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What Happened to Clarke on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

Clarke hasn’t been on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL for a while, so if you’re not familiar with this character or just need a refresher, we’re here for you! The character first appeared on B&B in 1987 and was played by Daniel McVicar for his entire run that lasted until 1992 with another stint from 1996-2009.

Clarke Garrison was a slick fashion designer who enjoyed charming women, but he failed when Stephanie Forrester hired him to seduce her daughter, Kristen. Clarke tried wooing Stephanie to get his foot in the door at Forrester, but ended up getting hired after he began dating Kristen and she passed off his designs as her own. Clarke and Kristen eloped to Vegas, but he had been having an affair with Margo Maclaine, and she ended up pregnant and demanded child support. Clarke went to Sally Spectra for a loan, offering to steal Forrester designs for her, but ended up creating his own and saying they were Forrester originals. His line was so popular that Sally hired him to work for Spectra, which he did so under the alias “Beau Rivage” since he was still employed at Forrester.

B&B Sally Clarke
Clarke met his match in the fiery redhead.Aaron Montgomery/JPI

When baby Mark nearly died of a high fever, Clarke finally acknowledged his son. He and Kristen separated and after considering Margo, Clarke agreed to marry Sally. He had an affair with Julie Delorean, a spy Bill Spencer had hired to infiltrate Spectra, and she wrote a tell-all book about Clarke. When Sally got pregnant, he urged her to have an abortion, but she didn’t and Clarke tried to make things right with her by being at her side throughout her pregnancy and the birth of Clarke “C.J.” Garrison, Jr. Dissatisfied with the marriage, Clarke pretended to be impotent to run out the two-years the prenuptial required them to stay married so he could inherit half of Spectra. He resisted the advances of Spectra secretary Darla Einstein, but just as their second anniversary rolled around, Clarke slept with Kristen and a videotape of the encounter was shown to Sally. With no job or marriage or anyone on his side, Clarke left town, leaving C.J. with Sally.

Years later, Clarke returned to Los Angeles when Macy Alexander asked him to help save Spectra from bankruptcy. But he had taken money from Unicorn Fashions to sabotage Spectra by designing ugly clothes. Clarke struggled to make things wright with C.J., and after taking a bullet saving his son from Unicorn’s thugs, he made inroads there as well as earning back the trust of the Spectra gang. Later, feeling undervalued at Spectra, Clarke tried to blackmail his way into a position at Forrester, but came back at his son’s request.

B&B CJ Clarke
“Do as I say, son. Definitely don’t do as I do.”Aaron Montgomery/JPI

Clarke was attracted to Morgan DeWitt, and found out she was pregnant with Ridge Forrester‘s baby. When he tortured Ridge with that fact, knowing his wife, Taylor, would soon find out as well, Morgan took revenge by putting a python in his office that nearly crushed Clarke to death! Attempts to rekindle things with Kristen didn’t work out, but Clarke was able to forge a relationship with his long-lost son, Mark Maclaine. Clarke also found himself caught up in the constant rivalry between Forrester and Spectra as both companies changed hands. He ended up working for Forrester under Nick Marone and went with him back to Spectra as he renamed it Jackie M for his mother. There, he worked happily under Stephanie and fended off the advances of her sister, Pam Douglas

However, after Stephanie returned to work at Forrester, Clarke was never mentioned again. Stay tuned to see if he resurfaces again!

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