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What Happened to Elena on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


Elena on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS was a new face when she first appeared in Genoa City, but portrayer Brytni Sarpy was a familiar face to soap fans who watched her as Valerie on ABC sudser GENERAL HOSPITAL. Elena made her Y&R debut in March of 2019 when Sarpy swapped networks to explore this new character.

Elena Dawson opened the door to Devon Hamilton when he followed his sister, Ana Hamilton, to a motel. After initially slamming the door in his face, the young woman was later revealed to be the nurse to Jett Slade, a former R&B musician who also happens to be Ana’s father. Devon invited her and Jett to move into the penthouse with him and Ana so she could be with her father. Elena was uncomfortable with the situation and insisted she wasn’t looking for a handout, but agreed. Elena found herself drawn to Devon, but he overstepped again when he paid off her student loans.

Elena and Devon’s relationship got off to a rocky start, in no small part because he was still haunted by the death of his wife, Hilary. But the couple grew closer and she was there for him when his father, Neil Winters, passed away. Elena also befriended Nate Hastings, and off his suggestion, interviewed and got a job as a new resident at the hospital.

The Young and The Restless Elena Devon
Sparks flew quickly between Elena and Devon.Howard Wise/

Elena moved in with Devon and helped him through some panic attacks and to finally get over Hilary’s death. However, the arrival of Amanda Sinclair, who bore a striking resemblance to Hilary, turned everything upside down again. Elena briefly left town to check on Jett but returned when his biopsy came back clear. But Devon was caught up in a discrepancy in Katherine’s will that stripped him of his fortune, and she felt left out. Thankfully, Devon made it up to her and she also forged a truce with Amanda. Devon supported Elena when she and Nate opened up a free clinic to serve the underprivileged citizens of Genoa City.

Unfortunately, the confirmation that Amanda was actually Hilary’s previously-unknown twin sister caused problems for Elena as Devon spent time telling Amanda about her late sibling. While opening up to Nate about her problems, an emotional Elena slept with her co-worker! Overcome with guilt, Elena eventually came clean with Devon, which sent him into a rage as he went and assaulted Nate!

Y&R Nate Elena
It’s perfectly understandable that Elena would fall into bed with Nate!Howard Wise/

Having destroyed her relationship with Devon, Elena nursed her broken heart and gave herself a makeover before finally deciding to see if she could make things work with Nate. It was naturally awkward at first, but things were going well… at least until Elena had an emotional confrontation with Devon that led to them having sex!

While on a romantic getaway with Nate, Elena accidentally called him “Devon” which clued him in that something was up. She confessed they’d slept together and he gave her space to figure out which guy she wanted. While discussing their feelings, Elena and Devon had sex again, and when Amanda found out later, she was furious. And not only did Nate dump Elena, but Devon admitted he wanted to repair his relationship with Amanda. Even Lola’s attempts to reunite Nate and Elena failed.

Elena focused on work and eventually admitted to Nate that she had a job offer in Baltimore, asking him if there was any reason she should stick around Genoa City. After she saved his life when he had a deadly allergic reaction, Nate asked her to stay and she happily agreed. Elena and Nate reunited, but things got complicated because he was named head of surgery and she found herself overworked at the hospital while also taking over his job at Ask MD Now for Chance Comm.

Y&R Imani Elena
Elena warned Imani to back off.Howard Wise/

Eventually, Elena moved into Nate’s apartment with him but things got sticky when the hospital reprimanded him for dating a co-worker. They solved that problem when Nate left medicine to go work with his family at Chancellor-Winters, and he and Elena moved into Chelsea’s penthouse that he had originally inherited from Neil but had sold. Elena could tell that Imani Benedict had her sights set on Nate, but he dismissed her warnings. And when Elena went to speak at a medical convention in Hawaii, Nate opted to stay in Genoa City to focus on his new job. 

Upon her return, Elena blamed Imani for adding fuel to the fire and increasing the tensions between Nate and Devon. Feeling that she and Nate were drifting apart, Elena confronted Imani about her interference. Unfortunately, despite Elena trying to maintain the peace, she found Nate listening more to Imani and making dangerously bold moves to prove himself to his family. And when he told her of his plan to team up with Newman Enterprises to buy out Chancellor-Winters when it went public so he could be installed as the new CEO, she was so upset by this new, ruthless Nate that she decided they needed to take some time apart. Elena decided to go to Baltimore to interview for a job there, and although Nate begged her to give them another chance — and even confessed to his family about his corporate espionage! — she still moved out.

Elena eventually returned home having turned down the job in Baltimore and although she didn’t like that he was now working at Newman, agreed to give their relationship another chance. However, she grew concerned when he began spending more time at work than with her and also worried that Audra Charles was up to something. However, it was Victoria Newman she found herself most concerned with as Audra teased her about the close working relationship between Nate and his new boss. Audra also stirred the pot by persuading Elena she should have J.T. Hellstrom as a guest on her podcast, because his return would distract Victoria from anything else. 

Y&R Nate Elena
Elena eventually saw Nate for who he truly is.Howard Wise/

After JT declined to come back to Genoa City, Elena found out (from Audra, naturally!) that Nate hadn’t made the business trip to L.A. alone and she flew there to confront him. When he confessed he’d slept with Victoria, Elena was furious. She dumped him and moved out to focus on her own happiness for a change. Elena focused on work, helping Sally grieve the loss of her unborn child and offering Mariah and Tessa support as they dealt with their adopted daughter’s hearing loss.

Stay tuned to see how Elena’s story continues!

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