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R.J. on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Everything You Need To Know

The character of R.J. Forrester has been on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL before but it’s been a while, so let us help refresh your memory about the young man! Originally played by child actors including Jack Horan and Mace Coronel, R.J. was aged into a teen in 2016 and recast with Anthony Turpel, who remained with the soap until 2018. B&B brought the character back in April 2023, this time with Joshua Hoffman playing the Forrester heir.

When Brooke Logan found herself pregnant, she wasn’t sure whether the babydaddy was Ridge Forrester or his brother, Nick Marone. After multiple paternity tests were tampered with, Jackie Payne ran another and as Brooke went into labor, informed her that Ridge was the child’s real father. Planning to name the baby after his father, Brooke then went with Ridge Forrester Jr., with everyone calling the boy R.J. following his birth in 2004.

As a child, R.J. was mostly kept out of Forrester and Logan family drama. Though when unintentionally left home alone with his sister, Hope Logan, the kids accidentally set a fire in the living room! Child Protective Services got involved and Brooke and Ridge fought for custody, with Brooke eventually winning out. And when Brooke was missing along with Thomas Forrester following a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean, everyone went out of their way to keep R.J. in the dark until his mom was home safe and sound.

B&B Brooke RJ Ridge
RJ was always happiest when his parents were together.sean smith/

R.J. returned from boarding school in 2016 and immediately set about reuniting his parents, since Brooke was engaged to Bill Spencer at the time. Urging his father to fight for the woman he loves, R.J. even helped Ridge draw a giant heart in the sand on the beach with their names in it as a romantic gesture that eventually sealed the deal. 

R.J. fell hard for new Forrester intern Coco Spectra and when Forrester designs showed up on a Spectra runway, he rushed to her defense, insisting she wasn’t like the rest of her family. Unfortunately, her sister, Sally Spectra, had given her a necklace with a camera in it so Coco had no idea she was helping her steal. R.J. stood by Coco after Ridge fired her, and also begrudgingly accepted Brooke’s decision to marry Bill instead of Ridge.

B&B Coco RJ
RJ still liked Coco even after she almost killed him!Howard Wise/

Trying to impress Coco, R.J. let her drive Ridge’s Camaro, but she crashed into a tree because she was taking selfies while driving. R.J. was hospitalized with a concussion and Brooke scolded her son, saying they were lucky to still be alive. When Ridge went missing in the Persian Gulf after Bill dumped him out of a helicopter, R.J. was relieved that his father returned home safely. And he was even happier when Brooke and Ridge decided to get back together.

R.J. hadn’t been seen since 2018, and when he came home in April 2023, he’d been traveling the world as an influencer on social media. Ridge, Brooke, and Hope were all thrilled to see him again and R.J. said that while he had been staying away to avoid the family drama, he was planning on sticking around for a while.

R.J. resisted his father’s attempts to get him to start designing, but when Eric Forrester asked his grandson to help him create his final legacy collection, he agreed. With Eric’s degenerative illness preventing him from actually drawing, R.J. helped sketch out his grandfather’s designs. He also became smitten with the new Forrester intern, Luna, and when her aunt, Li Finnegan, insisted that the young woman quit working for the company, he was determined to keep her around!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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