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What Happened to Summer on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS


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Summer on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has quite a history in Genoa City but the character has come and gone quite a few times over the years so it’s understandable if even some longtime fans aren’t completely clear on her past. But hey, that’s where we come in!

Who plays Summer on Y&R?

The character of Summer Newman was born in 2006 and played by a series of twins until child actress Samantha Bailey took over in June 2009. And by June 2012, Summer was hit with another case of SORAS as Lindsay Bushman began playing her as a teen. But by October of that year, Hunter King had stepped into Summer’s shoes and continued to play her on and off for years. Well, aside from a couple of episodes in 2018 when Bayley Corman took over when King wasn’t available due to other commitments. However, in August 2021, it was revealed that the actress was once again exiting the soap, though she did pop back for a few visits in the months that followed. However, in April 2022, it was announced that the role was being recast again, this time with actress Allison Lanier, who made her debut in May.

Y&R Nick Summer Phyllis
Summer looks sweet now, but she’s Phyllis’ daughter, so watch out!Aaron Montgomery/

Who are Summer’s Parents?

When Phyllis Summers got pregnant, she wasn’t sure if her baby was fathered by Jack Abbott or Nick Newman. Nick was the only one to read the paternity test results, declared himself the father, and married Phyllis. But it was Jack who helped deliver Summer in an elevator during an ice storm. As infants, Summer and Fenmore Baldwin were abducted by Sheila Carter but were thankfully rescued. Summer later ended up in the hospital from peanut allergies and after being sent away to recover, returned a moody teenager prone to acting out.

Summer went to live with Nick after Phyllis’ lies became too much and she actively hated her mother. While driving emotionally distraught, Summer crashed her car into Adam and Chelsea Newman’s, accidentally causing Chelsea to lose her baby. Summer was guilt-ridden and after her manipulations of a young man named Jamie nearly caused him to commit suicide, she decided to get her life together.

Y&R Summer Kyle
Thankfully, Summer and Kyle weren’t keeping it in the family!sean smith/

Are Summer and Kyle related?

Summer began crushing on Kyle Abbott, but Nick wasn’t thrilled by that relationship as there was still lingering doubt that Summer could be Jack’s daughter, making her and Kyle half-siblings! A new paternity test was done which shocked everyone by revealing that Jack was actually Summer’s father! However, it turned out that Sharon had tampered with the DNA results because she wanted Nick for herself, so Nick was finally confirmed to be the babydaddy.

Summer began working as a model and had some serious health issues when she tried popping pills to keep her energy up. She then fell for Austin Travers, and went on the run with him after he accidentally shot Paul Williams. After he turned himself in, Summer helped get him a lawyer and married him so she couldn’t testify against him. After his legal troubles were cleared up, Austin then grew close to Mariah Copland, which drove Summer mad. Then, during a wild Valentine’s Day party, Austin was found murdered! Summer was further shocked to learn he’d been having an affair with Abby, and the killer struck again, murdering Courtney.

Y&R Luca Summer
Summer ignored all the warnings and fell for Luca!Howard Wise/

Who was Luca Santori?

Kyle comforted Summer during this difficult time, leading to them kissing and eventually making love. But their relationship hit a snag when she was pursued by Luca Santori, who was just using her to get ahead at Newman Enterprises. Kyle was away in New York, and Summer began to fall for Luca despite everyone’s warnings. Eventually he proposed and Summer accepted, but Luca’s crimes were exposed at their engagement party and he was arrested. From behind bars, Luca admitted it had begun as a scam but he did fall in love with her. Summer admitted that she, too, would always care for him.

Summer left Genoa City for a time but returned in June 2018 trying to escape her ex, “Pax,” and was arrested for stealing his car to get away! She immediately took an interest in Billy Abbott, who her mother was in a relationship with, and kept trying to flirt with him. Learning that Phyllis and Nick had an affair, Summer used that to get money out of her father. When the affair was publicly exposed, Billy was so furious with Phyllis that he took revenge by sleeping with Summer! But afterwards, he made it crystal clear he was just trying to hurt both women.

Y&R Kyle Theo Summer Lola
Forget arm wrestling — these four played romantic musical chairs!Howard Wise/

Why did Kyle marry Summer?

Escaping the drama by moving to Dubai, Summer returned in January 2019 and immediately began causing drama between Kyle and his new girlfriend, Lola Rosales. Summer tried to steal Kyle by offering him sex, something Lola was holding out on. After Lola was seriously injured and required a liver transplant, Summer was the only viable donor. She only agreed to save Lola’s life if Kyle agreed to marry her for at least one year. Of course, he was still in love with Lola, so the marriage didn’t last long at all.

Summer then began dating Theo Vanderway and tried using him to make Kyle jealous. But it was later revealed that the two men weren’t just old friends, but actually cousins! Summer’s relationship with Theo fizzled out and she continued to be drawn to Kyle, making excuses to spend time with him for business. Eventually, Kyle realized that he was better with Summer and split up with Lola. Summer and Kyle teamed up to sabotage Theo at Jabot and got him fired. As Lola and Theo began a relationship together, Kyle and Summer decided to also take things slow, choosing to move in together and keeping their engagement secret.

Why did Summer and Kyle split up?

However, even as Theo and Lola split up, Kyle and Summer decided to elope, but that proved to be too much too soon for Summer, who backed out at the last minute, needing to figure things out. That didn’t last long, and the couple reunited but Summer then found herself butting heads with Sally Spectra, who wanted her job. After a trip to L.A. to dig up the dirt regarding her rival’s scandalous past, Summer used that to keep Sally in line. But as they watched Sally and Jack grow closer and closer, they couldn’t let that stand, and Sally caved to pressure and confessed her past to Jack, causing him to dump her.

Y&R Tara Kyle Summer
Summer found she just couldn’t compete with Tara!Howard Wise/

Kyle and Summer got engaged again, but things got even more complicated when Kyle confessed to Summer that long ago he’d had an affair with Tara Locke and the married woman later showed up in Genoa City with her husband, Ashland Locke, and their son, Harrison Locke, who it turns out was actually Kyle’s kid! Summer soon found herself feeling like the third wheel and decided to postpone their wedding so he could deal with the custody battle. Although Kyle reassured her and they decided to marry anyway, Summer was floored when Tara threatened to make sure Kyle never saw Harrison again unless she took a job opportunity in Italy!

Why did Summer move to Italy?

Heartbroken, Summer called off the wedding again and pushed Kyle away as she made plans to leave Genoa City so he could be happy with his son. She said her goodbyes to everyone and then returned Kyle’s engagement ring and walked out of his life. Eventually, Phyllis proved Tara and Sally had schemed to get rid of her, but Summer explained she was enjoying her new job and wanted to stay in Italy. Kyle joined her there and even made arrangements for Harrison to live with them. The couple finally tied the knot before attending Victoria and Ashland’s wedding in Tuscany. Summer remained in contact with her mother, even offering her a job at Marchetti, but she ultimately turned it down and opted to remain in Genoa City.

Why did Summer come home?

After Kyle returned to Genoa City with Harrison for a visit, he invited Summer to join him since he was dealing with the shocking news that his late mother was actually still alive! Plus, he was officiating Mariah and Tessa’s wedding. After sharing Marchetti’s financial difficulties with Kyle, they agreed that Jabot would buy the fashion house, which would allow them to stay in town. She found herself mixed up in the scandal surrounding Ashland faking his cancer and helped protect Harrison, even supporting Kyle as he later broke the news to the little boy of Ashland’s death. Summer reluctantly agreed to give Phyllis a job at Marchetti, but worried her mother was just after Diane, who Kyle had recently hired. She and Kyle warned their mothers that they would have a zero-tolerance policy for scheming. 

Summer was delighted when Kyle proposed and they renewed their vows in a lovely ceremony attended by family and friends. But the ceremony was crashed by Tucker McCall, who landed in a helicopter and gifted the couple a Bentley! Following their honeymoon, Summer fired Phyllis as she took Kyle’s side in the family feud. However, when Jeremy Stark entered the picture and the danger increased, so did the tension and Summer’s marriage began to falter as she found herself unable to trust Kyle after he colluded with Victor. 

Y&R Summer Audra Kyle
Howard Wise/

Why did Summer and Kyle split up?

Summer was shocked when her mother collapsed at the Bicentennial gala and later died in a crash on the way to the hospital! With evidence indicating Diane was responsible for Phyllis’ death, Summer lashed out at everyone around her, especially Kyle, who defended his mother. But soon, Summer was stunned to learn that Phyllis was alive and it was all part of a plan to frame Diane for her murder. Unfortunately, Phyllis had then killed Stark in self-defense and had to remain in hiding. Summer kept her mother’s secret and pretended to be surprised when the truth came out. She also befriended Chance Chancellor as he investigated the crime. Summer was upset when Phyllis decided to turn herself in and Kyle walked out on her after learning she’d known the truth for weeks. When the authorities threatened to go after Summer for aiding and abetting, Phyllis pled guilty to protect her daughter.

Summer tried to make amends with Kyle, but he continued to push her away and she was heartbroken to learn that he had fallen into bed with his new boss at Newman Media, Audra Charles! The couple soon decided to divorce, and Summer focused on work, though after a disagreement about designs for Marchetti, Chloe quit!

How did Summer and Chance get together?

After Chance was named chief of police, Summer took him to lunch to celebrate the promotion. But when he was shot in the line of duty, she raced to the hospital in tears, terrified of losing him. Summer admitted to Phyllis that she had feelings for the cop but wouldn’t act on them as long as he was with Sharon. She also had to insist that her mother not interfere, as she likes to do!

Summer was relieved when Chance decided to leave law enforcement to work at his family company, Chancellor-Winters. And when Sharon couldn’t make a concert, she agreed to go with Chance and they had a great time. After Sharon called it quits with Chance, Summer stepped in to cheer him up and very soon they were going on their first date and sharing their first kiss!

Stay tuned to Y&R to see what happens next!

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