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Leslie on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need to Know About Neil’s Ex!

Leslie hasn’t been a regular on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS in years, so viewers might be wondering exactly who the lawyer is. Actress Angell Conwell joined Y&R in December of 2010 on a recurring basis and was bumped up to a contract player in 2012, but then went back to recurring in 2014. She made a handful of appearances in 2015 and 2016 and returned in 2019 for a final farewell to Neil.

Leslie Michaelson first appeared in Genoa City as an attorney working for Vance Abrams’ law firm and represented Adam Newman and Sharon Newman when they were accused of murdering Skye. After Sharon was convicted, she skipped town, and Leslie was replaced by Avery as Sharon’s lawyer when the blonde was brought back to town.

Next, Leslie was hired by Abby Newman and Victoria Newman (and later Nick Newman) when they successfully sued their father, Victor Newman, for hundreds of millions of dollars. She also began a tentative romance with Neil Winters, but it was a slow boil. Leslie also represented Phyllis Summers twice; first when she fought for custody of her granddaughter, Lucy, and later when she was on trial for attempted murder.

The Young and The Restless Tyler Leslie Neil
Leslie’s family history was complicated, to say the least!Howard Wise/

Neil hired Leslie as the legal council at Jabot, and they struggled to keep their relationship strictly professional. Leslie was reunited with her brother, Tyler, and it became clear the siblings were hiding a secret from their past. After Congressman Marcus Wheeler called her “Valerie,” it was revealed that Leslie and Tyler’s names were really Valerie and Davis Rogan and they changed their identities after testifying against their father, Gus, who had killed their mother.

But Wheeler was also suspected to have had something to do with Belinda’s death, and Avery found DNA evidence that convicted the politician and allowed Gus to be freed from prison and reconnect with his estranged children. The reunion was awkward, and Leslie found he had letters from a mystery woman named Rose. After Gus died of a heart attack, Leslie tried to track down Rose but discovered she had died and that she had a daughter, Ann, who was later revealed to be Hilary Curtis.

The Young and The Restless Neil Leslie
“I said I didn’t believe in marriage… with you.”sean smith/

Neil surprised Leslie with a marriage proposal, but as they worked on their wedding preparations, he realized she was clearly not as interested in tying the knot as he was. She insisted she wanted to be with him forever, but didn’t believe in marriage. Neil gave her an ultimatum, and Leslie called his bluff, returning the ring.

Later, Leslie revealed to Neil that she had married Dr. Barton Shelby in Vegas after only knowing him for a few weeks! Neil took the news hard, wondering if she’d ever truly loved him at all. Leslie also broke off her legal partnership with Avery to pursue the job of Assistant DA. But later, when Lily Winters hired her to defend Neil against charges he’d caused the death of Christine’s unborn child in a car accident, Leslie revealed she’d actually gone to work for the Legal Aid Board instead.

Leslie was later seen acting as Noah Newman’s lawyer, defending him against a hit and run charge. Unfortunately, he’d covered up evidence and fled the country, so he was sentenced to probation and community service. She then resurfaced to represent Juliet Helton in her sexual harassment case against Cane Ashby. In 2019, she attended Neil’s funeral following his sudden death.

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