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Jack and Phyllis on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Their Romantic History Revealed

Jack and Phyllis have always been a somewhat unlikely couple on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, but perhaps that’s why they work? The pair have certainly been drawn back to each other over and over again through the years, due in no small part to the chemistry actor Peter Bergman has had with both Michelle Stafford and Gina Tognoni as Phyllis. Could another reunion be in the works? Let’s take a look back at their past to predict their future!

Phyllis Summers and Jack Abbott first began dating in the early 2000’s and were married in 2001. However, Diane Jenkins revealed that her son, Kyle Abbott, was Jack’s child, which put a strain on their marriage. Diane plotted to get Phyllis out of Jack’s life, framing her for arson and attempted murder. But it was Phyllis’ affair with Nick Newman that led to their divorce. However, when she ended up pregnant, Phyllis wasn’t sure if Jack or Nick was Summer Newman’s father. When the DNA test named Jack, he and Phyllis reunited, but after a serious fall, she lapsed into a coma.

The Young and The Restless Jack and Phyllis
Jack was always hot for his “Red.”Howard Wise/

When Phyllis woke up and returned to Genoa City, she interrupted Nick and Sharon’s wedding. The truth came out that Sharon tampered with the paternity test and Nick was Summer’s real father. Jack was hurt, but admitted he still loved Phyllis and even proposed! She accepted, but was still bitter about Jack having an affair with Kelly while she was in her coma. Kelly did everything in her power to come between Jack and Phyllis, including threatening their lives, but ultimately failed.

Jack and Phyllis were married in a private ceremony, but on their honeymoon, Jack was abducted by Kelly and replaced with a look-alike named Marco. Phyllis could tell something was wrong with her husband but never suspected the truth until Jack managed to escape and come home to her. Victor Newman had set the whole thing up to steal Jabot, and when he thought Marco was betraying him, shot him in the chest! Unfortunately, it was the real Jack he nearly killed! 

The Young and The Restless Phyllis and Jack/Marco
“Funny, Jack never kissed my eyes before we got married…”sean smith/

After Jack recovered, he and Phyllis teamed up to get Marco out of their lives once and for all. But when Phyllis was also obsessed with making Victor pay for bringing Marco into her life, she formed an alliance with Billy Abbott to take him down. Jack was upset that Phyllis had turned to his brother, but they worked out their differences. However, after Billy was accidentally run over by Noah and nearly died, he and Phyllis teamed up once again to destroy Victor, and this led to them having an affair!

When he learned the truth, Jack confronted Phyllis, who promised the affair was over, but he kicked her out and demanded a divorce. Phyllis and Billy then made their relationship official, while the most Jack managed was a brief fling with Gloria, of all people! But Billy and Phyllis eventually self-destructed so she turned back to Nick again and their friendship grew into a solid relationship once more. Jack then found himself drawn to Sally Spectra, though when her scheming ways were revealed, he broke it off.

Y&R Jack Phyllis
Jack finally confessed his true feelings to Phyllis.Howard Wise/

Feeling lonely, Jack opened up to Phyllis and admitted that he’d been drawn to Sally because of her similarities to his favorite redhead. Then he confessed that he was still in love with Phyllis, leaving her stunned!

Keep watching Y&R to find out what happens to these two next!

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