mom came down to watch my son, and we found him a preschool there. I really loved it.”

Dollar’s done several movies and TV shows, but her first big acting world had been that of Springfield. So to be part of a soap again felt like coming home. “When you’re on a procedural, the guest stars come in and get the exciting storylines, and you’re sort of just rattling off jargon,” she explained. But doing a soap like FILTHY RICH means, “I get to cry and scream, hit things and emotionally react to these big, over-the-top [scenarios] that will probably never happen to any of us in our lifetime. It’s so fun to be back in that world.”

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